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Will You be There When I Awake?

Author's note: I wrote this story for a friend of mine who is gay. She wanted me to write this in honor of her...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I wrote this story for a friend of mine who is gay. She wanted me to write this in honor of her lover who killed herself.  « Hide author's note
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The Beginning of the End.

The breeze gently ruffled her fiery, red hair as she walked down the path. She glanced behind her shoulder and noticed me walking a good thirty yards behind her. She wiggled her hand in a simple, friendly wave. She stopped and picked a blue wildflower before she walked toward me. I smile and close the gap with a quick, loping jog. Once our hands touched, I pulled her into my arms.
She whispered my name into my ear as we finish our embrace. The small, blue flower she had picked just a short moment ago is now crushed between our beating hearts.
She touched my face. “Should we go back to the hotel?”
I agreed and we walk away, hand-in-hand.
As we walk, she leaned herself into me. A sweet smile touched her lips when she looked up at me. Many people stopped and stared at us as we walk, but I do not heed their smirks. I've grown used to their insults she however, has not. The pretty smile that embraced her lips is now long gone and a sad frown is set on her lips. I murmur her name to soothe her as we continue down the street.
Once we are at the hotel, I let her check in, I walk into an elevator and wait for her. Once up onto the sixth floor I stopped and stared at the room number stamped in a bloody red paint on the cherry door, I frown. 666. Why would anyone want to stay in a room with that number? She also frowned when she saw the number. I shrugged and walked in.
I turned and saw her hesitate. I grinned and looked around the room. “You know, it's only a number, it can't hurt you.” I walked around the room opening the shades on the only window, letting my voice drop down low; “There are no ghosties in here.”
She giggled and rolled her eyes, “I don’t know they could be hiding in the closet.”
Our laughter blended into unitary, complex melody. She stopped laughing and looked out the window. The afternoon sun made her hair glow as if it was engulfed in flames.
A gentle sigh escaped her as she stares. “I wish we could fit in again, I wish there's something that would change the way people look at us. Why can't they be more...?” She paused to look at me, “more open minded. I love you to death. I will always love you until I die. You know that.” Another pause, another sigh. “But sometimes, I feel I can't take the looks we get. I can't understand why they think that we aren't human like they are.”
I walked to her and quietly pulled her into my arms. Sobs shook her body as she rested against me. “I know. I know. People can be sick sometimes. There's nothing that we can do about it.”
Bitter, hopeless anger had crept into my voice. I sigh and look over her ginger hair to the outside world and watch the streets below.
“I think we should watch a movie.” Her muffled voice hardly reached my ears. I can't help but laugh at her sudden change in mood. “I mean a horror movie! A good one! Like...” she pauses and peeps up at me, trying to see my face.
“Like Freddy?” I ask her blankly.
She pushed me backwards with a squeal and took for the door, “I'm going to pick a movie, but you have to stay here! It's going to be a surprise.” She smiled at me. “Besides you have horrible taste in movies.”
I was still laughing when the door slams shut.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 Next »

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