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Devil's Angel

Author's note: I was inspired to write this when my friends and I started wondering what would happen after we...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I was inspired to write this when my friends and I started wondering what would happen after we die. We thought that maybe friendships last lifetimes and that we were reborn.
Thanks Jessica and Leah.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter 1: Murderer

August 27th, 1999
Finally, today’s the day! I’ll give Marcus my answer. My name is Amethyst, yes, I know, the jewel. But it’s true, Amethyst Diamondiase, just because I was born with mysterious purple eyes. My name always seemed like a joke, Amethyst as my first name and my last name had the word ‘diamond’ in it, I was the ‘jewel’ of the family. I live alone in a small house, trying to mold my life with the money that my parents left me. My mother and father passed away when I was small, so I didn’t know them much. I knew them enough to remember what they looked like and remember very few memories we had together. But I didn’t remember them enough to appreciate everything they did for me, if they even did anything at all. Aside from my family being incredibly rich, there weren’t many things my father left me, such as love. He never loved me enough, my mother too, they were always working. They didn’t know what I liked to eat, what my favourite color was, what I was scared of. It was like I was a stranger in the house.
My father left me a fortune of stuff (like money) and a little sister, Eliza. She was my tiny, precious treasure and I would have given up life for her, she was silent, calm and really smart. We were both smart and we were never outsmarted. Eliza was my opposite though, despite us both being smart, our personalities were completely different. While she was the shy and silent one I was the outgoing and exciting one. Until one day she came home from school and she was really happy, she was smiling. She became like me in just a few days, she smiled more and laughed a lot. Eliza never smiled, never, even as a baby. Sometimes I would ask her why she never smiled she would tell me that smiling would only create scars in the future. I didn’t know what she meant, but I loved seeing her happy and cheerful. It was my wish; my only wish in the world was to see my little sister Eliza happy. Now it was my hatred to the world that dominated, I swore to myself I would destroy the world and create a better one, one where my sister Eliza can be reborn into, a world without cancer. A world where everything was calm.
I got in my black SUV that used to be my father’s and thought over to myself, is it okay to get married when you’re 20? Will Marcus still feel the same about me? Do I look okay? I still hated the world for giving up my sister and I wanted to move on but I would always end up hearing her laugh and seeing her smiling at me. I now understood what she meant about smiling, I kept smiling though, for Eliza. Only for Eliza. Whenever I smiled, Eliza shone in it. Even when I am scarred, I will stand back up and move ahead before anyone else.
The weather was blazing hot and humid, the air was so humid that nobody wanted to go outside but the wind blew every five or ten minutes. The sun was the problem; the big flaming ball of heat was burning everyone. But, without it, we would freeze to death. So there wasn’t really a point in complaining. My skin felt sticky from sweat, normally I didn’t sweat much but when I was sweating, the temperature was really hot. I tried to stay simple when I was picking my clothes in the morning, I didn’t want Marcus to think I was already picking out a wedding dress or something, but then again it’s not like I’m not picking out my wedding dress already. I wouldn’t normally sit for an hour, thinking of what to wear but there was a first time for everything. I wore a black and green tank top and a pair of denim shorts that were way too short for my taste.
My mother or father didn’t have pale skin but I was super pale and I disliked tanning in the sun so I stayed this way, my friends, Sara, Marissa and Tammy would always joke around and ask me if I was a vampire or something. My jet black hair was silky and long, even wrapped up in a ponytail, my hair would still be able to reach my waist. My friends would joke about that too, they called me an anime character, long black hair, unusual coloured eyes and a “laid-back, violent” personality. If someone said they hated me, I would say that I hate them back. If someone was picking a fight with me, I would punch them in the face. If someone was criticizing me, I would sit there and say thank you or good for you. They normally called me a strange person since I laugh when I’m mad. It seemed like the best way to hide my feelings but I guess it just scared everyone. I’m pretty sure I gave my best friend, Sara the creeps because she made a strange face and ran away screaming. But afterwards she got used to it and didn’t mind my strange method of raging.
It was just a few days ago when Marcus proposed to me. It was classic, we were on vacation with his family and at the dinner table in the restaurant he got on one knee and said, “Will you marry me?” He presented me with a golden ring that had his name and mine engraved on it, I cried that day and I didn’t know what to do, so I told him to give me three days and I would answer him.
His family looked shocked how I made a deadline kind of thing but they understood how I felt confused, since they told me that it was someone’s birthday, so I would come on the vacation with them. Marcus chased me around on the first day and begged for an answer, he followed me like a puppy and I was so irritated that I ended up kicking him in the stomach. On the second day he kept calling me, my phone was ringing nonstop and I went crazy, went to his house and kicked him. Today, he only called twice in the morning which meant I didn’t have to kick him, yet.
He was the girl’s favourite in high school and now that I think of it he was also the girl’s favourite in elementary school, I think in elementary school there was a Marcus fan club and they would go around stalking him. He was so popular that everyone would have probably been drooling by his feet and if I’m not mistaken someone did drool over his feet. The fan club took votes from all the girls of our grade and then they made a weekly update on who were the top three boys that the girls would date. It was really awkward for me, since whenever they asked me for my vote, I didn’t want to vote for Marcus because the girls would tell Marcus that I liked him or something. And besides the last thing I needed was a rumor about me going around the school that I was in love with Marcus. Because it was no rumor.
Marcus’s hair was never straight and whenever I tried to fix it he would ruffle his part blonde, black and brown hair back into its normal messy state. His eyes were mesmerizing, they were a strange colour, and they seemed to be a mix of blue, green and gold together. He was like an angel that fell from the sky. I giggled to myself as I drove to his house, I fiddled with the golden ring on my left hand fourth finger and when my eyes were back on the road a bright red motorcycle zoomed past me and cut me off. Not having time to slow down, I quickly swiveled to the lane on my right.
Gosh, if this were a one lane road I would’ve crashed and probably died. No, don’t think so negatively, it might actually happen if you do. I thought to myself, I wasn’t superstitious or anything but trouble seems to find me. Usually I talked my problems over with Eliza, not even knowing if she understood a single word I said but now I would think all by myself.
I was safe, but my cellphone fell on the ground because I suddenly stepped on the brake. That was fine though, I could just pick it up when I got to Marcus’s house. But my phone rang; it repeated the same jingle every three seconds, it sounded like a bird early in the morning and it was very annoying. I never bothered to change it since I picked up the phone right away but now I was stuck in a situation like this. Wow, I have bad luck; it just had to ring the one moment I can’t reach it.
My cellphone was also a gift from my father, actually almost everything of mine was either a gift from my father or was my father’s; it was neon green and had zebra stripes on it, green would always be my favourite colour. It had a decorated golden locket strapped to it. On one side, there was a smaller locket in the slot and on the other; there was a picture of Marcus. The other locket was empty; I didn’t know what to put in there so I left it empty. I would have put my sister’s picture in it but there were none. My phone kept ringing; I looked down and saw that the caller was Marcus! I had to get it, what if it was about our marriage, I reached down, at the same time I was trying to keep my eye on the road, but my seatbelt was restraining me from reaching down any further than a few centimeters.
I took off my seatbelt and tried again, the one mistake in my life was now, the moment I took my eyes away from the road. When I got the cellphone, I looked up and saw that a truck carrying a lot of wood in front of me had stopped. This time, I knew I couldn’t save myself from crashing; I prepared myself for death and thought of Marcus one more time. Eliza, I’m sorry, I can’t change the world for you. Marcus, I’m sorry, I can’t marry you. But, I’ll be able to see my parents again, right? Once I die, I’m sure my parents will be there to meet me.
The tires screeched as I stepped on the brakes. Time seemed to slow down as my car smashed into the truck in front of me. I rolled out of through the front of my car, breaking the window. Big logs of wood smashed the remainder of my car. Little shards of glass covered my body. The moment I hit the ground, I knew I was dead and I thought to myself, this is it; I’m dead, no more life. Goodbye. But my heart didn’t stop and I didn’t feel any pain, I opened my eyes and I was alive.
I stood up and saw my gold wedding ring on the ground covered in blood. I tried to pick it up, but my hand went straight through the ring. I gave a small yelp of surprise and looked at my hands, they were slightly transparent. I saw the pavement through my hands and the pavement was splattered with my blood. I quickly stood up, ran to my car and looked inside, and there in the driver’s seat was…me.
I backed away, shaking my head in disbelief, at first I couldn’t even shake my head, my mind went blank and then I was trying to fling my head off. I couldn’t believe it, I wouldn’t believe it but in my mind I knew it was true. Blood streamed down my face, covering my eyes and my mouth. My hair looked damp as if it were drenched in blood. I heard my breath quicken and there was no heart beat in me. I turned my head slowly and looked at myself in the rear-view mirror. My hair was jet black as usual; my purple eyes were still there for sure, since I was still able to see. My face wasn’t covered in blood and I wasn’t covered in blood anywhere. I was fine, fit as a fiddle. I was wearing a refined silver cloak and an obscure dress, it made me feel depressed. I looked at a passing man walking along the sidewalk and asked him,
“Hello? Can you tell me what happened?”
But, the men walked pass me and said, “Hello, miss, are you okay?”
I followed his gaze and saw that he was talking to my lifeless body. I started to panic; that man acted as if he didn’t hear or see me, is it an act though?
I went around asking people along the sidewalk, if they could see or hear me. Just like the other man, they couldn’t see or hear me. They just went to see my dead body. I stood in the middle of the sidewalk and took a deep breath, I told myself that I was dreaming and that I’m sleeping in my room, wrapped in many warm blankets. People walked through me as they talked on their cellphones and chatted with their friends. They told their friends that there was another car crash by a drunken woman. Normally I would have slapped them across the face but I was petrified; I didn’t know what to do. I looked up, my vision started to blur as tears formed in my eyes. I wiped them with the back of my hand and looked around for any clue of what to do next other than cry, on the sidewalk, there was a boy, he looked my age. He glared at me. Maybe he can see me… I’ve got to try and ask. I picked myself up off the ground and slowly approached him and whispered,
“C-can y-y-you see me?”
He still stared at me. I sighed, probably through me; it was too good to be true. I turned and started walking away, when I heard a voice, a boy’s voice say, “Of course I can see you.”
I spun around and looked at him, he kept talking and gazed into my eyes, “I’m Arty, the 6th gate of Hell.” He turned around and started walking then he looked at me and said, “Aren’t you gonna follow me?”
I shrugged and thought about my home and family, there was nothing left for me so I answered, “Why not?”
We walked off into a forest, I felt scared but I kept reminding myself that I was still alive and that this was a bad dream. I accepted to go with this boy but I still didn’t accept the fact that he was a god and that I died. I was more confused than ever, I felt so frustrated that I wanted to kick a tree.
“I don’t understand any of this.” I said nervously, I couldn’t decide whether to believe this person called Arty or run for my life and scream my head off.
“The only reason you died today is because of the crime you committed, a long time ago, remember?” He looked away and said casually, “you murdered her, that girl, what was her name again? I don’t know, do you recall that girl’s name?”
I inhaled sharply and thought, how does he know? He smiled a cold smile and carried on, “Strange, I can read all your thoughts but not as clearly as the others. Most of the others that died silently left their life in the human realm to Hell. Don’t try to hide anything from me, I’ll know. For example, you think that I’m just a ‘weirdo’ and that you’re dreaming and you’ll wake up soon.”
My god, he actually does know everything…
I crouched down on the ground and once again started muttering to myself that I was alive and that this was a horrible dream and that a really cute guy popped into it. He smiles again as if he was taking pity on me and then said calmly, “You have a chance though, you will go to the six gates of hell and one gate of heaven. If they accept you, you will become a spirit. A death spirit.”
I looked up and tried to smile, then, the 6th gate of hell, smiled a warm smile that melted my heart and said, “I accept you.”
Then he vanished. I laughed an unsure laugh and started to feel worried. I still didn’t understand what he meant by the gates of Heaven and Hell, but it was too late now.
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BluBirdWriter13 said...
Sept. 28, 2012 at 9:14 pm
I really LOVE this novel. Thumbs up for you
JuneS replied...
Sept. 29, 2012 at 10:49 am
Thank you! It's my first novel and I kept thinking that it was bad but reading your comment has helped me. 

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