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Farther Away

Author's note: I felt that this is the best I've ever written. After writing, I could not let go of one...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I felt that this is the best I've ever written. After writing, I could not let go of one character in particular, and think of him to this day. The dreams in the story are actually accounts of dreams I have had in reality, by the way.  « Hide author's note
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The Flash

Name: Ivy Johnson
My alarm goes off with a loud beep. The electric blue letters tell me that it’s 5:45 on Monday. I have to go to the torture chamber. As I slip on a black blouse and skinny jeans, I think back to my dream. It was a flashback of an extremely important day: The day I met Cliff.
I am in fourth grade, and it is about 8:30 p.m. I sit on the ground and begin to play “Moonlight Sonata” on my keyboard. All is peaceful. Suddenly, without warning, I feel a gust of wind. Something, or someone, rams into my back. I jump, but don’t spin around.
“Who, or what, are you?” I ask.
“My name is Cliff, adventurer and legal Mephorian resident. I’m sorry for hurting you if I did, but I crashed,” The figure replies. It is a male, I can tell of about 15. His voice is mysterious and raspy. And for some odd reason, I am not scared of him. I jeep playing the piano, but I reply,
“Oh, that’s alright. My name’s Ivy.” Cliff gets up to leave. I stop him.
“Where exactly are you going?! It’s storming outside,” I ask. He shakes his head.
“I have to be on my way,” He replies. I grab his arm and force him into my purple beanbag chair.
“No, you’re not! It’s bad weather. And you have those terrible cuts on your arm! Please stay, it’s for your own good,” I exclaim, examining fresh cuts on his arm. Cliff winces in pain as I touch his arm, which is covered in blood. I run into the bathroom and grab some toilet paper to wrap around his arm (I was 9, okay?! What else could I do?!)
“Here, you can stay for the night. Or for as long as you want. You’re welcome here,” I smile at him, and he manages to smile back.
“Thanks,” He says. I look at him, curious.
“When you said you were a Mephorian, what did you mean? There’s not a city that sounds like that around here…”
That was two years ago. Cliff and I have been friends ever since. He tells me he’s from a foreign world (Mephoras), so I keep his existence from everyone else, like he tells me to. I pour my cereal and smile. Cliff also says that it was destiny for us to meet. That I have special powers, but either he doesn’t know or will not tell me all of them. The only one I know of is that, if I write a storyline or make up a character, it appears alive or happens in Cliff’s world.
He also tells me that Mephoras is ruled by a king, who is fourteen and pure evil, but will not tell me anything else on the subject of what goes on there. I shrug as I run upstairs to brush my hair and put on my makeup. Grabbing my mP3, I walk to the bus stop.
At the bus stop, everything goes normal, yet I can’t shake the feeling that I am being watched. I turn to look at the abandoned house behind me, and a great shock overcomes me. I see a flash of black, as is someone is running at supersonic speed, and then all is normal. I’m about to ask someone of the black flash when the bus comes. I shiver, and then step onto the cheese wagon for another day in “paradise”.

Name: Scourge Hedj’e
She looks around, and I run away. Right back into the house, through the back door into the house, across the hallway, and into the portal in the garage. I think it’s pretty convenient that right across from her house, there’s an abandoned one that can serve as a portal base. I appear in the castle basement, and then run upstairs and to the lab. Dr. Fin looks up.
“Scourge? You’re back already?” He asks. I then get a good look at him. His white hair is messed up like Albert Einstein’s, and his amber eyes crazed. It is easy to tell that he has been up all night working. I nod.
“Good, good. And? What information did you recover? Do you think it’s her?” He inquires. I reply,
“It’s definitely her. She’s the prophecy girl…” Then, my voice suddenly booms as a flash of thunder and lightning sound outside. “And, as king of Mephoras, I vow I’ll stop at nothing to bring Ivy Johnson here! The prophecy must be fulfilled, whether she wants to or not!” Dr. Fin smiles widely.
“Good. By the way, there’s a meeting for the League of Evil tonight here. Since you are the evil ruler of this very land, I think you should come,” He suggests. I nod, giving the indication that I will attend.
“But what about the girl? Wait, I’ve got it: I’ll visit her in her dreams tonight! She’s always paying great attention to them,” I reply. I see Dr. Fin did not hear me, for he is looking over paperwork. That old man needs to listen to my plans, or it will be the death of him.
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Aishiah said...
Nov. 16, 2012 at 3:04 pm
I really enjoyed the image that I got while reading this. The only thing that I see is, Your using past tense verbs while using present tense verbs. Try to use either one or the other, it'll make your writing less confusing and easier to follw.
Mollyimmortal83 replied...
Dec. 30, 2012 at 11:30 pm
Thank you so much for the advice, but while copying the chapter from word onto this website, the flashback (all past tense) in the chapter became no longer italicized.

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