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Devil's Angel

Author's note: I was inspired to write this when my friends and I started wondering what would happen after we...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I was inspired to write this when my friends and I started wondering what would happen after we die. We thought that maybe friendships last lifetimes and that we were reborn.
Thanks Jessica and Leah.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter 4: Death Spirit

“Amethyst Diamondiase, you have been accepted by the 6 Gates of Hell; the first gate of Hell accepts you too. He has been listening to us for the whole time and has contacted us.” said Sam.
I looked at all the gods of Hell. Sam, the one with dirty blond hair and green eyes. Michael, the one with blackish brown hair and brown eyes. Jace, the one with light brown hair that looked like gold and very light purple eyes. Danny, the one with chocolate coloured hair and grey eyes. Arty, the one with brown hair and light brown eyes. I’ve never met the first gate of Hell or the one Gate of Heaven. Arty snapped his fingers as my clothes began to change again, Arty smiled and said,
“You’ll need actual death spirit clothes now that you are officially one.”
I wore a pair of shorts which were bright red, the colour of blood and a bikini top which was also blood red. My top and bottom were both surrounded by lace. The bottom was too short and the top was too revealing. A necklace appeared on my neck, it was a light silver chain with a silver heart attached to it. My hair was still the same, it flowed down my shoulders and my eyes stayed the same shade of purple. I also wore knee high red boots that were tied with pink ribbon. Arty kept smiling and said,
“This outfit was made by all the 6 gates of Hell. The lace was by Jace and the boots were by Sam. Danny doesn’t really like you so he did your hair and I’m pretty sure he did nothing to it. Michael made your top and I made your necklace. The first gate of Hell made your shorts. You probably won’t be wearing these clothes often since you’ll be travelling around a lot in the human world.”
I grinned and whispered, “Thank you.” Even if I wasn’t gonna be wearing these clothes a lot, I still appreciated the work they put into the outfit, I looked at Danny and he looked at me. I rolled my eyes and turned to Arty. He looked at everyone and the others left the room.
Arty went over some rules and there were about a thousand of them. In the end, Arty told me that he would have to erase my memories of Marcus for it was part of the rules.
“NO!” I screamed. I will never let someone take away my memories.
Arty took hold of me and put his hand on my forehead; I flinched from his touch and blocked him out of my mind. Arty’s presence pressed against mine as he tried to get in. Then, he stopped pounding on my head and whispered, so quietly I could just barely hear him,
“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” Arty closed his eyes, “alsia, dochdei.”
I fell to my knees and screamed in pain, I curled into a ball and whimpered. My fingers felt numb as I tried to hold my tears, but it didn’t work. I refused to cry in front of Arty but my sobs couldn’t be muffled. I cried softly on the ground. My tears fell onto my numb hands and when I looked at them, they were lavender; the colour was so faint that I could just barely see it. I gasped in surprise and stopped crying and then I muttered, “Why are my tears purple? Why? What’s wrong with me?! Am I sick? Am I gonna die, again? Tell me.”
“Death spirits show emotions through tears, purple means sadness, I can clearly tell that you love Marcus and you don’t want to forget him,” Arty said, slowly and gently, “but…..how about I tell you about the tears. Purple, as you know is sadness. Black is anger, red is pain, pink is love, green is happiness and blue means you’re tired and annoyed.”
“What about white?” I asked Arty. His face seemed to get tense but then he quickly recovered and said,
“Angels can only cry white tears, Amethyst.”
“Oh, I see…But, it must mean something. Like happiness for Angels or frustration or something like that.” By the look of his face, it was pretty obvious that he didn’t know, I looked down at my feet, “Um, Arty? Can you take away my memories of Marcus? I don’t want to forget about him, but I understand that my only chance of living again is to forget about him.” I said, a bit unsure yet sure at the same time. It was the only way.
Arty whispered something that sounded like ‘goat cheese’, and suddenly, all my memories of Marcus rushed into or out of my head, it felt confusing. I saw all the memories that we spent together but then I couldn’t remember what I had just seen. When we first met, when I confessed my love for him, our first dance together, holding hands when no one was looking, how close we were at school, our first kiss, making out on the beach, Marcus proposing to me and it ended there. I stared at Arty, tears pouring out of my eyes. I asked him, “Arty, why am I crying?”
“Do you remember Marcus at all?” Arty asked me. My mind went blank and the tears in my eyes seemed hollow, pouring out without any emotion. I blinked once, twice, then said,
“Am I supposed to know him? Is he even a guy? What is a Marcus? Is it even a word?”
For a moment, Arty looked a bit sad, he took my hand and slowly led me out of the throne room as he said,
“It’s okay, he’s no one you’re supposed to know.”
I stared at him, confused. I don’t get it. What’s with him? He’s talking about some guy called Marcus…but now I know something, Marcus was something important.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 3 4 5 6 7 8 ... 21 Next »

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BluBirdWriter13 said...
Sept. 28, 2012 at 9:14 pm
I really LOVE this novel. Thumbs up for you
JuneS replied...
Sept. 29, 2012 at 10:49 am
Thank you! It's my first novel and I kept thinking that it was bad but reading your comment has helped me. 

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