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The Lake

Author's note: I always have story beginnings running through my mind, and i ran with this one! Please give...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I always have story beginnings running through my mind, and i ran with this one! Please give feedback! It will help me to keep writing and to improve. Also leave a comment and i will gladly see your work and try to comment and rate as well. Thank you!  « Hide author's note
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Lacey Chapter 4

When we got home it was already about five am. The yelling had long stopped and Jake and I had just been driving around for a couple hours in silence. I figured I would start getting ready for school, even though it usually only took me 30 minutes and we left for school about 7:30. My feet shuffled to the bathroom and I turned the water on so it would be warm. My pink sweatshirt was marked with tear stains and smelled like Jake’s cologne. The thought of Jake being sad killed me, and there was nothing
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give feedback on anything!
I could do. I mean yeah, I could do something, but it would hurt Jake more than help. When Jake doesn’t want help, he does NOT want help.

I usually think a lot when I’m in the shower, and this morning I kept thinking of me and Jake. I remember the first time he took me to his little spot. I was so happy because we finally had somewhere to go besides just driving in Jake’s truck for hours. Jake’s face was filled with hope when he first brought me there. I could tell he was a little nervous during the journey there. He later told me he was afraid I wasn’t going to like it, because if I didn’t, we’d be stuck to wasting gas all night. Jake did a lot to make me happy. When the arguing started getting to me, Jake really helped me out. He was always there for me, when nobody else was. I thought about this for a few minutes. I knew then that just as Jake was there for me, I have to be there for Jake, because no body else is. And because it’s Jake, he’s not going to let anybody in to help him anyways.

I stay in the shower for about an hour which is so much longer than I generally do. After I step out, I wrap the towel around me and wipe the steam off my mirror. I look in the mirror and wish I could understand what Jake was feeling, and maybe I could find another way to help him.

After school I decide to walk home. Schools only a few blocks away from home so what the heck. It’ll give me time to think. In about ten minutes I’m at my house and I walk in and placed my backpack by the door. I already know that Mom and Dad aren’t home, they’re at work but I figure that Jake will be home. I yell out his name a couple times. but no answer.

Since Jake’s not home I decide to go and take a shower and change into some sweats. My feet shuffle their way to the kitchen and I make some popcorn then turn on the television. I’m totally tuned into some singing marathon I don’t even notice the time until Dad walks in. Even then I don’t realize it until the door slams shut. I have no clue how I missed the sound of the garage door.
“Hey dad.” I say to greet him
“Hi sweetheart, Do you know where your brother is?”
“No.” I reply now curious. “Why?”
“The school called today.” I am definitely curious now because the school doesn’t call unless they’re leaving a recorded message explaining an upcoming event, or the principle calls. Usually, when the principle calls, that’s not good. And If dad’s asking for Jake, then it’s worse. I am definitely curious now.
“Oh about what? I know there’s this fundraiser coming up. Do you want to buy something from Jake, because I have a catalog in my bag you can look through and I’ll get Jake to give you an order form.” I say trying to find out information.
“No that’s not it Lacey but when it does start I would like to look at that Catalog. The school called to tell me Jake wasn’t at school today. “
“Oh, I could’ve sworn I saw him.” I say trying to think if I saw Jake at all today. I was pretty busy, so I Didn’t really pay any attention. Dad Left me with the last word on this subject. Dad went upstairs and came back down about twenty minutes later with different clothes on and his hand on the doorknob. I asked him where he was going and he said he and mom were going out to eat and to some gathering so they’d be a little late coming home. I glanced at the clock which said 8:00pm. Why wasn’t Jake home yet?

Once dad was out the door and out of the driveway I decide to try Jake’s cell a few times to see if he’ll be home anytime soon, but it rings and goes to voicemail. A robotic voice tells me to please leave a message after the beep and a few seconds later the high pitched tone comes, signaling that I can now record my message.
“Hey Jake, it’s Lace and I was just wondering when you’d be home. Anyway, just call me later bro.” Then I ended my message.

At about 8:30 I heard a knock at the door. I don’t think mom and Dad were expecting anyone and I wasn’t either so I figured Jake didn’t bring his keys or something. I move away from the television and go to answer the door. It was Jake, but to my surprise, it wasn’t just him.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 14 Next »

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JustAnotherDay. said...
Jan. 12, 2013 at 9:46 pm
PLEASE keep writing this. It's amazing and in a way that I can't explain it hits home.
Photographywonder replied...
Jan. 13, 2013 at 9:38 am
Thank you :) I actually have a few chapters done and I'll post them :) 

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