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Fairy Tale or Nightmare?

August 18, 2012
By Alizaa BRONZE, Passaic, New Jersey
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Alizaa BRONZE, Passaic, New Jersey
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Once Upon A Time There Was A Girl Who Never Saw Her True Self She Only Saw What The Mirror Told Her And She Believed It, In This Story She Will Learn Her Lesson And See The Real Person Inside Of Her With A Twist Of Wicked Romance And Drama. So Let’s Begin Our Story;

This cannot be happening to me! I’m at my doorstep crying like an idiot and my mascara running, wait before we get anything started lets cut down to the facts wait even the details for we can get started even better.

So I am a senior in Spartans High. There are approximately 480 seniors in the school. My place in the popularity list is below 10! So I’m definitely not Miss Popular. But everyone always talks about me, in the bad way. Next to me in the popularity list is my best friend Shane Gray and my bestest friend Michelle Thorton.

It was Friday exactly one week away from the prom that turned my life into a total disaster. Oh! By the way my name is Alexandra Nightingale I am normal height for a senior my hair reaches to the middle of my back, ugly rectangular glasses, normal tanned skin and not what you’d call pretty. Shane is kind of tall and long black hair that reaches all the way into his eyes that can get kind of annoying when your trying to talk to him, chocolate brown eyes, and a very cute smile. As for Michelle she is petite for her height curly black hair, cinnamon colored skin with raspberry colored cheeks and I say she is beautiful (but, hey what do I know about beautiful I cant even get to pretty!)

At the end of Language Arts Michelle and I were packing up to leave when Shane came up to wait for us “Man, you guys take to long everyone is gone” Shane moaned. “Shane you say that like a prayer” Michelle replied slyly. “Anyways I have to stay with Mrs. Faust for detention.” At that moment Shane and I take a dramatic gasp “Oh my gosh!! Michelle Thorton stays for detention!!!” we shouted . Then Mrs. Faust gives us a ‘shut up glare’. But all of us just laugh it off. “Yes, I do I forgot to do my homework!” she said exasperated. Shane and I do another dramatic gasp “Oh my-” “Shane, Alexandra may you please leave” Mrs. Faust said and gave us the hairy eyeball. “Bye Mitchie”(That’s our nickname for Michelle) says Shane running the heck out of there. Before I go I mouthed “good luck”.

I met Shane outside, he already had the look that a parent gives to their kids before they get grounded. Wait let me backtrack a little more. So me, Alexandra is not your normal type of not pretty girl. I am Goth so that may be one of the reasons almost everybody dislikes me, everybody thinks I am emo and I think of death and monsters and stuff, it is just a style choice!! And Mitchie is your super pink girly girl. But we are magically best friends even though just thinking about pink gives me a headache.

I know Michelle since I was in Pre-K. And Shane moved here to Spartan High in the middle of Freshmen year. You now both Shane and Michelle could both be on the first page of the popular list but they decided to stick with me. I feel so lucky to have them as my best friends. “What took you so long?” Shane inquires interrupting my happy thoughts. “I passed by my locker man I took that long?!” I said with a playful grin. “Oh Alex your going to kill me one day!!” “and that day I will rule the world!!” I said amazingly in a good mood by my happy thoughts. We were already walking down the stairs talking about Mrs. Faust and her anger management issues. Then a squeaky voice came from out of the doors screaming her lungs out “Oh look! There goes Miss weirdo with that other dude” she comes down the steps two at a time just to catch up with us. “Um you Shams or Shoes or whatever your name is friendly tip: If I were you I wouldn’t hang around to much around her the ugly may rub off!!”. “Well Brittany if you have something to say about me come and say it to my face!!, anyways at least my parents love me enough that they don’t name me after a drug addicted pop star!” I reply very calmly with my poker face on. “Alexandra your in for it” she sneered and then she walked up the stairs with the rest of the popular group. “I knew she couldn’t top that” I said dramatically flipping my hair. “Ughh! I just cant stand people like her full of attitude and hatred on the inside and beauty on the outside!”.

“Well aren’t we lucky to have people like you that are beautiful on the inside and outside” whispered Shane looking right into my eyes. “Ughh your bringing my mood down from awful to in hell with lies like that, there not even good lies because we both know that is not true” I replied angrily. “Alex why ca-” Shane tries to disagree but I cut in. “ Shane cant we talk about something else please!!”. “OK fine Alex” Shane finally lets me win and jams his fists into his pockets.

“Look I’m sorry Shane” I say because Shane is a very sentimental person and can get offended very easily. I keep on going. “Hey did you know that Brittany and Nick are back together again!!” I say trying to bring both of our moods up. “I swear no one can suck more gossip than you Alex!” says Shane. “Yeah I know it’s a gift!”. Brittany Gilbert is the name of the girl that was making fun of me less then 2 minutes ago. She is always on an on and off relationship with Nick McCartney at school. Brittany is the blonde green eyed girl in school well there’s lots of blonde and greened eyed girls in school and I have black hair and black eyes what a luck do I have!! I can tell you know that I’ll never fit in nowhere. She has what most of you would call: the hour glass look, the perfect fit, great body, tight body or whatever you may call it. Now lets talk about Nick McCartney he has curly hair and these mysterious brown eyes and he works out he is captain of the soccer team, yes our school doesn’t have a football team or a basketball team we only have a soccer team he is always on an on and off relationship with Brittany and when they break up he goes for the next hottest girl in the school and he knows they’ll fall head over heels for him anyone would! I can go on and on about Nick and that would be kind of like 3 PAGES LONG !! Because the boy is wonderful but he would never lay his eyes on someone like me. I only see him in lunch, after and before school.

“Uh Alex did you forget something?” Shane said slyly. “No I left mine home” I answer “can we use yours?” I said with the light bulb coming up on my head. Sure this will be fun” he answers with a huge grin on his face. What we always do is that after school Shane, Mitchie and I go skateboarding back to my house to hang out.

“ It’s a long way down do you think we can make it?” I ask nervously because I don’t want to die young even though I hate my life(Spartans high is down hill from my house). “Never fear Shane is here!” says Shane with a stupid grin on his face. “Yeah that’s why I fear” I whisper but he heard me clearly. First Shane gets on and then I get on right behind him grabbing tightly around his waist. “Here goes nothing!!!” he yells and kicks the ground and we were off. “This is awesome!!” I yell at the top of my lungs and lay my head on his back and my hair wildly moving like a cape of a super hero. We passed the Spartans cemetery which is right behind the school and my grandmothers corpse is there. We raced a yellow light on a street and I couldn’t help to laugh. Shane had a huge grin on his face as a white minivan was about to crash us.

We passed an old lady with a very scared look on her face. We were already at my block, Shane had to lean towards the left to pass the corner but he almost crashed us into Mrs. Dilbert’s fake lawn flamingos( Literally that women has problems who uses that anymore apparently Mrs. Dilbert does).“We’ll park it in your garage” says Shane, obviously loving the moment that he would take at least a few more seconds to savor it.

While we were about to enter the place were you park the car was a stinking cabbage patch kids doll in the middle of the road and we didn’t even see it ( it belonged to the 4 year old which lives next door). It squeaked when the skateboard ran over it but Shane and I tumbled off into the hard warm(its summer time!) floor.

When we finally stopped rolling I ended up under Shane and he was on top of me. My glasses gone and his hair all messed up(it kind of looks better like that) his nose less than a centimeter away from mine. And I was breathing deeply and so was he. (My thoughts) Voice 1:Oh my gosh how did we end up like this! Voice 2:Well its not so bad after all, Voice 1:what is wrong with you Alex!! Shane is just your friend. Voice 3: Or he might be something else!! Voice 1: Don’t you even dare to say that! Voice 2: What’s wrong with Shane being on top of you his thigh lined up with your’s his hand on your chest-Voice1: That’s a big problem you don’t like Shane you like Nick!! Voice 3: We’ll let Alex decide, Voice I and 2: we are Alex!! Voice 3 :Your just her conscience! (the end of my weird thoughts). (Now we’re at Shane’s thoughts which are not divided up like mine): Well this is just great on the day you want to ask her out to the dance you make a fool of yourself to her, but she may not love me the way I love her because of this oh, great just tell her what you really feel right her right now I cant this wont be romantic enough even though she hides herself through her gothic layer I know she wishes her first love and first kiss to be romantic but you don’t even know if she’s your true love now get up and help her up before you squish her to death or make more of a fool of yourself or stay here just staring into her eyes and wishing what you could do and kiss her right her but you’ll never will, will you? Know get up!! (End of mind conversation).After what appeared to be eternity he finally got off of me and helped me up.

“Your glasses” said Shane out of nowhere and picked them up out of the floor for me. My leg was aching and he helped me balance on him by putting my arm around his shoulder. He was helping me up and we were headed to the back door and helped me up the stairs I got my keys with my free arm and opened the door for us. My parents don’t come home until 6:00. “Its better now thanks”. I hate it that I needed I help and from him but I don’t know why. “Lets go to your room” said Shane out of nowhere. To go to my room we have to pass to my sisters room “Alex?” My sister’s head came out of her room “Oh you’re here, hey Shane” said Samantha my 13 year old sister says. And then goes back to her cave.

My room is painted white and the rest of the furniture is black. When we finally got to my room I looked at him in the eyes and I saw that he was worried , frightened, and scared. “Hey um you OK?” I ask “Well yeah of course…sure….um well no …can I ask you something?” Shane answered. “Uh er Alexandra” that’s when I really paid attention because he never called me Alexandra.

“Do you” he continued stuttering “ want to go …to the prom…with me?” (in Shane’s mind) you should’ve never asked look at her the face she put when you asked her, you guys were going to go anyways just as friends, yeah but I want be more than friends !!!(End of mind conversation)I didn’t answer right away I was thinking about it because I was going to go with him even if he did or didn’t ask but as friends.(While I was thinking about this he kept on saying that maybe it was a bad idea and he was pacing all around my room). I finally made up my mind and smile. Then he stops pacing “why are you smiling … wait your laughing at me I knew I should never asked…you would rather not go with a dork like me You‘d rather go with Nick McCartney.” “Don’t you ever say that because first of all you and I are both dorks second of all you don’t even know my answer and yea I will go to the prom with you.” I say half angry and half … well not that angry.

“Your positive your sure?” he says not believing his luck “ and you know that Mitchie wont go because she is going with David Flynn”(for your information David Flynn is another student in her homeroom) “Yeah I now I want to go with you.” I replied. “Hey do you know where my book bag is?” I ask then we raced downstairs and found that our book bags were hanging from a tree owned by the next door neighbors!!

A few minutes later Shane left with his book bag and his skateboard at my doorstep he reminded me “Hey um, I’ll pick you up in the old man’s car by 8:00”.

That night while I was sleeping all I dreamed about was the ride and the fall with Shane. In the dream the timed that seemed eternal was when Shane was on top of me.

When I woke up it was raining. As I started taking a shower I was thinking what chick flick Michelle was going to make me see. You see that every Saturday is when one of us goes to the others house and brings at least 3 movies and we pass our Saturday just watching movies. And apparently its her night to come to my house and bring in the movies. And she mostly brings disgusting chick romance movies. As for me I like to watch comedy. The person who brings the movies has to wait at the park until the other person me comes to pick them up and since none of us has a car we have to go by skate board.

I walked down the stairs and my mom greeted me with one of her most annoying perky voice “Good Morning Alex!!” (she’s a morning person! We are so totally different!) “Hey” I answer I grab an apple from the table and lean at the counter looking up at the window it finally stopped raining. I turn around and see my sister’s door open she comes out still in her pajamas and her hair in different directions “Good Morning Sleeping Ugly !!” I say and pieces of apple come out of my mouth “Eww disgusting!!” she reacts and shuts the door “Your face!!” I yell so I know she heard. “Alex” my mother warns, “ OK I’ll go” I answer I open the door “Where to?” ask my dad not taking his eyes off his newspaper “Saturday!!!” I yell and leave.

I decided to wait for her at the cemetery since I left early. You may say its weird but I love to go to the cemetery and visit my Grandma. I take some daffodils from Mrs. Dilbert’s lawn. In a few minutes I was already at the at her tombstone it read “Allison Nightingale 1941-1983” “Imagine Nick invites me to the prom!! I know Am already going with Shane but just imagine it me going out with the hottest dude in the school!!” “I have to go!!!” A strong wind comes up and that was odd because it was sticky and humid!! “Was it you” I whisper to her even though I now she wont answer but I forgot all about it.

Apparently Michelle brang The Notebook, Letters to Juliet and the Last Song. We watched that for the whole day while I was praying that anything can save me from watching this because this was so ughh!!
About 9 hours of torture later we were outside in my lawn watching the stars it was a crescent moon outside. I love to be in the dark somehow it brang me comfort. “Well I got to go” said Mitchie unexpectedly. When she left I was so tired (maybe it was the movies) that I forgot to tell her that Shane and I was going to the prom together.

So let’s skip Sunday and go to Monday. My school has these cool little benches were you can sit on instead of sitting on the dirt. My school is full of Kohl models; all retarded an smiling for no apparent reason. I take out a book and start reading “ Hey” says Mitchie and starts reading too.
There goes Nick walking by and I her sighs from the stupid cheerleading squad. Then he winks at me or the cheerleading squad and then he keeps on walking but Brittany gives me one of those stay-away-from-my-boyfriend stares.

Then it was time to get in the school and Shane comes up out of nowhere. “Hey” he says. When I looked at him instantly I remembered something it was at the tip of my tongue but oh well if it includes Shane I might as well forget because he isn’t the kind that will remind you. Then the wind howled just like it did in the cemetery I looked at the way it came from and saw Nick. “Let’s go or else were going to be late!” I command, and I prepare to enter what I call hell.

My world was turned more than upside down I decide to buy some chips at the vending machines I leave my tray with Mitchie and go all the way to the vending machines and trust me that’s a long way! There is a long long line for the vending machine so I have to stand all the way in the back where they store the extra tables and chairs. Then I here some heavy footsteps in my mind I think who it could be: A: a teacher, dos: another student in line, or four: Mitchie or Shane. But I was wrong.

I saw a white t-shirt coming with the owner’s muscles shown. Then I start running up a hidden staircase and then it leaded me into a narrow hallway. I tried to find a door but then I hit the wall. Dead-end!! I press myself against the wall and hoping that the person wouldn’t find me.

“Alexandra ?” said a heavenly voice that belonged to Nick. He flicks on a light but it was dim and flickered. He walked 3 slow steps towards me and put his arm right next to my right ear. My heart started fluttering and my mouth stared to twitch and I was blinking rapidly Shane always thought that was cute then the same feeling from this morning came. He was getting right next to me and said very softly “Alexandra will you go to the dance with me?”.

My mind went blank and then I heard two voices in my head started arguing “ Alexandra go he’s your dream date!!” said voice 1. Voice 2 said “Try to remember you Shane-”. “So do you want to go?” asked Nick impatiently. I decided to obey voice 1. “Yes!”

“NOOO!” said voice 2. Then the wind started to howl just like this morning. I keep on thinking its Allison. “Fine I’ll met you in the center of the gym at 7:30” and then he left. The bell rang and I left running. While I was walking down the hall I saw Brittany and Nick then I hid behind a door. “Brittany I think we should see other people” says Nick very calmly. “Are you breaking up with me!!” she squeals “Yes” a harsh voice came out of Nick.” “Fine if that’s what you want” she says her high heels hurting the ground.

The day finally finished and I was talking on the phone with Mitchie telling her every detail. “No way” she says after I told her everything. “My best friend is going out with Nick McCartney!!!”.

It was finally Thursday night and I decided to try out my dress to make sure it fit. It was an off the shoulder number, black of course!! I decided to repaint my nails black again, and as for my shoes I’m going to wear my black converse I decided to take a picture and send it to Michelle.

“Wow your dressed to kill!” she texted “Look at mine!” she texted and sended me a picture “Ughh! YOUR DRESSED TO KILL ME!!” I texted back and keep going “nah.. You look great!!” “ Well bye gotta get some shut eye!” she ended our conversation. Mitchie was dressed with a spaghetti strapped pink dress and really pink high heels.

I shut my phone off and look at myself at the floor length mirror what does she mean when she said ‘dressed to kill’ was it the people who looked at me in the good way or the bad way. I decided to put my hair down on my face that’s better I thought I always thought I was ugly but after this story I have a new prospective about myself.

Its Friday and its 7:00 Nick said to meet him at 7:30 so that will give me time to get dressed. That’s odd that he doesn’t come and pick me up because he has a car. So I go walking because both of my parents are off to work until 12:00pm. And my sister is at a dance in her school. So I’m already at the cemetery and I stop and tell my grandmother behind the bars “Wish me good luck you know I’m accident prone” This time the wind was the strongest one ever!!!!!!!!! The wind almost ripped my hair off I had to grab on to the rails. “I’m going to take that as a ‘good luck’”.

I walk into the school so happy that my date is the hottest guy the school. I walk into the bathroom to check on my hair because it was almost ripped off. The wind blown look looks great on me I thought. Then Brittany walks out of a stall with a big piece of toilet paper in her hand but hides It around her back but I’ve always known her little secret and then puts her I’m-so-much-prettier-than-you-and-you-know-it-face and leaves.

I walk down to the gym and see my dream date smiling at me with his white gorgeous teeth. I look up at the clock and see it says 7:30 precisely and we start to dance for about 30 minutes…

Then I see Brittany waiting at the door with a wicked smile on her face and I Mitchie dancing with David Flynn and then I thought of Shane where is he? Then I here footsteps but Nick puts hi face like he was about to kiss me. But I heard something drop then I turned around saw Mitchie with the color drained from her face Nick smiling and Brittany at his side doing the same. I look at the ground and then I saw red roses on the floor I pick it up and see It say “I love you-Shane”. Shane, Shane, SHANE little voices in my head say an then every thing starts spinning. I know Brittany saw my face of grief but I wont let her ruin my night.

“Everybody listen up” I yelled even the music stopped “oh Nick your so hopeless that the girl you love…” I know that they are tears streaming down from my face but I’m going to bring both of you down!! Brittany walked closer just like I hoped she would. “You actually believed the breakup!!” she said laughing “I said you were in for it and you are!” I kept on talking like I didn’t hear her. “Stuffs her bra!” I pulled down her strapless red dress before she had time to react. She was in her under wear and some of the tissues plowing down but her bra still kept place because It was stuffed. Everybody was taking pictures and laughing the queen bee is dead I thought. “oh yeah your both in for it!!”.

Then I ran my heart broken I ran to the cemetery “Why does this have to happen to me? You were telling me but I didn’t listen.” And then I kept on running I was lucky I was wearing converse. I’m at my doorstep crying like an idiot my mascara running but we are still not at the beginning.

Its been 2 days but I finally decided that I should talk to Shane. I knock at his door he comes out in his PJ’s . (its 8 am.) “Alexandra you have the whole world in your hands what do you want with me you’ve done enough damage!” “I’m begging to hear your voice tell me you love me too because id rather just be alone if I know that I cant have you I know I was such a fool I cant live without you but I don’t want cause a scene but im dying without your love.” at that moment I hug him “when I hold you in my arms I know that its forever I just got to let you know Shane I never want to let you go” I whisper. I look up to him “Shane I was stupid to think that I loved Nick but I found out I love you I don’t want to live in this world if I cant have you because it seems that I cant have a thing that I call love to show you what it means what I have said.” At that moment he grabs my face very gently and kisses me for eternity,

So now where at my doorstop I’m crying like an idiot my mascara running because I’m crying because I’m so happy!! My life is like Fiona’s in Shrek ,and Fiona always thinks she’s ugly when she’s an ogre but she needed to find somebody to love her and to show her she is beautiful in many ways. So know Mitchie, Shane and I are at my grandmothers grave I put a white rose on her tombstone and then Shane and I plant a big kiss right there, but were still not at the ending!!

So you know that, that was my last year in high school and I’m off to college and Shane being so sweet applicated for the same college. The college is in France(ohh, la la) and they say that France is the most romantic place in the world!!(and it is!!). And our love for each other over there is stronger each and every day. I’m writing this in my dorm so for you information the beginning was a fake, sorry!! And Shane would love to read this, the starting of a most, wonderful, beautiful, romantic relationship! Some of you may ask whatever happened to Brittany and Nick and what are my feelings toward them now, well I don’t hate them might as well I thank them for doing that to me at the prom if it wasn’t for that Shane and I will never bring the feelings of each other out. Brittany and Nick got married two moths after graduation and only Nick is attending the community college just because of soccer and Brittany is now four months of her pregnancy. Michelle and I are still in contact even though she is studying in Washington D.C. (She’s studying politics) but David isn’t with her he is Spartan’s community college but from what she tells me they always call each other everyday. I Hope That All Of The People Who Read This Learned Their Lesson : True Beauty Is The Beauty Within. If You Remember These Words I Can Guarantee You, You Will Not Have Any Problem Finding True Love. For One’s True Love May Be At There Doorstep Or A Million Miles Away!! So I am so happy to say this part because it is so true even though none of us were a prince or princess(maybe we were they ugly ogre that turned into prince and princesses) here it goes: And They Live Happily Ever After The End By Adara

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