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Most Recent Realistic Fiction


Here is the most recent realistic fiction:

Stand Still
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A woman's experience with a life-threatening illness. (more »)
I Love You
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Katsa is dying. (more »)
Life and Lessons by a Crazy Person
The story takes you in the life of an introverted Nora. On dwindling spiral into broken relationships and depression. (more »)
Say Something
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Love, drugs, and violence draw two troubled teens together in this novel, Say Something by Stephanie A. (more »)
The summer I cut my hair...
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Fourteen year old Audrina always thought that growing up and becoming a women was physical.Until the summer before her freshman year of high school when her world is turned upside down and she learns what strength and womanhood really is. (more »)
If You Don't Do Something
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Anabelle is constantly pressured by her mother and required to meet incredibly high demands. On top of that, the day we meet her, she experiences a host of bad luck. Read on to find out how she copes with it. (more »)
Straight-edge: H
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What would you do if you woke up tomorrow and you weren't the person you thought you were? (more »)
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Its a dog eat dog world, for twins Zoe and Zayne. They must stick together and have each others backs. (more »)
The Life of Xena
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The life of a pampered pooch, boiled down to significant events in her life. (more »)
By , Greensburg, PA
Meg hates life...that is, until she meets Ryley. (more »)
A Crack In The Ceiling
A young, troubled girl writes many letters on her old typewriter, who are these letters going to? (more »)
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Why Did You Go?
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Doesn't she know running away from her problems is a race she'll never win? (more »)
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"My stomach screams at me and tells me that I am a pig, and my thighs rub together loud enough that I was sure they would deafen me. I am once again reminded of my facts of life: I am fat." (more »)
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When Juliet Bennett was ten years old, tragedy struck her family. Seven years have passed and nothing seems to have changed. Now, everything will change. (more »)
The Reality of Fear
By , milwaukee, WI
In the military, Miracle, a troubled young adult suffers from a dark past that she can't let go of. When Ryder, another military soldier comes along, he changes her life forever. (more »)
Twisted Fate
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This happens in the real world (more »)

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