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Devil's Angel

Author's note: I was inspired to write this when my friends and I started wondering what would happen after we...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I was inspired to write this when my friends and I started wondering what would happen after we die. We thought that maybe friendships last lifetimes and that we were reborn.
Thanks Jessica and Leah.  « Hide author's note
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Prologue: Amethyst

“What are you talking about?! What do you mean I have to leave this world? NO! That’s not fair! WHY?! I don’t have to listen to you! I haven’t done anything wrong!”
“Leave, Amethyst Diamondiase. You have been punished by the six Gates of Hell and the one Gate of Heaven. You will travel this city as a lonely soul, healing the souls of people’s broken hearts, unlike how we’ve taken yours away.”
“I don’t get it; I don’t get any of this, what the hell is a gate of
There is a prologue so it's kind of confusing when you see chapter 2 and it's actually chapter 1.
Hell and Heaven?”
“Of course you don’t understand any of this, you fool. Humans have such small brains, sometimes I wonder if the size of your brain is a green pea. Can you believe what she’s saying, Daniel? She’s so mundane, it’s hilarious. Humans are fun to toy with but they can get so boring. Let me explain, it’s all about that one mistake in your life that you made and it ruined the rest of your precious, transient lifetime. You understand?”
“No, I don’t understand and I’m not going with you, I have the power to stay and go where and when I want to and besides I can run away. I refuse by all means, no matter what happens, and I have a normal sized brain and a normal personality unlike you, cocky and arrogant. So, if you don’t mind, please show me the way out.”
“Hmph, you’re different, but I don’t know if it’s positive or negative. It’s not like you can hide from me. Do you know who I am?!”
“No, as a matter of fact, I seriously don’t have a clue of who you are.”
“I am a god! You are just a human or was a human. No matter how hard you try, you can’t stop yourself from becoming a spirit unless you want to sit here and cry. Sooner or later, the darkness will come and suck the remains of your soul to Hell. Unless you want that to happen, painfully, you’re coming with me.”
The boy grabbed me by the wrists and he flicked his other hand. A black hole appeared and he dragged me towards it, the wind was icy cold, and it stung my skin. It howled like the wailing of a siren in the middle of the night and it seemed like the wind was pulling me into the black hole. It felt like a giant hand was the wind and it took hold of my whole body.
“No! Stop, let me go! I don’t even know what you’re talking about! I didn’t do anything wrong, how many times do I have to tell you that?” I tried to pull away from him, but his grip was firm, I winced as his grip tightened around my wrist. I was slowly engulfed by the dark hole and I disappeared from the world known as Earth.
I guess this is what happens on your best day of your life, huh? I was taken. Taken away by some bastard in a black, leather jacket. The jacket was fine, I actually liked the jacket, I hated him though, and the others too.
To me, life was perfect; every bit of my life was perfect. There weren’t many depressing moments in my life. It seemed like god was giving me a reward for suffering for about a quarter of my life. That quarter of my life was one really depressing moment and I felt like committing suicide, but after that, I felt like a free butterfly. Until she came along. She created a problem in my life and I did a little tweaking, I didn’t tell anyone about it, there was no need to. I fixed my own problems and my life was back to normal, I became happier actually. Of course, I noticed that what I did was a mistake a really big mistake, so big of a mistake that it stuck on to me like glue and then I wanted to start my life all over again, or at least, just before that tiny mistake.
Here’s a tip to myself and others; beware of jealousy. It can take you places you don’t want to go, like Hell. Literally. Dark, cold, nowhere to go, you wander aimlessly, like a ghost. Maybe somewhere in Hell there is a bright place, but I doubt it. Don’t think that ghosts aren’t real, because they are definitely alive. Actually they are dead, but they are real, ghosts watch everyone pass by them and they silently play around with a human’s emotions or actions, they especially enjoy messing around with the emotion love. It makes them remember the memories of their past life and they enjoy watching humans suffer as they have suffered. As I have suffered.
My life was a total mess and now I’m going to tell you how I started reliving that one moment in my life and paying the consequences for that one moment in my life. It’s all about that one moment in my life. If only I never made that tiny mistake, but I did and I don’t think I regretted it at first and even if I didn’t make that mistake that would have changed everything that happened now and that would be an even bigger mistake. My life is just a gigantic bundle of mistakes, even when I said that god was rewarding me, I made a bunch of mistakes. And I’m just guessing here, but I think god got tired of my mistakes and decided to kill me. I know, I know, god, god, god, I didn’t believe in god, I only cursed him but after everything that’s happened to me, I don’t think it’s possible to not believe in god. After all, I am a god myself. Still, now I feel that mistakes are caused by the ones that want you to fail in life, the ones who hate me begged Alec to help me fail. They trigger you, like a gun, and once you shoot there is no going back unless the one being shot at runs. If you are the one killing people you must be prepared to be killed, if you aren’t prepared to be killed then you should drop your weapon and confess. I am one of the people who weren’t prepared for death but refused to drop my weapon.
You can’t hide from them, they’re watching, I’m watching. Your death is already decided, now you wait. You wait for a signal, a sign, and when you see that sign, you run. You’re running out of time, the more you live, the more you die. Every breath you take, life seeps out of you, like an hourglass, waiting to be tipped over once finished. Even when you try to run, they will find you and when you try to hide, you can’t.
Everyone over here is waiting for your death and the moment you die, you are either punished or free to do whatever you like. Watch what you do, everything you do up there becomes the fate of your afterlife down here.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 21 Next »

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BluBirdWriter13 said...
Sept. 28, 2012 at 9:14 pm
I really LOVE this novel. Thumbs up for you
JuneS replied...
Sept. 29, 2012 at 10:49 am
Thank you! It's my first novel and I kept thinking that it was bad but reading your comment has helped me. 

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