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Cirque Du someday

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Out with the old, in with the new

We both had out bags packed and were ready for California. The taxi came and stuffed our bags in the trunk on the roof and surrounding us in the truck. As we were driving away I looked out my window to see the tent being taken down and our trailers hauled away. This Is really happening. My life is now over. After a 7 hour flight, we had arrived in one piece to California, walking around the LAX was an experience in itself. As my mom and I were approaching the exit doors where my Aunt and Uncle were to pick us up it seemed liked she was franticly trying to make herself look perfect, after finishing herself then went on fixing my hair and exclaiming “Zoe, your aunt and I haven’t always gotten along the most. Although she is my sister she is one of those people who will do anything to impress anyone with her money.” Walking out the doors and seeing a black stretch limo, the door opening and my aunt attempting to run to greet us in her black Gucci stilettos’ was quite a sight to see. We were all gathered in the limo and trying to start a conversation with my aunt and uncle was very awkward. “So darling sister how was your flight”, my mom then exclaimed “It was quite the adventure”. I felt my head bobbing then fell into a deep sleep.

I was rudely awakened by my aunt poking my face and whispering “we are here, welcome to your new home!” as I stepped out of the limo onto the driveway of an Oceanside mansion I felt like a star, Aunt Rhonda were escorting me into her beautiful house she then told me since I was starting a new school I had to make a grand impression. She was going to take me out to get a new wardrobe and a new look, a new me as my aunt exclaimed. Walking through the grand doors of her house in the entrance there was a water fountain and in the background five giant windows showing off her ocean backyard. From one day away from a new school I decided to make my way to my new room and get some sleep after a long day’s travel I decided to get some sleep. Walking up the stairs to the upper level of Aunt Rhonda’s mansion. I walked into the guest bedroom with an ocean view, the walls where aqua and the furniture bedding and pillows were white as snow. I threw my bags on the ground and was absorbed by the white fluffy linen.

After a long nights sleep, opening my eyes and seeing the ocean and hearing the waves and smelling the warm salt water was the most peaceful awakening that anyone could have in a lifetime. I had never been in a place so calming. Walking outside onto the balcony and feeling the warm morning sun on my face brought me back to a familiar place. It brought me back to the stage when I was performing. Hearing my name called over and over again almost made the day dream more real but back to reality, even though California was amazing, my heart always belongs to performing. My uncle still calling me said that it was breakfast time, and that I was to make my way downstairs and join my aunt and mother.

Sitting at the table my aunt was telling me about the exciting day that we had ahead. We were going to go to her hair and makeup stylist and then go to her favourite mall by the beach and then mother and uncle were to join us for lunch by the ocean and to see the new me. There was something about her saying ‘the new me’ that made me feel uneasy, do I really want change?
As we my aunt and I were pulling into our first stop, walking out of the hair salon laughing were 5 girls. My aunt then said “those girls are you age, maybe they’ll be in one of you classes when you start school! Do you want to meet them?” being the shy person I am, I told Aunt Rhonda and buried my head into my sweater. My aunt opened the salon door, and them she was approached by a young bleach blond haired man, kissing both cheeks they caught up. My aunt then introduced me and then I was shown to the seat where I would be held for the next who knows how many hours. The young man named Stephan asked me what I wanted done for today, before I could get a word in my aunt started telling him all these fancy terms that I’ve never heard before in my life. Growing up my mom always cut my hair, I feel like an alien with silver foil and cucumbers on my eyes. Not knowing what to expect the ringer went off and Stephan came and took all the foils off. With a big gasp of air, I wanted to start crying. Thinking to myself, I KNEW THIS WAS A BAD IDEA! He then said “ITS A MASTERPICE!” embarrassed by all the attention now set on me, I walked over to the chair and looked at my hair. It had gone from a light brown to a light blond. My aunt walking over and then said, “Oh, you look beautiful. Now you truly fit the look of a ‘California girl’ darling.” Walking Out of the salon I felt like a brand new person, makeup all done and blown out blonde hair. Aunt Rhonda seemed more excited about all the new changes then I was, we then got in the car and put the roof on her Mercedes convertible down and Aunt Rhonda screamed “SHOPPING TIME!”
A block down from the hair salon was a strip of stores, the street was silent. It looked as if there were only four or five people in the stores and they all looked like queens compared to what I was wearing. As we entered the first store the store attendant quickly walked up to Aunt Rhonda and asked her if she wanted any food, or anything to drink. She then asked for a glass of Pink Champagne, I whispered to her Rhonda “what kind of store is this?” she then replied by flailing her arms in the air, “Welcome to my paradise!” As soon as I noticed, I was drinking Chilled orange juice in a wine class, and I had enough clothes to try on that would last a person a year. After spending at least an hour of trying on and modeling all of the clothing that I had tried on, I had chosen out 6 pairs of jeans and 8 shirts along with 4 new cardigans and two sweaters. Making out way up to the till I caught a glimpse of the tag on the jeans it looked like $30! I was astonished and told my aunt that I would put some back, then as we were at the till I got a better look at the prices and the jeans where almost $200 each! I then begged my aunt to let me put some clothed back but she refused and went on saying, “It’s your first day of school in a week darling, you need to make a mighty fine first impression!” Getting into her convertible with an escort holding 4 bags filled with clothes and accessories, I felt like a star. “Thank you Aunt Rhonda, You have done so much for us. I really don’t know how to thank you for all of this”. “Oh Zoe darling, you being here is enough. I haven’t seen you since your little and all this makes up for the time that I’ve missed with my one and only favourite niece.”

After a long day of shopping and all the new changes I unpacked all the new clothes I had gotten and put them into their place in the closet. I dumped on of the bags out onto my bed that was particularly heavy and out fell a new hair straighter, and so much makeup I didn’t know what to do with. I went into the bathroom and washed all the makeup that Stephan from the hairs salons assistant taught me how to put on. I then put my pyjama’s on and crawled into bed. Closing my eyes, I found myself in a deep sleep.

A week had gone by in this paradise they call home, and before I knew it I was getting ready for school. I really hope today goes well; I don’t want to be the new girl again. I just pray God that you’ll send someone special to be my friend. My uncle was calling me down for breakfast just like every morning. My hair was all done, makeup was on the way I was taught to wear it, and a new set outfit that Aunt Rhonda bought me. I walked down the stairs, “You look beautiful darling”, “thank you Aunt Rhonda, it’s all thanks to you. I looked at the time. I had to be at school in 10 minutes. “AUNT RHONDA! IM GOING TO BE LATE FOR MY FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL” she grabbed her keys and I grabbed my breakfast and bag, before I knew it I was getting out of the car. Looking around at my new surroundings I started walking. Into the school, the walls where light brown and had newly painted blue lockers. Man oh man; if Aunt Rhonda were to see the colours of the lockers clash with the walls, each locker would have their own designer. Interrupting my thought on Aunt Rhonda’s picky-ness was a tap on my back, it looked like one of the girls that I had seen a week before at the hair salon, “hey, I’m Samantha! You can call me Sam though, Are you Zoe?”, “Yeah! How’d you know? I’m new; do you have any idea where I get my locker number?” Sam had long flowing brown hair, and green eyes. “Oh my mom who is the counsellor told me to come attempt to find you and give you a little welcoming tour to the school!

After walking around the school that felt like walking around the world, the block one bell rang. “What class are you in first”, Same asked. “Uhmm it looks like I have Science 11 first, “Oh wait!” she ran over and brought a girl over, “Zoe this is Viola, Viola this is Zoe! She’s going to be in your Science class!” Viola looked like the kind of girl that got what she wants whenever she wants, the classic spoilt California girl”, “Viola can you show Zoe to the classroom”. “Yeah for sure!” walking through the halls, I didn’t know what to say to Viola, it was really awkward only hearing your foot steps and nothing else. “here it is, room 209” Viola said. I opened the door and there sitting there was a class full of students I don’t know, this should be fun!

As I was gazing the room for an open seat there were 3 open ones, Viola took the one nearest to the back and that left me with two options. The seat in front next to the window or the one far right in the class room where sat bestride it was a girl with hair that looked like mine but only natural. She looked more of the hippie type, we should get along! Anyways I need more friends to survive this school year as it is. Making my way back to the seat was very awkward weaving my way through the desks with students in them squeezed together. Sitting down, and finally looking to the front of the class everyone was staring. Wow great start to the first year, in my favourite class filled with people I have no idea about. A very short and scruffy looking man made his way around the classroom over to my desk, and crouched down to eye level. “Hi, you must be Zoe! I’m Mr. Wright Welcome to Seaside high school.” With a smug look on his face plopping 3 heavy books onto my desk and walking back to the front of the class was I was starting to take the welcome sarcastically.

“Open up your books class, open your text books to page 23; keep in mind that the sooner you get your work done and into me. The sooner you will be done with this dreaded chapter. Now get your work done so we can all be happy.” The introduction wasn’t very uplifting but what was I to expect. I’m in grade 11 now, only one more year till I graduate and I’m free.

The bell rang after an hour long class that felt like a century had passed it was so long. Oh my goodness, how am I going to survive a whole year with a schedule like this? Looking down at all the notes I had taken in my binder, turning a sharp corner it felt as if I had hit a brick wall. Collapsing to the ground and books flying everywhere, and the bell ringing. How on earth are I going to get all this stuff together, find my locker all over again and my English class? Without looking up I heard a voice “geez could you have gone around that corner any faster”. Taking the comment rudely, “well could you have at least packed on any more steel and then run into me” Finally after gathering up all my belongings and standing up. I was now standing centimetres from a tall buff boy with sandy blonde hair and blue-green eyes. “Hey your Zoe right? I’m in your science class. I’m Cody”, “right your that Viola chicks boyfriend right, she’s a keeper!” “No Viola is not my girlfriend. Well at least not anymore, she just thinks that we are.” The conversation was starting to get awkward. “Hey so what class do you have next” Cody peering over my class schedule. “Oh sweet we both have English together, you’re going to love it! Mr. Tinsley is an amazing teacher.” “Oh joy, well Cody since you seem to know where you’re going, lead the way!”

After two long classes it was finally time for lunch, sitting down over came a tall slim girl with short brown hair plopped down next to me, “you know that white bread tastes a lot better with jam” she randomly proclaimed. I’m Nicole. Your new here right?” “Yes, I’m Zoe”. “Well Zoe your lunch looks very un-appetizing, let me get you something more... Edible?” Before I knew it Viola came rushing over and grabbed my arm. “Oh my you are so lucky I saved you from that freak! You do not want to get involved with that chick”. “Oh, uh okay?” “So Zoe I was thinking. Since your new here, not that many friends new surrounding I came up with a genius idea! Come to a little girls get together this Friday!” “That sounds amazing but I don’t know.” “Oh but it will be a blast you’ll be meeting all of the most amazing girls at seaside! Speaking of that you need to help me find something amazing to wear... Please?” I couldn’t say no. It was a great feeling to have a friend so soon, and Viola out of anyone. “I’ll pick you up after your last block today, meet me out front and off to rodeo drive!” Rodeo drive, what on earth is that?
Soon enough I knew what rodeo drive was, along with Prada, Channel, and coach. Reaching the end of the strip Viola had found a dress along with a new bag and a few other pricey items. “This is impossible, this is the last store and you still have not found anything for yourself Zoe!” “Oh Viola I couldn’t afford the mints at the front if I wanted anything, if you’re ready to go its fine with me, “No Zoe I need something to repay you with for giving me this company, and you’re amazing opinion”. “Seriously Viola I’m glad that you even invited me! You don’t need to buy me off with anything, I had a great time” “Okay if you insist.” Viola whistled for the valet to bring her Corvette around and then we were off home.

“Bye I’ll see you tomorrow Zoe” walking into my Aunts house I was greeted by a warm hug from my mother. “So how was your first day of school? Meet any new friends?”. “Mom today was amazing I met So many new people and friends. They all have so much money though, they have it so easy!” “Well honey some people just don’t know how to appreciate what they have and take something’s for granted.” “Yeah I guess that’s it, anyways I’m super tired. I’m going to go take a nap. Call me down when it’s time for dinner.” “Okay sweetie” kissing my forehead she sent off. Shutting the door to my paradise I opened the door to the balcony so I could head the waves crashing along the sand and smell the salt water.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 13 Next »

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