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Accident Prone

Author's note: I am happy to recieve any feedback or suggestions, i hope to soon oficially publish this peice.
Author's note: I am happy to recieve any feedback or suggestions, i hope to soon oficially publish this peice.  « Hide author's note
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Cheerios and Polaroids.

Every semester had dizzy freshmen’s, oh-so sophomores, familiar juniors and cocky seniors. The very powerful class rosters would be posted at 12:45, during second lunch. I would be in chemistry lab, but I sent a text out to Kaelynn to reply with all my classes. I snuck my cell phone back in my corduroy striped bag while Mr.Raspley scribbled something on a brightly colored sticky note to Gabrielle, I overheard something about a transfer student. After he wrote the slip he started explaining the layout of second trimesters grading rubric. I chose not to listen, instead I was attempting to guess his first name. I knew it started with an L, Lance, Liam maybe.
I was startled by loud multi-toned sounds ringing throughout the classroom.
“Damn.” I whispered to myself.
Our teacher looked around the classroom, as if my alerted expression hasn’t given it away.
“Well Ms.Marina, Seems you have also been a victim of technology.” He said it in his witty, sarcastic voice but all was same to me. “Place it up here.” His humor had vanished, and demands had filled in all occupancy. I shrugged and walked up to his desk, pulled out my phone. Luckily Gabrielle returned with another male student, the attention of my peers turned to them instead of my confiscation.
I placed the device on his desk and walked back to my seat, watching the commotion of the new kid’s lost schedule. I put my head in my hand that was supported by my elbow. Still watching. He had a genuinely confused glance on his light skinned face. Mr.Raspley ordered him to standby until 6th period, when this class was over, to rendezvous with him and sort the whole thing out.
He quickly sat himself in a vacant desk near the door. Our instructor finished what we would be learning for the next 3 months, which were nuclear cell theory, division and uses. The schedule bell chimed in executing the 5th hour. I walked straight to his desk, I stood behind the transfer student.
“It seems they’ve made a mistake, Yuri, you belong in practical science.”
Practical science? That was for freshman, not juniors. The only juniors who took practical classes were the Mexicans that still needed to learn English because the advanced courses required it. He didn’t look Latin though, he had black hair in which his ears peeked out of. It grew generously towards his face and downwards on the sides.
“Should I ask woman in office for new schedule?”
His voice was different, it had an accent. I couldn’t tell where he was from, so I waited for him to speak again until I determine a guess.
“Yeah just ask whoever’s running the computer up front”
He turned around and saw me in grey eyes. I was thinking French but he seemed ashamed, like he wasn’t welcome here.
“May I have my phone back?” I asked.
“No more texting in my class young lady.”
“Yes.” I responded.
I unlocked my phone and viewed my messages. Kaelynn’s text was valuable considering the crowd of people that one paper could captivate. My Academic classes were the same, but now I had photography for 3st and a performing arts class for 4th.
I looked around for Kaeline to thank her but I found Aileen instead, so I just thanked her via text.
“Hi.” I said, rather in an exciting way.
“Hey so who’d you get for 4th?” She asked
“Performing Arts.” I signed up for that and culinary. Either one of them would fill up the open period.
“Really, I heard Laurie is taking that class but I’m not sure which hour though. 4th or 5th.”
“Saunders?” I can’t stay in an acting class with her, she already acts like an over-the-average female dog.
“Yeah sorry about that, so I’ll see you later.” She started walking away down the gold-cream floor tiles like a model. I often wanted to walk like her but if I did, I would fall.
6th hour, Algebra. I hated math, I was good at the majority of it but it seemed lifeless to me.
My seat is in the back of the class, with Otis and Victor. Otis never understood what Mrs.Rawford taught but he did his assignments. Victor didn’t know what we were learning but never tried on our tests. I had the highest grade out of all three of us, I aced most tests but I didn’t do the papers she handed out.
Today was as usual as any other one, I twirled my unnatural blonde hair as the three of us talked and joked until the 7th hour bell rang for a class break. Then class resumed again, math took up two periods because the district found it to be more important. Same with literature class, which happened to be my 1st & 2nd.
Finally the dismissal bell relieved us all to go home. Students still lingered around the school building. Santa Rosa only had one high school but it wasn’t too overcrowded, small city. It’s mostly desert, even the mountains look like sand. Just like the rest of New Mexico. When I turned 18 I wanted to go to Hollywood, be a California house-wife or something. Dye my hair black and change my name.
I rode my bike home, it was a pink crème cruiser. My “house” was a white trailer in front of low rusty colored mountains. The wind was hot and humid, just like Mexico. I pulled my bike up to the side of my house and walked up the metal stairs. The door was locked, I smacked my hand on the little window with a silver trim. My aunt came and unlocked it.
I lived with my aunt Giselle and her 3 children; Tasha, Rosalie and Rodger. They were all still in grade school. She had an older daughter, Olivia in which she immensely adored because she was what Giselle thought as successful. Olivia sells stolen goods, but I could not judge her, I was no better.
My room was always clean, I didn’t have many material things. I looked at the mirror, water marks streaking down that lead to the counter top stained with liquor and ash. I smoked cigarettes, I wasn’t old enough but I drank too. Mostly Vodka.
I walked into the filthy kitchen swelling with crusty food and sippy cups. I rinsed off all the plates, wiped down the counters and such. One of the bowls had a cheerio or two lodged on it, my arms were in a peculiar position when Tasha came in.
“Your back!” She said in her high pitched voice. She scared the crap out of me, my arms jerked and the ceramic dish split and swiveled on the floor.
“Oh, Im sorry Marina!” She said loudly and scrambled back to her room.
I finally fell asleep at 2 am, I don’t sleep a lot at night. I think about the rest of the world dreaming. I got dressed for school which started in an hour or so. I curled my blonde hair, my roots were one inch long and had the same dark brown as my eyebrows. I applied my make-up and grabbed my red letterman’s jacket and my light weighted bag. I headed out the door and jumped on my bike. The sun was still coming up, it was breezy and cool. I liked it like this.
Humanities was the first class I took, and almost my favorite. My third class being photography, I loved it because it captured a moment in time and time is priceless.
I enter the room along with the rest of the mix of 10-12th graders. The new transfer kid was here, looking around in tolerance and biting on the sleeve of his black jacket. He had a foreign camera within his palms, he compared to the rest and felt defeated. I had a really old vintage Polaroid, I felt the same way when I looked at all the Kodak and Canon Digitals.
“Today class we will be snapping pictures of each other. Portrait style, Pair up.” Assigned Mrs.Keelings.
I had not any friends in this class, few acquaintances maybe. Oh well, so be it. I can find a partner, I scoped the room. Mostly everyone was in pairs, ahh the new kid. I walked up to him but I don’t think he saw me.
“Hey, so you wanna be partners?” I asked him.
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albinotiger said...
Jul. 22, 2012 at 5:07 pm
So far really good! it is relateable and REALLY spectacular! (maybe check out my work sometime)
Sparklez said...
Jul. 20, 2012 at 1:44 am
keep writing! this was fantastic!
DanielM said...
Jul. 19, 2012 at 2:30 pm
Great story so far. I like your first chapter.
Prominence said...
Jul. 16, 2012 at 3:38 pm
Lovatic4Life said...
Jul. 15, 2012 at 5:07 pm
Omg this book is amazing! Never ever ever stop writing!! <3

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