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Devil's Angel

Author's note: I was inspired to write this when my friends and I started wondering what would happen after we...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I was inspired to write this when my friends and I started wondering what would happen after we die. We thought that maybe friendships last lifetimes and that we were reborn.
Thanks Jessica and Leah.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter 3: The Throne Room

“Hello? Arty? Gates? Gods?! Arty! Help me! Again.” I yelled out to the darkness, for Arty, for anyone who was able to see or hear me.
Arty appeared again and this time he looked more human, like when I first saw him, his eyes were no longer glowing. He had brown hair and brown eyes, it kind of reminded me of a teddy bear. Dark brown eyes and light brown fur. Arty smiled and said cheerfully,
“You made it! Great job, a few more seconds of waiting and your head would have been cut off! The gods don’t like to wait that long. Now, you can’t meet the other gods in those poor death spirit clothes.”
“I think these clothes are actually really pretty, for a dead person, that is.” I admitted while blushing.
“Nonsense! You seriously can’t meet the others in…that.” Arty said, still cheerful, it was a bit creepy. Arty smiled again and snapped his fingers.
The sound resonated in my head. I gasped, as a warm glow took over my body. My hair was braided into one long braid, and my cloak became a bright red with a symbol in the middle. The symbol was a star with two small wings on each side. My face wasn’t changed at all other than the fact that I had blush and mascara on. My dress…my dress was BEAUTIFUL! It was black and silver, strapless and….so pretty! It was indescribable. Ribbons were wrapped around my feet like shoes. When my ‘transformation’ was complete, Arty looked satisfied as if he did a good job at dressing me up. As we walked, well, floated in the darkness, Arty told me that what I was wearing was a ceremonial robe that is used for special occasions, like turning one into a death spirit. He also told me that I was probably the first female in the century who would become a spirit. We reached a wooden door that looked as if it was scratched over and over again. It had a golden sign on it that was engraved with the word “sladaur”. What the heck was sladaur?
Arty whispered, “It means throne room. Trouai Amethyst Diamondiase makisage.”
“Open, Amethyst Diamondiase has arrived.” I translated. Arty looked surprised, then smiled and told me that I was becoming more of a death spirit. I frowned; I didn’t want to become a death spirit or any kind of spirit, EVER. I just wanted to go back home where I spent time with Eliza.
The door opened and I slowly floated inside and I saw seven thrones. The one in the middle was white and the others were black. I noticed that there were people sitting on the thrones except for the last one. Arty left my side and flew to his throne and sat there, his smile disappeared. Images flew into my mind of a swan, wolf, tiger, dragon, lion, leopard and phoenix. It was the symbol of the gods.
“Shield yourself from our magic. If you fail, you’ll already be dead so that’s pretty straight forward and if you pass, then you’ll just have to wait and see.” The swan said.
I screamed as the gods tried to enter my mind, was this the test? They pecked and bit into my mind. I tried to push them out, but the pain was unbearable. They felt like a thousand needles each, stabbing me, peeling away my skin, clawing at my face and my body. Then I forced myself to focus. I cleared my mind and only paid attention to one thing and that was Marcus. My mind was relieved of the pain as I felt the gods trying to break my new and improved barrier of Marcus. When the pounding stopped, I opened up. I looked at all the gods, Arty was obviously the youngest out of the seven. The throne with the swan symbol in the middle, turned away, as if it wasn’t needed. I saw the one on the white throne stand up and walk away.
“Indeed she is not needed. She is the 1st gate of Heaven and it’s very rare to have someone die without any mistakes in their life. Amethyst, you are not one of those few. You have committed murder, am I right?”
Memories flashed into my mind, a knife, hatred and blood. I fell to my knees and yelled, “Who are you?! What do you want with me? I just want to go back.”
Arty seemed hurt how I was being tortured with only a few words, but he didn’t do anything, or he couldn’t do anything.
“To home, there is no home left. Even Eliza left you. I am the 2nd gate of Hell, since the first gate of Hell is collecting souls of the dead of a war, I will be taking his place for now. You may call me Sam, though my real name is more intimidating than Sam, this name will have to do.” Sam announced.
“Eliza didn’t leave me! The earth let her die and I couldn’t stop the gods from doing that can I? Anyway what do you want?” I asked him. Sam laughed, so loud the whole room seemed to rumble, and then he said cheerfully,
“I want you to remember…”
Sam stood up from his throne and walked out of the shadows. He had dirty blonde hair and his eyes were light green. Sam stared deep into my eyes and snapped his fingers.
I gasped as memories overflowed my mind and slipped out like an endless fountain of water. A piece of my memory flew into Sam’s hand; he looked at it, smiled and threw it at me like a Frisbee. I raised my arms as if I could protect myself from my own memory.
“Marcus, I-I love you. I’ve always loved you and I’ll never stop loving you until I die.” I said.
“I’m sorry Amethyst, but I’m not in love with you. I can’t return your feelings.” Marcus confessed and with a big sigh, he walked away to another girl named Chrissie, leaving Amethyst alone. Tears streamed down my face as they kissed. My fingers curled into fists, as I walked back home. The phone rings as Chrissie picks up, I ask her if she would like to hang out in the forest just for fun, Chrissie accepts and heads towards the forest. I take a knife from the kitchen and head out too, with a smile on my face. Gullible Chrissie, seriously did you fall for it? I didn’t hesitate as I drove the knife into Chrissie’s heart. I regretted it but my life moved on. A few years later, I was the one kissing Marcus.
A tear went down my face as I sobbed on the ground. Sam just stood there, but Arty came to comfort me. He wrapped his arms around me and I jerked away from his touch.
“You’re too soft on her, Arty.” said the leopard.
“I agree with Michael. You shouldn’t take her side just because she’s the first death spirit in like a hundred years. Or maybe it’s something else, you are a rookie and all. Do you perhaps, have more feeling for this girl that aren’t supposed to be there.” said the lion, following behind Michael.
“My name isn’t this girl, I have a name you know, it’s Amethyst.” I muttered, but everyone ignored me.
“Don’t spoil her, she’s dead, by the way I’m the dragon, my name is Daniel but you can call me Danny and the lion is Lace….oops, sorry, I mean Jace. It’s not my fault he has a name that sounds like lace which is used to decorate pretty dresses. And we know that you’re name is Amethyst, we probably know more about you than you know yourself.”
I stood up and looked down at the defenseless phoenix, Arty. I held out a hand and when he took it, I smiled. I held my gaze on Michael, he had brown eyes that stared into my eyes, and his blackish brown hair was ruffled and brushed off to the right. God, please take me away from these incredibly good looking boys. I restrained myself from saying anything and I blocked my mind too. Michael winked at me and smiled, then said,
“I accept you.” I blinked as if I just woke up from a dream, did he just wink at me?
“I do too.” Sam said from behind Arty. Danny and Jace looked at each other then glanced at me. I built up my courage and said,
“Danny, right? Well, aren’t you a bit of a hypocrite saying that I’m dead when you are too, I mean, you must have done something worse than I to become a god of death.”
Jace started laughing and whispered to Danny that I had basically pinned him to the ground, if this argument was a fight. Then, he turned to me and said, “I like you, so I accept you.”
Danny looked at me and glared into my eyes, I had a cold chill sent down my spine as he grunted and said, “I guess I’ll accept you and see what you can do.” He turned to Arty and scowled and muttered in his ear, “If she fails, I’ll be the first to know.”
I started to think about what I had said would make me regret it later. Danny looked like he was the person to hold a grudge. And the person who would wait patiently for their revenge. My hands began to tremble; it was too late to change anything. Michael put a hand on my shoulder and he attempted to smile. I smiled back at him and thanked him for the effort.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 21 Next »

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BluBirdWriter13 said...
Sept. 28, 2012 at 9:14 pm
I really LOVE this novel. Thumbs up for you
JuneS replied...
Sept. 29, 2012 at 10:49 am
Thank you! It's my first novel and I kept thinking that it was bad but reading your comment has helped me. 

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