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The Lake

Author's note: I always have story beginnings running through my mind, and i ran with this one! Please give...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I always have story beginnings running through my mind, and i ran with this one! Please give feedback! It will help me to keep writing and to improve. Also leave a comment and i will gladly see your work and try to comment and rate as well. Thank you!  « Hide author's note
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Lacey Chapter 2

Surprising…I guess the yelling has started early tonight. Yelling yelling yelling. I hate it. My parents started arguing when I was about twelve. The only thing that helped me through was my brother Jake. He helped me to deal with it or at least have someone who dealt with the same thing. At first yelling never bugged me. I could sleep all night every night and not here them argue. But as time went on, their arguments got louder, and thedidnt’t care as much about how long they got,
I'm sorry if there were spelling mistakes or typos!
who they’d affect, or whose sleep schedule they’d mess up. Now, even if a teacher yells at a student for not bringing their homework, I get upset. Simply put, I hate yelling, arguing, or fighting.

I roll out of my bed and place a few pillows under the sheets so it looks like a person. I do it as a precaution even though both my brother and I know very well, we’re not going to get caught. Our parents are to busy fighting over some stupid topic. I wonder what it is tonight. My interest in animal science is taking away from my tennis? Maybe it’s something about Jakes grades? Oh well. Soon I’m not going to be here to listen.

I’ve learned the art of being quiet. My mind is encrypted with which floorboards creak, how to open my closet without it making a banging sound, and how to come back into house and back to my room without anyone knowing I left my bed. I shuffle into a pair of cargo green Capri’s and a black long-sleeve with my pink sweatshirt to wear over it. Before leaving my room I find my over the shoulder purple bag and stuff a book and my keys. I grab my flip flops in my hands and tiptoe barefooted to Jake’s room and tap on his door. He opens and see’s that it’s me then reached over for his wallet and keys and we both slip out the back door.

Jake has a tradition of always stopping at Grab-&-Road to get a snack before we head to our special spot by the river. I grab a strawberry slushy, fruity Jolly Ranchers, and a double chocolate chip muffin. Jake looks at me and my sugar packed goods.

“Feeling sweet today, sugar.” He comments sarcastically and turns his gaze back to the isle to grab a bag of sour cream and onion Lays, a Dr. Pepper, and some starburst. He also grabs a sandwich from the deli for us to share.

“Hello there Lacy,” The voice belongs to Madge, a middle aged woman with graying hair who works the graveyard shift most nights. Jake and I go here so much it seems Madge knows everything about us, from our favorite snacks, to our birthdays. “How are you dear?”

“I’m great Miss Madge. Like my choice in sweets today?” I ask

“Of course I do. Nothing goes better with a cool night than a chocolate chip muffin!” She gives me a toothy smile and I return it then wait until she’s done ringing up our items.

“Thanks Madge. I’ll see you soon.” I say with a smile as I walk out the door.

Even though we’ve only been inside for about ten minutes, the truck has become chilly inside. Jake starts the engine and cranks up the heater before heading on the road to the lake. The dark trees are slightly brightened by moonlight and the only sound you hear is the hum of the truck and the tires hitting pebbles on the road. I like the river of course, but I love the scenery. Yellow stripes blur into one line, the moon follows the car like we tied a rope around it and tied it to our tailgate, and the trees house various creatures that you can hear if you ride with the windows down. I love the river, the scenery, and my brother. I even love late nights at the darn Grab-&-Road. I have no clue what I would have done these past couple of years without these things that have become necessities to me.
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JustAnotherDay. said...
Jan. 12, 2013 at 9:46 pm
PLEASE keep writing this. It's amazing and in a way that I can't explain it hits home.
Photographywonder replied...
Jan. 13, 2013 at 9:38 am
Thank you :) I actually have a few chapters done and I'll post them :) 

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