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The Lake

Author's note: I always have story beginnings running through my mind, and i ran with this one! Please give...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I always have story beginnings running through my mind, and i ran with this one! Please give feedback! It will help me to keep writing and to improve. Also leave a comment and i will gladly see your work and try to comment and rate as well. Thank you!  « Hide author's note
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Jake Chapter 5

I never wanted Lacey to see me like this. The look on her face was pure sadness with a mix of anger and confusion. The bright side was that I’m not in Jail. The downside is that Lacey is looking at me right now in handcuffs with Officer Keith Laneson beside me. Keith Laneson just graduated high school about five months ago and ever since junior year his dad, Deputy Laneson, had him training to be a cop.
“Good evening miss. Do you know this man?” Keith asked my sister. I almost laughed because she was looking at him like he was a poisonous spider and she was about to show him that her foot was boss.
“Yes I know him. He’s my brother. And you are?” she asked with a very noticeable edge to her voice.
“My name is Officer Keith Laneson. My partner and I caught your brother with a group of others drinking. Now, I’m going to give your brother a warning, as I did the others. But if I see this happening again, I will take him in.” Lacey looked like she was about to cry. I felt so bad for putting her in this position.
“I understand officer.” She said. I could tell she was trying very hard not to explode with anger at the cop and hurt at me. Officer Keith nodded and unlocked the handcuffs and bid us goodbye.
Lacey let me go past her and shut the door. She didn’t even say anything to me, instead she just went up the stairs and into her room. I followed her and knocked on the door trying to explain.
“Lacey, it was one drink!” She opens the door
“You ditched school too Jake. Get ready for a blown out argument because dad knows. The school called him. I’m not mad at you Jake I just really don’t like cops handcuffing my brother and threatening to take him downtown. Good thing mom and Dad aren’t here because you could not only be in trouble like you already are, you’d be that times flipping 500”
“I’m sorry Lacy, I didn’t mean to make you upset.” I say trying to calm her down a little.

“I know you don’t Jake but you know more than anybody how much I hate fighting. I mean I figured there was no reason for them to fight tonight because mom and dad were going out to dinner and to some gathering with friends. They’d either be happy or too tired to fight. But they have at least one reason now and I’m just glad it’s not two.” She went inside her room and I knew soon we’d be going to the lake so I walked down the hall to my room to shower.

I was so caught up in thoughts. I thought that beer would help me relax, but it didn’t. I just let the water run down me and after a while I just didn’t want to stand still anymore so I got out and got dressed. My mind was still racing so I found and took a couple sleeping pills that didn’t make me tired, but they usually relaxed me to an extent. I grabbed a coat and sat on my bed. Why do I keep doing this? I mean come on. I can’t sleep, I can’t relax. I’m in the middle of my thought process and get pulled out of it by the yelling of my parents about me and my grades. That was the last straw.
I couldn’t do this anymore, this life. I didn’t want to anymore. Who wants to live with parents who just make you feel worse than you already do and try to keep people happy. You can’t keep people happy, never, no matter how hard you try. I fee so bad for putting Lacy through this tonight. She’s right, if I wouldn’t have ditched dad wouldn’t have been called and we might have had a fight free night. It would’ve been so much worse if mom or dad would’ve been home when officer Laneson was here.
I thought about Lacey and thought maybe if I was gone somehow, that our parents would stop arguing. They’d have to because I’m not around so they’d be sad and they would lay off Lacy. And if they weren’t fighting Lacy would be happier. I could run away, but they would just argue more about where I had gone and Lacy would have to endure them. I realized I had to be gone for good.

I knew that if I was gone would hurt Lacy, especially if I was gone forever. But she’s such a strong girl, she will get through it. I know she would. I heard the tap on my door and opened it to see Lace in the same pink sweatshirt and some dark jeans. Her face was still sad and I hated to see her like that. I just looked at her and then grabbed my wallet and keys so we could leave.

The whole ride I was kind of nervous but it was just the sleeping pills mixed with a couple swallows of beer I guess. We customarily stopped at Grab-&-Go but
I couldn’t eat anything. I bought a Snickers bar just so Lacey wouldn’t ask questions. I was trying to figure out what I was going to say to Lacey. Once we pulled into our spot and got settled I started in.

“Lacey, I’m really tired.”
“Well let’s go home you’re probably about to crash.” She offered
“No Lacey that’s not what I mean. I mean I’m tired. Of life.” She sat next to me on the bench confused.
“You mean like Mom and Dad fighting, because I’m sure they’ll work it out it They usually do, I mean they always stop sometime right.” I could tell that there was concern setting in and her voice started to show it.
“No Lacey, they won’t.” I stood up and moved close to the edge of the cliff.
“Jake this is the depression talking, let’s go home.”
“No Lacey.”
“Yes come on.” She said trying to reach for my hand.
“No Lacey!” My voice rose “They’re NOT going to work it out! They never will probably!”
She stopped and stood very still and I felt bad for yelling at her. I moved forward and hugged her tight . “I’m sorry for snapping at you Lacey. But I want you to remember something.” I whispered . She nodded in agreement and I continued. “No matter how hard things get, remember I will always love you. And I’m not doing this because I’m mad at you; never think that this is your fault. It’s for the best okay.” Tears were streaming down my face and I pulled away from her.
“Do what?” she asked. I looked at her and started crying harder.
“I Love you Lacey! I love you!” and the last thing I heard was her screaming my name.
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JustAnotherDay. said...
Jan. 12, 2013 at 9:46 pm
PLEASE keep writing this. It's amazing and in a way that I can't explain it hits home.
Photographywonder replied...
Jan. 13, 2013 at 9:38 am
Thank you :) I actually have a few chapters done and I'll post them :) 

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