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Soulmates Through A Book

Author's note: I fell in love with this book Spell bound by cara lynn shultz and i wonder how cool it would be...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I fell in love with this book Spell bound by cara lynn shultz and i wonder how cool it would be if the main characters popped out of the book!!!  « Hide author's note
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Okay so have you ever read a book and you were like oh my god I wish this was my life well that sort of happened to me but we will get there soon enough!!!

“Allie let’s go before Barnes and Nobles closes” I heard my mom yell outside of my door I grunted and got up only real reason I got up was because we were going to Barnes and Noble. Once I was dressed I headed down stairs to my mother who was happily making pancakes she turned as she heard my converse squeak the floor. “Hey sleepy head” “Hey” I smiled back “Is Ashley coming with us”? “No she said she was going shopping or something” “Oh okay well then hurry up so we can catch the bus to union square” I simply nodded and continued to eat. Finally we had arrived at Barnes and Noble I was growing anxious. “Hon while you look over at the teens I’m going to go upstairs and look at some books” “Okay” I replied. Hmmmm what looks good Spell Bound I wonder what this is about? “I love that book”! I heard someone say from behind me I turned to see a blond girl with pink streaks and a smiled placed on her face. “Really” “Yea it’s really good you should get it I came to get the second part Spell Caster” she said as she held up a book with green vines on it and a girl running on the cover of the book. “Cool maybe I’ll try it ” “HI my name is Brook” “HI Alexandria my friends call me Allie or Alex whatever works for you” Brook laughed “I like Alex but you have a great name” “Yea everyone says that but I’m not to found of it yours is better” “You think mine is better” Brook asked while raising her eyebrow. “Yea Brook is a pretty name” “Yea if only my name were Brook” “What you lied about your name” I asked questionly “No Brook is my nick name Brooklyn is my real name ““Brooklyn is a cool name how many people do you know named Brooklyn”? She laughed “Well now you do” she joked “Yes I do” I joked along with her. “So do you live around here”? Brook asked after a moment of silence “Ah no actually moved here a month ago” “Well in that case welcome” “Well thank you” I replied. “So where are you going to go to school at”? “Ummm my aunt Catherine helped my mom and I apply to I think it’s called Vincent Academy” “No way I go to school there and the book takes place at our school”! “Oh cool now I will at least know a face” “Yes you do” Brooklyn smiled. “Hey hone look at this cool book I found”! I heard my mom say from behind. “Hey mom this is Brook she goes to Vincent Academy” ‘Oh really that’s nice hello I’m Alex’s mother Jessica” my mother said as she out reached her hand toward Brook. “Hi I’m Brooklyn but everybody calls me Brook” “Brooklyn that’s a nice name well nice to meet you Brook” Brook responded with a warm smile. “Okay I gotta start going, so see you in school Wednesday” “Yea Wednesday” I almost growled to that fact I really didn’t want to be the new kid again!
Wednesday I woke up at 7:30am to the smell of my mother’s pancakes I quickly put on the standard uniform that Vincent Academy required and headed down to find my mother in the kitchen making breakfast. “Good morning hone excited for your first day at school” I rolled my eyes and grounded “I can barely sit in a seat I’m so excited” I replied to my mother sarcastically. She looked back and rolled her eyes “It’s not going to be that bad” I just simply looked down at the pancakes when there was a knock on my door I quickly stood up to answer it . “Coming “I yelled as I got closer to the door. “Hey sleepy head”!!! Brook said as she stared at me excitingly . “Hey ummm not to be rude but how’d you know where I live”? “Oh sorry I looked for you on the school directory” “Oh ummm do you want to come in”? I asked with my eye brow raised in question. “I actually came to ask if you wanted to walk to school together” “That’s really nice of you come in while I go grab my bag” I held the door open while Brook came in. “You can go to the kitchen my mom has pancakes and stuff” “No I’m okay with waiting for you here” “Are you sure my mom makes some amazing pancakes” Brook laughed warmly “No I’m okay maybe another time” “Okay be back in a jiffy” I said as I ran upstairs to grab my bag. When I came back downstairs I could hear my mom and Brook talking in the kitchen “Hey honey why didn’t you tell me Brook was here”? “No Ms. Baez she didn’t know I was coming” “I see my mom suckered you into eating some of her pancakes” I said as I saw Brooks plate that contained crumbs left over from the pancakes that once rested there. “Yea I couldn’t resist the smell” Brook joked. She then sat up and said “Yea ready to go” “Yea, mom I’m going to walk to school with Brook is that okay”? “Yea but what about Ashley” At that moment the doorbell rang “Oh that must be her see ya later mom” “Okay see you later you girls be careful “We will” both Brook and I yelled back united as we made our way towards the door. When I opened the door Ashley stood on the stoop reapplying her lipstick when she then turned around and saw us. “Hey” she said excitingly “Hey” I said as I made my way towards her to give her a hug. “I missed you”! She said once the embrace was over. “I missed you too” I replied then I remembered Brook standing awkwardly beside me. “Oh Ash this is Brook she goes to Vincent Academy too and Brook this is my cousin Ashley” they both awkwardly shook hands and said “Hey” to one another. “Okay so things you need to know about Vincent A is that there are a lot of arrogant people there but over time you learn to zone them out” Ashley began to say my guess was she was trying to break the ice and for that I worshiped her. “Yea it’s best to zone them out if not you go crazy” Brook said agreeing with Ashley I simply nodded as they went on about people I should avoid and people I should talk to.

MEET Damion!
“DAMION get up my dad going to be here any minute”!!! I heard Sara’s voice call from the corner of the room. I quickly got up and got dressed. “What are you doing”!!! Sara yelled as she saw me put my leg through her window “Well I can’t exactly go through the front door your father’s not supposed to know I’m here”! Sara took a minute to think about what I had just said then responded with “You have a point okay just be careful” “Always am” I said as I swung out of the window I slowly walked the roof to the middle so I could jump to the tree that was planted near Sara’s room then I would smoothly slide down well at least I hoped I would smoothly slide down. I took a deep breath and jumped to the tree I swiftly landed on the bark of the old oak tree then I very slowly slid down till I saw the emerald green grass beneath me. I looked up to see Sara’s tariffed face turn to a smile when she saw that I was okay I quickly waved and turned to see styles jeep parked across the street waiting for me . I ran to the car and jumped in to see a not so happy face placed on styles “You know what I’m tired of” Styles began to say “What might that be” I responded. “I’m tired of being the bachelor’s getaway driver that never gets any girls” I laughed and styles resumed talking as we drove away. “Another thing dude this is the freaking city you don’t jump out of a girl’s apartment building on a tree and think a fake grass mat is going to break your fall”!!! “Come on Styles you have to admit that was a pretty epic escape” “It was pretty epic but still” “Sara thinks you kind of cute” “Really she said that” “Yea” “Really, no way really” as we came to a stop Styles put his hand on my chest and said “Wait really she said that” I let out a hard uncontrollable laugh. “See your little jump to a tree act made us late”! I rolled my eyes at Styles “Where’re like two minutes late” “Well now we are three minutes late cause of this chit chat” I rolled eyes once more waved good bye to Styles and made my way towards English. When I opened my door Mr. Rum still wasn’t there. As I took my seat in the back I noticed a girl with dark brown eyes staring at me intently I gazed right back at her and she grabbed the end of her hair which where died blue which weirdly matched her dark brown hair. I slowly sat down breaking the stare between her and I. “Hey Brook” I said as I swiveled in my chair and faced Brook sitting next to the girl with the intense stare.
Brook and I had the same first period class Brook had warned me about Mr. Rum’s spitting problem so we sat near the back of the room. As Brook went on about different teachers the door opened and a guy with bed head hair that oddly fit him well walked towards us in the back my eyes met his Smothering green eyes we stared at each other intensely when he finally broke it by sitting down in front of me then he turned around and faced Brook telling her “Hey” “Hey” she replied back and held her hand pointing at me “Damion this Alex she’s new here” he then turned his face towards me and a half of a breath taking smirk was placed on his face. He out stretched his hand towards me “Hi I’m Damion” “Ummm hi I’m Alexandria but my friends call me Alex or Allie whatever works” I rambled and then felt totally embarrassed about my not controlled rant. Damion then laughed and said “Well I like Alexandria” I turned crimson at that comment at that moment who I guessed was Mr. Rum walked in Damion looked at me one more time then turned around to face Mr. Rum. Mr. Rum started his lesson quickly so I didn’t have to go through the embarrassment of standing in the front of the room and introduce myself to the class which I was thankful for. Mr. Rum went on talking about the beauty of poetry and how in poetry a color can equal the direction of the whole poem. I strongly agreed with Mr. Rum but I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the back of Damion’s. Through the whole lesson I was like a love lust teenager hit by cupid’s arrow staring at the back of Damion’s head. When class came to an end I was sort of sad not because of my love for English but for the reason I wouldn’t probably see Damion again. Brook and I made our way to the hall then went our separate ways I had Latin and she had history on the third floor. This third period class had me worried through the whole two periods of English well at least had me worried when I wasn’t staring at the back of Damion ’s head. I looked down at my schedule that said Latin was in room 277 I walked down looking at the numbers on the top of the doors when I finally reached room 277. I reached for the handle of the door when on its own it opened and a guy with a shirt that read “Where’s the beef”? appeared at the door I almost laughed out loud. “Oh sorry I didn’t realize anyone was at the door” “Oh its fine is this Latin” “Yea Latin with Mr. Kelly right”? “Ah yea I think” I said as I looked down at my schedule “Yup Mr. Kelly” “Okay then you’re at the right place” “Okay thanks am I late?” “No problem and no class hasn’t started yet” “Okay good” I smiled there was a minute of awkward silence “Ummm my name is Styles” Styles said as he out stretched his hand I placed my books are my other arm and out stretched my hand as well “Hey I’m Alex” “Is that like short for something”? “Ah yea it’s short for Alexandria” “Ummm that’s pretty cool” “Yup so I should start heading in” “Yea, yea sure don’t wanna be late now” “Ummm yea nice to meet you” I said as I made my way passed Styles to go in to the classroom. When I opened the door there were seats placed in a circle in the middle of the room some students had took seats in the circle of chairs but others stood around mingling in the corner of the room. As I looked around to find a place to seat an older gentleman who I guessed was Mr. Kelly walked in. “Okay so the beauty of Latin is that you are completely in control” Mr. Kelly began to say then he began he’s lecture of how we are in control of the dead language called Latin.
As I was walking out of class all I heard was Styles voice yelling and jumping over students transferring from classes “Hey Damion hold on” I came to a halt at my locker “Dude did you see the new girl”? “Yea Alexandria” “Yea we have Latin together” “I have English with her she’s one of Brook’s friends” “One of Brook’s friends” I looked at Styles and it suddenly angered me that he was even thinking about Allie. “Styles don’t even think about it” “What you have to have all the girls?” “No this one is just off limit” “Off limits” “Yes off limits she’s different” “You just met her and you have Sara” “So what and Sara was just a onetime thing “After math the day just flew by at lunch Styles still complained about the fact that Allie was off limits he didn’t get that after one day I could proclaim someone off limits. He restarted this conversation after school while we were heading to his jeep. “D explain once again how is she off limits” “She just is styles now drop it I need to go home so then we can make it to practice on time” “Fine” Styles huffed as he hopped into the driver’s seat of his car. When we arrived in front of my house I told Styles I would see him in an hour for basketball practice I flung my bag on my arm and ran in to my house I yelled “Hi mom” then raced to my room I threw my bag on the bed and headed to take a shower. I started to wash my hair when the smell of smoke suddenly filled the bathroom “Mom’s making meatloaf again” I huffed under my breath I quickly wrapped my towel around myself and headed to see if my mom needed help clearing the smoke. But when I passed my room the smoke was coming from there I opened the door and a hurl of smoke was coming from my book bag I quickly opened it and saw the cause of the smoke I lifted a book Sara had left in my book bag a hole was placed right in the middle here and there flashes of fire would burn the edges. I held up the book the hole in the book was so big I could put my whole arm through it. “Pretty epic right Emma didn’t think so” I heard a voice say from behind me I slowly turned around to see a guy sitting on my computer chair. “Who the hell are you” I asked holding up the book. “I’m Brendan slinger nice to meet you” I looked at him and then asked “Why are you here setting fire to books” “I didn’t set fire to any books but I did come out of a book that same exact book you are holding” “You expect me to believe you came out of this book” I said while working over to my bedroom door and closing so my mother wouldn’t hear me speaking to probably my insane self. “Yes I expect you to believe that, now dude like get dressed then we can discuss why I’m here” Brendan then began to walk to the closed door. “Where do you think you’re going”? “Dude just because I came out of a book doesn’t mean I came to see you undress” “My mom can’t see you” “Your mom left while you were taking a shower” “Oh ummm fine” Brendan then turned the door knob and left I quickly dressed and went to the kitchen to find Brendan eating a pop tart that my mom had left me. “You want one”? Brendan asked as he held out a strawberry pop tart placed on a plate. “No thanks” I said as I pushed the plate away. “Okay so you probably want to know why I’m here” “That would be nice” “Okay so let me see how I can put this you have a soul mate witches want your blood because of this you are one of seven” “What” ? “Dude don’t look at me like I’m crazy” “You are crazy”!! “Just sit down and listen okay” “I slowly sat down across Brendan I couldn’t believe I was actually attempting to listen. “Okay so my girlfriend Emma and I are soul mates blood from soul mates is very valuable to witches are you following me so far”? I simply nodded back. “Okay I’m here because the author of the book I’m in told us that you are one of the seven soul mates Emma has been going crazy trying to find you guys” “Wait there’s only one problem in this I don’t have a soul mate” “Yes you do okay so do you have a weird pull to anyone at your school” “No” “Okay does anyone have like a weird crest on a necklace or something”? I began to think then the new girl Allie came in to my mind her ring had a crest with a lion covered with vines. “Yea there’s this new girl I think her names Alexandria she has a ring with a lion covered with vines on it” “Now were going somewhere that there is your soul mate that lion with the vines is your crest” “Wait you mean to tell me a girl I have never met or seen in my life is my soul mate” “Yes she is your soul mate I know how hard it is to believe but it’s true” I thought to myself and truly it wasn’t that hard to believe the first time I saw her I felt this pull and I didn’t even want Styles thinking about her. “Okay so what do I do now” at that moment I got a text from Styles- I’m outside Brook is here with Allie I turned to Brendan with wide eyes. “What”? He said while eating a pop tart “My friend Styles just texted me my so called soul mate is in the car”!!! “This is good you’ll be able to talk to her and when Emma comes out of Allie’s book tonight she will explain everything better” “What somebody else is popping out of another freaking book”!!! “Yes genius now go your soul mate is waiting” “Ha, ha very funny and you’re coming”

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