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Yo Ho, Anna Sun

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Act 1 Scene 1

(A small village (presumably somewhere on a secluded bay in Scotland) somewhere in the early 1700’s Small is an understatement, the place is tiny. With a population of just under 67, mostly consisting of farmers and the elderly, with the occasional drunk. However, one of these citizens is Anna Sun, a young girl of 17. She’s pretty even by today’s standards, fair skin, and long reddish brown hair neatly braided, with dainty red lips and large grey-blue eyes. We’re on the main street, if you could call it that, of the town. It has seven shops; a market, a butcher, a tailor, a cobbler, a bakery, a bank, and a pub. Anna exits from the bakery, a basket of freshly baked bread hanging from her arm. She looks down at her list, muttering to herself slightly before nodding and folding it away, begins to walk off the right before her friend, Tish, runs up to her.)
TISH: (excitedly, jumping up and down waving from the left) Anna! Anna Sun! Hello!
(Tish runs to center stage, meeting Anna with a big smile)
ANNA: (With a bit of surprise, but warmly smiling back) Oh, Tish, hello.
TISH: How have you been? I haven’t seen you in a while.
ANNA: Oh, you know, okay. A lot of hard work taking care of Mother while she’s been ill and helping around the house. (Under her breath, more to herself than Tish) In fact I really should get back…
TISH: (Ignores the aside) Well, we should really get together soon. It’s been far too long.
(Suddenly, we hear shouting from off stage. Old Sig’ lurches from out of the pub, a bottle still in his hand)
TOWNSPERSON 1: (from inside the pub) Hop’fully this time you’ll STAY OUT!
OLD SIG’: (Tries to take a swig from a bottle, but it’s empty, he throws it at the pub, and you hear it shatter.) ‘M a-tellin’ ya idjits! (Hiccups, words slightly slurred) Them pirates are gon’ come. They gon’ raid ‘r shores an’ steal ‘r whiskey!! (He turns to Anna, grabbing her shoulders and shouting at he, a wild and frantic look in his eye) An’ ya know what, Missy? I bet they gon’ take ya too! Right out from un’ner ‘r noses! Ohhhh yes (hiccups again) that’s wha’ th’ Pirates gon’ do.
TOWNSPERSON 2: (From off stage) get off the streets you old coot!
OLD SIG’: Min’ yer own bi’ness, ya nosey nelly! (Turns and stomps off stage right, grumbling something about how he needs a drink. Anna collects herself and then turns back to Tish)
ANNA: (somewhat shakily) Oh, um, yes. Get together. I’ll see what I can do, maybe when Mother gets better. (Starts walking to exit stage left) I’ll see you later Tish!
TISH: (Awe-struck by the drunken display, she blinks a few times before waving goodbye) Oh-Oh yeah, um, s-see you around Anna!
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 11 Next »

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