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Author's note: For Laura. And Amy. And Staci. And Lacee.
Author's note: For Laura. And Amy. And Staci. And Lacee.  « Hide author's note
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Part Four

Madeline was more of a rarity after that time, and I got very confused. As usual, I always thought the worse and I made up the fact that she was secretly cheating on me. Then after a certain day, she left her cellphone at my place and I decided to “snoop” around on it. She had been getting a large amount of texts from a guy named Jared. I looked back at the older texts and they were pretty calm, and the later text started to get more heated. The next day, at our date, I decided to confront her about it.
We were sitting in Perkins waiting for our order.
“So Madeline just wanted to say you look extra hot tonight.”
Madeline looked up from a desert menu.
“Thanks,” she said with a bit of embarrassment considering a family of four was sitting to the side of us, “you’re looking pretty good yourself.”
She was still “sad” about the time a month and a half ago I tried to kill myself.
“I’m that Reuben your ordered is going to taste great.”
“You got yourself a pretty good meal too. I just love eating at this restaurant.”
I scratched my eyes a little bit in order to see a bit more clearly.
“So, I was talking to Tommy earlier, and he told me his girlfriend was cheating on him with a pastor’s son. You ever hear about that?”
Madeline looked a bit confused at me.
“Um no, I’m just a bit confused at how that relates to us.”
“It doesn’t, I was just trying to spark a conversation.”
“I see. Yeah, it’s not that important to me I guess.”
“I guess so,” I answered smiling.
“So I was singing to my students in class today, and one of my student’s cellphone went off and it was playing a song by Kanye West called ‘Gold Digger’. It was such a pain to see one of my students listening to such terrible music. I know you like it,” she said while looking at me in the eye with a passionate stare,” but I don’t understand why these kids listening to it.”
“How old are these kids?”
“There Senior High kids, but I don’t know, maybe I’m babying them too much, but I just don’t think that in a private Christian school, kids should be listening to that type of nonsense. What do you think?” she asked.
I was a bit confused on how to answer. I wanted the answer to be truthful and all, but I also wanted it to be one that she would appreciate.
“I agree with you, that they shouldn’t be having their cell phones on in the middle of class, but I also think you should have the right to listen to your own genre of music and no one should dictate if you should listen to it or not.”
I could tell that Madeline disagreed with me, but she kept that to herself, but I could see it in her eyes.
“So yeah, I was at my job,” one the reader does not know of yet, I am in fact a psychologist assistant working at the U of M Fairview Clinic. I had been on paid leave and went back to work a couple of days before,” and there was this crazy client my boss was working with, and he started to scream out some strange words. You would’ve laughed your head off,” I said with a slight laugh in my voice. Madeline didn’t seem amused.
“Interesting, have you talked to Kim lately?”
Kim was my cousin’s husband. We were at some point to have a discussion of literature over coffee.
“Yeah,” I lied,” uh, we’re going to Norma Rosa’s in Robbinsdale in a couple of days.”
“That’s a good place; I ate there with Hannah about a month ago, it was quite expensive, but the food was very, very good.”
“Yep, that’s why we are going to eat there.”
At that moment the waitress came and put down the food on our table. We ate our meal in about twenty minutes. I asked Madeline if she wanted a slice of pie and she agreed and she ordered a slice of Peanut Butter Silk for the both of us. We ate it. It was quite delicious. For some reason, I have a slight fetish when I see Madeline eat food. It looks so god damn sexy. Maybe it’s because we’ve been going out for nine years or maybe because the pie was my favorite and she loved to eat it. In the end, I couldn’t stop loving her. The next year went by quickly. We got more and more serious in our dating, and were seeing each other quite often. One day I went to the school she taught at and she asked me to sing a song for the class. I sang the song Holocene from the artist Bon Iver with a karaoke we found on the internet, and at the end of the day the class exploded in applause. I was quite in shock that they did that, because my singing isn’t pop music or hip hop and rhythm and blues. The media is so strange today, and is starting to take control of music. At this point, we are getting close to the end of this little love story. After many, many years I decided based off of the advice of Madeline’s best friend and a couple of my friends, I decided I was going to propose to Madeline. I saved up about a month worth of pay and went to Jared’s in Maple Grove. I bought a fifteen hundred dollar diamond ring with sapphires in the middle. It was such a beautiful design. So I decided to take her to the Stone Arch Bridge at three o clock in the morning with my friend Stephen hiding in order to take pictures of her face when she saw the ring and myself kneeling.
I woke Madeline up in the middle of the night by throwing stones at her apartment window. She got up and came downstairs and briefly yelling at me and asking why I was waking her up this early in the morning. After a while of me driving all the way to the bridge, we got there. I paid the machine and realized I didn’t have to. That was quite humorous. We walked to the bridge, and I texted Stephen to hide in a tarp at the end of a bridge with one of his long zoom, anti dark lenses in his camera. We walked to the middle of the bridge. Madeline mentioned a cargo boat that was floating on the Mississippi below us. I smiled. At that moment I knelt to my knees and she looked somewhat shocked. I said the words, “You are the most beautiful and wonderful person I have ever met. I love you so much. I could spend my whole life trying to create the perfect woman and she wouldn’t come close to you. I love you, I surely do. Will you marry me?” She then put on her typical curled smile and knelt down to me. Out of the lips came the word “yes”. After nine and a half years, I just got engaged to the woman of my dreams.
In May of twenty twelve, about three months ago, Madeline was driving her sedan in a busy street in Maple Grove, Minnesota when a drunk driver struck her head on and ended up killing her in the process almost instantly. You know, love is such a strong connection. And it makes me understand why so many of the religious people talk about it so much. Love is the difference between life and death. The only way someone can defeat love is by, you guessed it death. Yeah, so I went to her funeral, and I was supposed to give a speech of some sort. I spent two nights in a row writing the speech, and the whole time I was crying my head off. The worse thing in the world that could happen to me happened. On the day of the funeral, I went to the microphone and in tears I did my whole entire speech. Yeah, this was pretty recent. And I’ll never ever feel better, and I hate everything and I for sure hate God. Thank you for reading this love story.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4

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