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For Longer or No Longer

Author's note: This was a story written for a school asignment.
Author's note: This was a story written for a school asignment.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter 5

The rental car we had rented smelt bran new and clean. Mom said the smell was toxic and not to inhale too much, so the windows were down the whole entire ride to the Rainforest’s lot. Though I could help but smell the freshness and clean smell that floated around the car. A strong leathery smell that you can always smell whenever you go near new cars. I was surprised at how little people were out and about on this fine morning. Dad said people were just too scared to leave their houses yet, but to wait a few hours and this place would be hoping like a bunny rabbit. As we arrived at the parking lot we saw a few people going into the station and a few people leaving. We parked the car and put our bags on ready to go on the most beautiful adventure we would ever in our lives. Dad said he would lead the way with Mom and Sam and I would bring up the rear. The four of us started up the trail as happy as ever. This was the best thing we had done so far on our vacation. Mom started singing songs and Dad started telling us stories of when he was a little. I started to think that this is what family time should be like. I mean Sam even looked happy he hadn’t brought up one strange topic since we started the day. I was impressed! I looked to the ground and started off at my own pace, into my own world. Sam I guess did the same, which I thought was a little strange. We walked for about 15 minutes in silence until I looked up and stopped walking. I panicked, where was Mom, where was Dad. Sam was still walking up ahead.
“SAM!” I yelled. He looked up startled and turned around.
“What?” He said
“Ah, don’t you see something is wrong!” Sam looked around not noticing anything wrong for a minute then he turned and yelled to me “WHERE’S MOM AND DAD?”
“I don’t know I said we must have gotten separated.” Sam looked as panicked as I was and I could tell that we were lost. Sam started to say something when he was interrupted by leaves crunching behind us. I slowly turned around to see the bush was rustling. I slowly backed up to where Sam was standing. Then suddenly out of the bush stepped King Simon. His eyes were practically glowing with pride, his teeth were still shining and sharp, and his clean white coat was now dirty and faded. I wanted to scream and yell but I knew that wasn’t the solution. I slowly turned my head to see what was behind me and down the path in the distance was the ocean sitting there still and calm. I knew we had to reach the water because that would mean safety. I tapped Sam’s hand and motioned my head towards the water, I looked at him to see if he understood and he did. We slowly took off our back packs and gingerly put them on the ground making sure we didn’t startle the beast.
Slowly and softly I muttered “1, 2, 3…” and we turned and ran. Sam looked over his shoulder and fear grew in his eyes. I knew that meant he was right behind us. As I ran I hit a tree which scraped my right arm which started to bleed and I watched as the beads dripped down my arm. King Simon was right on our heels now I knew somehow we had to lose him. Then all of a sudden I felt a force so great push down on me that I knew I was a sitting duck. I wiggled a screamed, but then I realized that King Simon hadn’t tried to hurt me yet, he was distracted by something in the distance. Though, he stood proudly pushing down full force on my left arm with his heavy, 200 pound body. I felt my arm start to burn and I wanted to make him stop, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to do that. I tried to look around to find Sam and I saw he was right behind the animal with two really heavy looking rocks. Then with all his might, he threw the rocks. As fast as I could I rolled out from underneath him and Sam quickly helped me up as we started to run towards the water again.
The pain worsened and I knew my arm was definitely broken. We ran and ran as fast as we could go. I was out of breath and was dripping with sweat. My legs felt like jelly, but he was gaining on us with ever step. I looked over at Sam and saw that his face was as red as a beat. I was bleeding badly from my cuts and my left leg was all scraped up. Our lives depended on getting to the end of the rainforest where the ocean would sit there waiting for us in the open. Then without warning Sam pushes me to the side and I land behind a bush in a swampy puddle of rain water. I lay there still on the floor of the rainforest hearing nothing but silence. Where is Sam?
My heart was pounding as fast as ever. Sam had risked his life for me twice now and I needed to reach him, I needed to help him. Slowly I crawled out from underneath the bush like a monkey searching for bananas, I looked left and then right. Standing up I could see the faint figure of Sam running with the deadly king behind him down the path on my left. I started to run and saw that up ahead was a path that could help me to reach the water before Sam did. So I took off down the path. Running as fast as I could go, I set my mind nothing but arriving at the water first. Sam was pushing himself to run faster and faster just like I had seen him do in sports. When I finally reached to the water I realized I had no plan. What was I going to do? I saw that Sam was almost here and I freaked out. Looked across the water I saw there was a little shack, but it was a far way to go. “At least four miles across to the other side.” I thought aloud to myself. Then I saw the sandbar and I knew that was our only hope.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 3 4 5 6 Next »

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