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Farther Away

Author's note: I felt that this is the best I've ever written. After writing, I could not let go of one...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I felt that this is the best I've ever written. After writing, I could not let go of one character in particular, and think of him to this day. The dreams in the story are actually accounts of dreams I have had in reality, by the way.  « Hide author's note
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The Dream

Name: Ivy Johnson
I get home from Scholar’s Bowl at about five. All throughout, I wasn’t able to concentrate. All I could think about was that feeling I had this morning of being watched. And the black flash, what was that about, exactly? The scene is playing in my head over and over as I walk through the front door. I do not bother telling my parents how practice went, because more important things need to be done. Running upstairs and to my room, I burst in on two male Mephorians playing cards: Cliff and our other comrade, Cobra.
“Cliff, Cobra,” I yell, “Oh my gosh, you’ll never guess what happened this morning!” The boys exchange glances, and then shrug.
“Do tell, because we have no idea,” Cliff flatly says. After rolling my eyes at his un-enthusiasm, I exclaim,
“Okay, so this morning, I was at the bus stop, right? Yeah, so well, I felt like someone was watching me. I turned around, and I saw a black flash, like someone sped away!” Cobra drops his cards, allowing Cliff to see his entire deck. Cliff, however, does not seem to care for the opportunity to cheat. His expression dark, he crosses his arms and exclaims,
“A black flash? You felt like you were being watched?” I slowly nod, and he turns and mutters something that sounds like,
“Oh hell, they’ve found her…” Then Cliff turns back to me. I fix him with a quizzical look.
“Ivy,” His tone is ominous as he says, “You’re in danger. I want you to be very careful. Don’t get yourself into anything you can’t get out of. I’m going to investigate that area across the street, and I’ll return before you go to school tomorrow,” he says. All I can do is nod before he opens the window, jumps precariously onto the ledge, and slides down the tree next to it.

Name: Scourge Hedj’e
It is about ten at night when I walk into the lab. Dr. Fin is setting up a machine. He turns to me, exclaiming,
“It’s ready, Scourge! What type of dream do you think we should give her?” My lips turn up in an evil smirk as I muse,
“Something friendly. Something memorable. Almost… dramatic. Any suggestions on your part?” Dr. Fin gives a nod, then steps behind the machine to work with wires as I stand there tapping my foot. I hear him scream, and then he steps out from behind the machine. The way his hair is sticking out in all directions gives the impression that he was struck by lightning. Dr. Fin presses a button, and the machine begins to power up.
“Go now, Scourge. Go before it’s too late. Make sure she knows her destiny!” He yells dramatically. After rolling my eyes, I step into the machine. It is pitch black when I hear Dr. Fin pull a lever. There is a split second of agony ripping throughout my system. Then, I appear in Ivy’s dream.
It is sunset, and I am standing on a boardwalk. I am about to start looking when I see her walking along the pier and stopping to lean over the side rail, oblivious as to what’s about to happen. I decide that I’m going to go talk to her, or possibly do some harmless flirting. I’m 14, she’s almost 13, and I am very good looking, so it should work.
Silently, I walk over and stand behind her for a moment. She doesn’t seem to notice me, though I’m casting a shadow over her. I try to tap her shoulder and get her attention, still I get no reaction. Walking to stand beside her, I try to figure out what is on her mind. She is staring out at the ocean, completely lost in thought. Maybe, possibly, could my voice break her thoughts? I put my hands on her shoulders from behind and lean close next to her ear.
“Hey,” I whisper, voice dripping with seductive charm. That is enough to break her thoughts. It is enough to even make her swirl around suddenly, hitting me in the nose in the process. And she does just that.
“What do you want from me?!” Ivy demands, hostility strong in her voice. I snicker, because her response is so aggressive it is almost funny. Remembering that I need to make this moment dramatic, I place my hand on her shoulders again, lean close, and murmur,
“It is not what I want from you, it’s that I want you.” This does not get me the response I want. In fact, it gets me the exact opposite. Ivy pushes me away and takes off running down the boardwalk. And she’s pretty fast, too.
“Ivy, wait! Please!” I scream at her. She continues to run and doesn’t look back. Just before Ivy vanishes from sight, I shout,
“My name is Scourge!” She stops, spins around, and screams my name, mingled in with a few colorful words.
I failed, so I might as well head back to the lab, I suppose. Wait…I wonder… how am I supposed to get out? Oh God, this is going to be a long night.
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Aishiah said...
Nov. 16, 2012 at 3:04 pm
I really enjoyed the image that I got while reading this. The only thing that I see is, Your using past tense verbs while using present tense verbs. Try to use either one or the other, it'll make your writing less confusing and easier to follw.
Mollyimmortal83 replied...
Dec. 30, 2012 at 11:30 pm
Thank you so much for the advice, but while copying the chapter from word onto this website, the flashback (all past tense) in the chapter became no longer italicized.

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