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Alyson's Story

Author's note: I started this book for Camp NaNoWriMo, but never finished, but I do want to finish it and get it published.
Author's note: I started this book for Camp NaNoWriMo, but never finished, but I do want to finish it and get it published.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter 1 Part 1

Chapter 1Part 1 I zipped up my last suitcase, wishing I didn’t have to leave. As I stepped outside into the morning air, I felt my skin warm at the temperature. I sighed. I didn’t want to leave sunny Malibu for wet, cold Northern Arizona. I had to go whether I liked it or not. I had to obey my alpha’s commands.   We had a small pack that was spread out to help other werewolves around the country. My mom was a nurse, and my father was a neurosurgeon. The alphas are calling
I hope you like it. I worked hard and I am sorry if there is any editing mistakes. Please comment and tell me what you think.
a pack reunion, and huge business meetings.   I felt a tickle in my throat and a tear go stream my face as I put my last zebra striped suitcase in the Suburban. It was a brightly patterned suitcase like the many others in the backseat. All of our suitcases were like that so we could see them easily, and spot them quickly without a mixup.   I went back inside and sat on my bed, or what was left of it. Scratch that, it wasn’t even my room anymore. I looked around at the empty room. All my furniture was still in here. The bed, desk, dresser, and wooden white nightstand. The furniture my b.f.f and I handpicked from p.b. teen.  My mom walked in and sat next to me on the bare mattress. She rubbed my arms.  “Don’t worry, everything will be fine. It’ll be good to have a fresh start.” I nodded as more tears stroked my face. I had to leave everything I’ve ever known, the sun, the beach, relationships that took years to make. I wiped the tears off my face and looked at my mom. She had natural auburn hair cut in a bob, brown eyes, and pale skin. I had always looked more like my dad. He had chocolate brown hair, green eyes, and tanner skin. I on the other hand had lightly tanned skin, chocolate colored hair with some natural highlights, and green eyes.  “Hey, on the up-side you can make new friends, decorate your new room however you want, and you can run free in the forest.” I nodded, and wiped the last tear off my face. I smiled at the thought of running free. I love Malibu, but there no place to run around without being seen.  Suddenly I heard the doorbell ring. I got up, and opened the door to see my best friend Ashley.  “Hey, you forgot this at my house.” She pulled out my favorite perfume. It was called Sweet Dreams. Ashley’s family owns a perfume factory, and Sweet Dreams is a scent we created together. It was a mix of red tulips, white lilys, and our secret key scent.  “That is your bottle.” I said looking at her near tearing eyes.  “I know, I just wanted a reason to talk to you.” She started crying and I did too. We hugged each other, and eventually composed ourselves.  “You can keep the bottle, I have plenty of perfume. Besides it’s something you can remember me by.” I started laughing.  “Trust me I will never forget you, and you can fly out, we can text, video chat, whatever. I’m sure we’ll be back after the stay, I’ll bet you we’re going over there because of the war.” Ashley nodded. She understood me because she’s a werewolf too, that’s one of the main reasons were so close. We sat on the bench on my fro-, I mean my not-so front porch, while parents finished packing and loading up.  “Maybe this is good, everything happens for a reason, right. Gosh I just feel like we found out that you are moving.” 2 months before  “EEEEEPPPPP!”I had just gotten my schedule for next year’s classes. I dropped the other mail I was holding, it clattered onto my bedroom’s wooden floor. I ripped the envelope open and stared at the contents on the page. Pd. 1     Homeroom                             Mr. Cobbleston Pd. 2     Language Arts Advanced       Ms. Teakman Pd. 3     Teacher Assistant                   Mrs. Price Pd. 4     Science Advanced                  Ms. Rigardson Pd. 5     Social Studies Advanced        Mr. Gleeson Pd. 6     Math Advanced                     Ms. Mayfield Pd. 7     Physical Education                 Mrs. Smith Pd. 8     Yearbook                                Mr. Marshal  I immediately called Ash and we compared schedules. We only had half of our classes together. We had T.A., P.E., Yearbook, and Homeroom. Last year we had every class together, which was crazy, only this year we weren’t as lucky.  I raced down the stairs, and ran into the kitchen where my mom was on the computer getting set up for her collage classes this year. My dad was making dinner, pizza from scratch, he was a great cook, and my mom was not.  “Mom, Dad, guess what I found in the mail?!” they both turned to me waiting patiently.  “My schedule!!!” I did a little dance, which wasn’t the most pleasing to watch, I’m not the greatest dancer. My mom laughed at my dancing, but Dad looked at Mom with a worried expression. My mom started nodding then shook her head, then her face softened and she finally nodded. She was talking to my dad through there mate bond, I had always wondered what they’re talking about.   I sometimes wondered what my mate would be like, since there meant for me. I hoped I didn’t have to wait centuries to find him, like my grandparents. My parents were a little luckier. Finding each other after 75 years, aging is a complicated thing for werewolves. You could be 123 years old and look 39 years old. I was only 17, and I looked 17 like any other teen out-  “Look honey we need to talk to you.” My mom said breaking me out of my thoughts. I just nodded. “Good news or bad news first.” My mom asked me. I didn’t want sugar coating and she knew that, I was a tell me straight up kind of person.  “Bad news, slap me with it.” She looked at me conused for a second, then she shook her head, rolled her eyes and continued.  “Look sweetie, there have been orders, alpha’s orders, to move back to Arizona, but it’s for the best. We wish you could stay and finish your senior year, but we can’t disobey the alpha. He has given us 2 months to move, understanding our situation. And we should be thankful for the extra time he has giv” I had tuned my parents out by then.   The shock of moving had me already running up the stairs. I slammed my door and fell on my bed. My breathing was shallow as I dialed Ash’s number. She picked up on the first ring. I listened to her voice, and tried my hardest not to phase right there. My wolf wanted out, and I had to stop her.  “Aly, what’s wrong” she asked me for the second time.  “We’re moving, my life is over”I told her through the phone. Suddenly the line disconnected, she was in as much shock as I was. Of all the things I least expected from my senior year had just happened. One of my worst nightmares had happened in just a matter of seconds.  “Aly, Aly,” Ash called my name bringing me out of my flashback. I looked into her hazel eyes, and her blonde hair came back into my view.  “Aly, let’s go we’re leaving.” My dad called as he stuffed a purple floral suitcase into the back of the vehicle.  “Bye Aly, I’ll miss you. I promise to see you after the school year” I hugged Ashley and I felt tears slipping down my face.  “I thought I’d never say that” she told me as we started laughing.  “Well, this is it.” I said aloud, but more to me than Ash. We walked over to the car, I got in the one spot in the back that wasn’t stuffed with bags and suitcases.  “This is it.” She hugged me one more time.  “Everything will work out in the end. It will all be fine.” I said. I was trying to convince myself, and she nodded.  “Bye.” I saw another tear slip down her face. She shut the door, and my parents started the vehicle. I waved at her, and she waved back as we drove off. I felt some more tears slip down my face. This is happening for a reason, I told myself.
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ceceashton said...
Oct. 4, 2012 at 8:51 am
Okay, so it didn't show up, but look in the fitst chapter at the random letters and symbols
ceceashton said...
Oct. 4, 2012 at 8:49 am
The space in my comment was  , let's see if it will show up here
ceceashton said...
Oct. 4, 2012 at 8:46 am
Okay, I don't know what all the   is about. I swear I didn't put it there, I am going to try and fix it soon.
C.L.Erins said...
Sept. 29, 2012 at 10:19 pm
i really like the story but i think it would be nice if you added more elaborate details. it is really good and it would be awesome to read more of it keep going!! :)
ceceashton replied...
Oct. 4, 2012 at 8:29 am
Thanks, this is only a draft, and I appreciate the critique, I can only get better from here.

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