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To Each Their Own...

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Chapter 2

All everyone at school would talk about was Destiny and Jordan. I had to admit, I was a little nervous. I had no strategy, no plan. I had no idea they would break up so quickly. Rumors were spreading around school about why they broke up.

"I heard she cheated on him."

"I heard that he found someone else."

"I heard he was going to move away and wanted to break up."

"I heard she was a psychotic, over-obsessive girlfriend."

"I heard she was abusing him."

I honestly didn't care why they broke up, I'm just glad they did.

Maria and I were walking to our homeroom to pick up our schedules. I hated the first day. All we did was hear the teachers introduce themselves and ramble on about the rest of the year. "Who do you have first?"

"Um... a Mr. Tucker."

"Never heard of him, what about second?"

"Mrs. Phyllis."

"I think this may be the first year not having any classes together," Maria grumbled after looking over my schedule. "Man, this year is seriously going to suck."

Speak for yourself, I thought. I couldn't help a sly grin as I saw Jordan pass us in the hallway. And my heart almost stopped when he went into Mr. Tucker's room 201.

"Lucky! You get Jordan in your first period. You guys are probably going to be lovers by the time the day is over," Maria said while crossing her arms and pouting. I couldn't help but smile widely.

"Please, Maria, be reasonable. Give it at least two days."

Maria playful punched my arm as I walked into first period. "Have fun, Sasha!"

I rolled my eyes as I walked through the door. I scanned and instantly found a seat right next to Jordan. Could this day get any better. I slowly strolled over to him, "Can I sit here?"

He looked up at me as if coming out of deep thought. "Huh? Yeah. Sure."

I sat down and my heart began beating ten times faster. What now? Do I say hi? Do I look at him? What do I do? I saw out the corner of my eye that Jordan kept eying me. That made my hands become sweaty as my face became red hot.

"What's your name?"

My eyes shot open, was Jordan actually talking to me? "Huh? Me?"

Jordan immediately started playing with his books. "Yeah."

"Oh. My name's Sasha."

"Sasha... Nice name."

I was on cloud nine, elated, absolutely the happiest girl in the world. He thought my name was nice. Jordan actually thought my name was nice. I was about to tell him thank you when a man walked through the door. Immediately all the girls started giggling and playing with their hair. I had to admit he was a good looking man. He was tall and under his dress shirt you could tell he worked out.

"My name is Mr. Tucker and I will be your English honors teacher this year."

I don't know if I heard correctly but I think I heard Jordan mutter, "Oh brother."

"This is my first year at this school but I intend this to be the best year. Now I will call roll and get this class period started."

As Mr. Tucker went through the roll, I kept trying to think of ways to start conversation with Jordan. Suddenly, Jordan nearly pushed me off the chair.

"I'm so sorry. Sometimes I don't even know my own strength. But Mr. Tucker called your name for attendance."

My face was literally on fire from the embarrassment. "Miss Lawrence?"

"H-here," I managed to spit out while trying to calm down. Jordan reached over and put his hand on top of my hand.

"I am so sorry." My face was on fire again.

"It's OK. Really, I should've been paying attention."

A smirk passed over Jordan's face. I couldn't help but notice that his hand was still touching mine. I didn't want to move it, it felt like the world stopped spinning and no one else was in the room.

"I hate to interrupt Miss Lawrence and Mr. Jackson's romantic moment but I have a class I have to attend to."

My face started burning up yet again as I whisked my hand from under Jordan's. I couldn't help but feel bad because I saw a small glint of hurt and annoyance in Jordan's face.

"Today we will be learning about ..."

I began to tune out Mr. Tucker as I started wondering about Jordan. Does he like me? Am I a rebound? Why does he smell so good? I wonder what cologne he's wearing. Is my hair messed up? Is Jordan really over Destiny? But most importantly, can I be the new potential beau of Jordan? My mind began soaring as a wide smile spread over my face. A voice interrupted all my thoughts, "Having happy thoughts?"

My smile disappeared as a blush made its way to my face. Can Jordan read my thoughts? Did I say all those things out loud?

"Calm down, I was just trying to make friendly conversation."

I smiled, "Sorry, I was just in real deep thought."

He began to smirk, "About?"

Did he know? "English," I smile triumphantly and looked at Mr. Tucker, trying to fight an upcoming blush.

"Just English?"

"Yes sir."

"Well -"

Before he could finish the bell rang to signal our dismissal. Did a hour and a half really just pass by so quickly?

"Well, Sasha, I suppose I'll be seeing you around."

I smiled widely, "I guess so." I just loved the way he said my name. I just loved him.
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Bastille98 said...
Jul. 25, 2012 at 6:48 pm
Your writing is amazing! I am not kidding. You have such great voice and the way you've developed Sasha's character is really proffessional. Write more, write more!! :)
T-anna replied...
Aug. 12, 2012 at 10:40 am
Thank you so much for that. I really appreciate. You just gave me the motivation to keep writing. ♥

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