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Im With The Band

Author's note: what inspired me to write this book was my love for music and making it big. also being in a...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: what inspired me to write this book was my love for music and making it big. also being in a band. the hardships and a few fights that might happen.
i hope you guys like this book and think its good  « Hide author's note
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chapter 2:oh no you didnt!

i approached the old lady in the front office who obviously wore too much make up for a lady at her age.
i cleared my throat to get her attention but she just ignored me.
i cleared my throat again only to get ignored.
i then resorted to drumming my fingers loudly in the desk.
i swear this lady needs hearing aids.
she looked at me with a bored but scared expression on her face.
"im sorry," she said sarcastically and rude," didnt notice you there under all that make up and leather."
"i didnt notice you under all that wrinkled up leather you call skin, now get on it." i replied with a scowl in my face.
"name." she said inspetcing her nails.
"skylar sahara stone." i said.
she started typing on her computer and in a few minutes printed out some papers.
"this is you schedule, map and a note for all your teachers to sign. also there are some things you parents need to sign when you get home and some stuff. now off you go." she handed me the papers in a folder.
"thanks." i said throught gritted teeth.
i turned on my heel and walked towards homeroom with mr teel.
i roamed the hallways looking for room D12 wheni realised that i have a map. a VERY helpful map.
i pulled it out and looked at it.
the bell suddenly went.
"crackers" i cursed under my breathe.
homeroom was on the second floor on the left wing.
i climbed up the stairs and smiled triumphantly and yelled out a whoop as i thrust my fist in the air feeling like i just climbed mount everest.
i then walked down a few doors, turned left and walke down a few more.
"D12, finally." i said under my breathe as i knocked on the door.
"uhhh, the new student Ms Stone, nice of you to finaly join us." the balding teacher. mr teel, said as he looked at my cleaverage. not only was he bold and old but add perv and pedo to the list.
i walked in and looked around the room.
in the back there was a spot.
i made a beed-line towards it and said down.
i then realised that i still had my helemt with me.
"dude." i said as i put my hand up.
mr teel looked up from his attendance sheet.
"yes skylar."
"i gotta visit my locker for a sec, imma be real quick i swear on my sandwich."
i got up and walked out and up the stairs towards the senior lockers.
i found locker #233 and opened it with my combo.
i shoved my bag and helmet in and locked.
the only things i took out of my bag wer my iphone, ipod and notebook and a pen.
i had no intentions on going to the locker till lunch wheni need my wallet.
i walked back to homeroom only for the bell to ring.
i shoved my hand in my pocket and lfound my schedule.

I headed towards the maths wing and towards my class.
i sighed as i opened the door.
having roamed the school again because of my lack of direction resulting in me being 5 minutes late.
"hi, you must be skylar stone, am i right?" a nice asian lady said to me as she pulled me in for a hug.
i awkwardly patted her back and grimaced.
"im mrs shin, tell us a bit about yourself then take a seat next to mr samuels. zac rais your hand please."
a scene looking guy with black straight, hair, who was seated necxt to a guy who looked the same as him but had a lighter shade of green eyes than him.
i take it their twins because both boys had their hands raised.along with them sat a guy with black hair with red tips. he had dark chocolate brown eyes.
next to him sat a guy with black hair with blue streaks which really brought out his deep blue eyes.
they all dress similarly in either grey or black skinny jeans and different band t-shirts.
sighing i thought over what i was going to say.
"um, my name is skylar stone. uhh..i play electr guitar, totaly epic at it might i add, umi just moved here from new york, um what else, oh! i love bands like motley crue, falling reverse,asking alexandria, black veil brides and such. im 17, my dad is on tour with that chick, umm what was her name again....ohh ohh!!!!! justin bieber, he's her tour manager, my mum is a dirty rag who slept around and left after i was born and i think thats it. any question." i asked lookind around.
a few hands went up.
"no questions? ok good." i ignored the hands and plopped down next to zac. well i think its zac.
"hi, im tom." he said.
"im skylar, i take it you and the other kid are twins right?"
"yup, hes name is zac, thats elijah and brad," he said pointing to the black-blue haired, blue eyed boy and the guy with the black-red hair.
we slipped into comfortable silence theni pulled out my ipod.
sliding my earphones into my ears i started listening toc'Im Not A Vampire' by falling in reverse.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 15 Next »

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CeciliaLee-Anne said...
Mar. 20, 2014 at 10:30 pm
Hey guys. Its Cecilia and I'd just like to let you guys know that I'll begin editing and uploading more frequently (ONE OR TWICE A WEEK) and I hope ya'll will like it.
crazy-polish-chick-1 said...
Sept. 9, 2012 at 1:41 am
i want more!!!!! this is probably one of THE coolest bookest i have ever read!!!!! and trust me i have read alot!!!!! please add more its too good not to be finished!!!!! 
darklove38 said...
Jan. 19, 2012 at 12:46 am
im in love with tis book

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