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Devil's Angel

Author's note: I was inspired to write this when my friends and I started wondering what would happen after we...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I was inspired to write this when my friends and I started wondering what would happen after we die. We thought that maybe friendships last lifetimes and that we were reborn.
Thanks Jessica and Leah.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter 5: Crushed Soul

“Alright princess, your job as a death spirit is to capture the lost souls of children whose dreams have been crushed.” Arty announced, he made a fist with his hand and labelled it as a crushed soul.
“Oh, you make it sound so horrible. You make it seem like I’m ripping away someone’s dream.” I muttered to myself, but Arty just smile and he continued talking,
“You will know if the child’s dream is crushed or not when this hairpin starts, well, talking to you.”
I raised one eyebrow as Arty handed me a flower pin. When a guy gives a girl a flower, there is a high chance that it will be a rose. But this one, wasn’t a rose, it looked like a Korean flower, the petals were pale pink, and in the middle the petals became magenta. It looked like a hibiscus and I was pretty sure it was a kind of hibiscus. I smiled down on the flower admiring its beauty. Then, I took it and put it in my hair, Arty smiled again and said,
“Wow, it looks really pretty on you.” I tried to hide my blush but then again, I couldn’t. Arty looked down as if to hide something. I gasped as something flew into my mind. It seemed like something hit me on the head causing me to remember something.
“I love you.” She said.
“I love you too.” He said back to her, “I want to give you something.”
He handed her a necklace. It was a silver snowflake hanging on a red chain. The girl put it on and smiled.
“Wow, it looks really pretty on you.” He said, as he leaned closer, his hand was lighted placed on her cheek. Her face tilted up. Closer and closer, then…..
“Amethyst! Damn it, my memory erasing powers are so weak! Amethyst!” Arty yelled while shaking me, his hands gripped firmly on my shoulders. I stumbled into his arms and whispered,
“Marcus.” Arty’s arms gripped tightly around me as I put my head against his chest. Where I was supposed to hear a heartbeat, there was nothing. I felt my hands quivering and I buried my face into Arty’s shirt and I asked him, “What was that? Who’s Marcus?”
“That…was nothing. Marcus is nobody. Believe me.” Arty’s voice was low and it had no emotions as it sank into my mind like it was melting a part of my brain. Something about his voice was making me forget, it was so easy, to forget. Marcus was nothing, nothing had happened, I believe Arty. But, it makes no sense, how can Marcus be nothing if it has a name? I couldn’t tell Arty that I think Marcus isn’t anything or he’ll do that again, whatever it was it was making me believe his voice and everything he says.
“Well, well, seems like you two have gotten a lot closer. Like, a lot in that short time too.”
Arty and I quickly let go of each other and spun around, but there was no one. “Over here.”
A hand was lightly placed on my shoulder, I turned and saw it was Michael and Jace. Arty looked down at his feet, I wondered why. Jace started grinning, then he was trying to hold in a laugh and once he started laughing it seemed it would never end.
“You actually love her, don’t you? I was right, right? Michael, if I’m right which I’m pretty sure I am then you owe me a whole jar of star candy.” Jace said, while facing Arty. Arty, looked up a bit, “Falling in love with a death spirit breaks rule number 732, you know.”
“I don’t love her!” Arty yelled at Jace and looked him straight in the eye, I noticed that he was blushing! Now, can gods blush? I don’t know, but Arty was definitely blushing. This awkward argument kind of put me on the spot. Michael decided to skip in a bit in the conversation; he joked around and said,
“How about we teach our jewel here, how to catch a soul, right? I mean, that’s why we came.”
“Yeah, that’s why we came.” Jace repeated.
Then, my hairpin started glowing and a tiny little fairy jumped out of it. The fairy looked like a human but with wings and pointed ears. It smiled and said,
“My name is Irene, I’m your fairy or your soul detector.”
She had light green and pink hair and purple eyes, like me. Irene wore a tiny miniskirt that was red. It was shaped like a flower, her top was also red. Arty looked at Irene and said,
“So that’s your real personality, cheerful and fun.”
“What?” I whispered, still staring at Irene. Michael brushed Irene’s cheek with his finger and said,
“Your fairy is an image of your personality. Usually, it’s the personality you want to hide the most.” I snatched Irene away from Michael when he brushed her cheek, I didn’t know why though. Michael continued talking, “Also, you feel what your fairy feels and she feels what you feel. So, in other words, if you die, she dies. Until death do you part.”
“But I’m already dead.” I said. This time Jace talked,
“Death spirits aren’t dead, but then again, they aren’t alive. When a death spirit dies, they become a ghost.”
“Aren’t I already a ghost?” I asked Jace.
“Stop asking me hard questions! Ghosts are left to wander aimlessly, anywhere they want and death spirits have a chance at living. Okay, there’s an easier way to explain this. A death spirit is a soul that is walking a thin line between death and life, when the death spirit fails to achieve their goal, they fall into death. When they succeed they get their one wish granted and fall into life in this case, your wish is that you want to go somewhere where there is someone who loves you.” Jace replied.
Irene started flying around yelling, “Soul! Crushed soul! To your left, 15 year old, her name is Emi.”
Irene took out a small wand and chanted cheerfully, “Dori! Dorim! Dorima!”
A crystal dagger appeared in my hand, it wasn’t clear like a diamond or shiny like silver, but red, like blood.
“This dagger can only cut children with a crushed soul,” Irene explained, “it’s called Lilian. She’s very stubborn, but if she is wielded by a specific person, she’s very powerful.”
“She? Is this another spirit?” Irene nodded, “So, how does this work?” I asked Irene. She tilted her head in confusion and asked,
“What do you mean how does this work?”
I sighed and started explaining to Irene, “If you appeared and started yelling that there’s a crushed soul and that the person’s name was Emi, then shouldn’t we follow the soul?”
Everyone seemed clueless, they all stared at me, then burst into laughter. Arty was laughing so hard that he was crying and Jace and Michael were rolling on the ground. I waited there, my hands on my hips, still waiting, for an explanation. I knew they were joking, they were joking, right? Hopefully. Jace got up off the ground and then became serious and said, “We should go, it’s not like us to be so forgetful so it’s kind of funny.”
Arty and Michael agreed, as they all followed Irene through the city. I looked down at Lilian and kept thinking, she? Irene called this dagger a she; it should be another spirit then or something. Why does this world have to be so complicated, can’t someone just say, “this is your dagger, it is alive, take care of it, goodbye.” Instead of leaving me in this suspense.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 4 5 6 7 8 9 ... 21 Next »

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BluBirdWriter13 said...
Sept. 28, 2012 at 9:14 pm
I really LOVE this novel. Thumbs up for you
JuneS replied...
Sept. 29, 2012 at 10:49 am
Thank you! It's my first novel and I kept thinking that it was bad but reading your comment has helped me. 

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