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For Longer or No Longer

Author's note: This was a story written for a school asignment.
Author's note: This was a story written for a school asignment.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter 3

We decided to go for a swim in the pool and then walk over to the zoo. Wanting to see the whole island one bit at a time we knew there would be some walking involved. As we walked down to the pool I couldn’t help but feel like someone was watching me. I looked around but saw nothing but hotel rooms, a couple restaurants, and an exhibit at the zoo. Plus I couldn’t, see any animals in the exhibit so that couldn’t have been what was making me so uncomfortable. I just kept walking. We past a couple of fruit stands, a gift shop, and a juice bar, but there didn’t seem to be many people. Today must have been checkout day. The pool was just sitting there in the distant. Water slides above and around the sides. A couple of tubes floated slowly down a lazy river and under a small wooden bridge. Then across the way was a rapid river that I knew Sam would be lost in all day. There were rows of lounge chairs everywhere ready for happy vacationers to lie apon them. We found some chairs and put our towels down. Sam, of course headed for the rapid river, but me I wanted to rest in the sun for some time until I felt I was ready to go in the pool. Quickly I felt a whoosh of cold air and realized that in a few seconds my new clean clothes would be soaking wet.
“AHHHHH!” I screamed. Standing up, now completely drenched with water I stared into the cold green eyes of my enemy. The fear in Sam’s eyes was starting to settle in. Even though he was two years older than me, I could scare him more than he could ever scare me. I stepped forward about ready to chase him down when my mom stepped between us. They had this rule about us fighting, but are there ever any consequences. The answer is rarely yes, so no. My parents never enforced rules hard enough to actually make us stop. We started yelling and arguing until the point where Sam pushed me into a chair and ran. What did I do? I ran after him obviously. We ran through rows of chairs in and out of mini pools until I caught up with him and we fell into a double tube that started to float down the rapid. Then splash. We were being pushed down the river by a swarm of waves behind us. We both start yelling and screaming which eventually that turned into laughing and crying. By the time we reached the end of the river the two of us were laughing so hard we were crying. We moseyed out of the pool and back to the chairs. Though, as soon as we were back our parents decided we should go over to the zoo and shops to look around before we went to dinner.

I couldn’t believe how hot the zoo was. We slowly walked into the entrance and I was surprised by the fact that the zoo wasn’t even that big. There were three cages, one that contained some monkeys, two had some birds, one had tigers, and there was a lonesome fish tank with exotic fish swimming around in it, but other than the gift shops and stands, there was nothing. To me they just made too much space for crowds when they realized they didn’t have much of a reason to have any crowds. We started at the fish tanks and worked our way down to the tigers. I had felt that same feeling I had earlier. Kind of like someone was watching my every move and step but really, there was no one else in the zoo besides my family, the animals, and two zoo keepers. As we approached the tigers the feeling got stronger and more uncomfortable. I looked inside one of the cages and to my surprise saw a white tiger staring back at me. I gasped; his piercing blue eyes stared at me as if they were looking deep down inside of me. His sharp teeth shined as if he was saying to me “You look like a nice snack.”
“His name is King Simon because he once lived in the very Panaewa rainforest and was known to be the king.” I looked to my left to see an old man in a green polo staring at me.
“Um….” started to speak but he cut me off.
“Names Robert Pickleberry, but you can call me Rob.” Pickleberry, really?
“I saw the fright in your eyes when you looked into the cage and I knew that I needed to come over here and talk to you.”
“I’m sorry sir, but about what?” He just stared blankly at me and I hoped he wouldn’t say anything else
“Well about this Bengal tiger of course.” I was a little scared of what he might say so I decide I might try, but like the first time, the second I start to talk he did.
“You see these tigers are no ordinary tigers. They are the White Bengal tigers that once lurked in the very rainforest of Hawaii. When people started to discover them they thought for the best they should be put somewhere where they could cause no harm and live safely at the hands of man. These tigers actually have a slimmer chance of surviving in the wild because of their white coats. They are also born from regular Bengal tigers, but the tigers that they come from have a special gene that allows at least one of their cubs to be born white and not orange.” I kept repeating his words in my head and I realized what he was saying. These animals are special and very dangerous. You would not want to have one of them create a sudden interest in you because that could mean either death for you or the tiger.
“Thank you Mr. Pickleberry, I’ll remember that. I really will.”
As we started to leave I took one last look at the tiger and he seemed to be smiling at me. A shiver went down my spine as I walked away still feeling as if I was being watched, but this time I knew that the eyes watching me were the icy blue eyes of King Simon. The one king that would never forget me.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 Next »

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