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Diary of Jane

Author's note: Based on a few songs and real life experiences. Not only did I base this story on things in my...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: Based on a few songs and real life experiences. Not only did I base this story on things in my own life, but so that other people could relate to it as well. Even in high school especially - when you find out who's really your friend. However, a child's ignorance is bliss.  « Hide author's note
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Friends Forever

Entry #1

My eyes almost instantly catch the sight of the little blond girl standing in the sunlight, giving off a radiant glow in that sparkling white dress she's wearing. I hesitate going over to meet the new girl on my block; she'll be living in the new, freshly painted white and sky blue house. The girl and the house both look as if they came from a fairytale. Nothing like me.
My deep blue eyes scan over her small frame (similar to mine) and her porcelain skin as she hauls a box of toys onto her porch. Suddenly, she notices me on the sidewalk, and I freeze. The tap shoes on her tiny feet barely make any noise as she walks across her lawn towards me. I sigh. I've changed my mine - I do not wish to be seen with the new blond girl in the perfect white dress who lives in the new perfect house. I bite my lip nervously as she continues to approach me. A few steps away, she waves politely, "Salutations, my name's Bailey."
I raise an eyebrow and mutter, dumbfounded, "Salu-what?" The girl giggles.
"Salutations: it means 'hello', 'greetings'," she explains.
"Oh...well, I'm Jane, nice to meet ya," I respond in my North Jersey accent. I force a half smile and hold out my hand. Her hand is surprisingly bigger than mine, but I can feel my strength exceeding her's as we shake hands. I see her eyes widen as she feels the experience on my skin - the scars, booboos - and suddenly, it's like we're opposites ready to attract. I smile wider and without thinking, suggest, "Let's be friends."
As she pulls me into a tight hug, ruffling my shaggy black hair, we laugh. "You'll be my first," she says.

Entry #2

It had hit off the moment we met. Of course, there were others who hung out with us as well. Everyone liked Bailey - plain and simple. However, I know for a fact that if there was one person Bailey liked the most back then, it was me. She always told me how nice I was being that she was the first one I looked to whenever a group of us were getting together, the one I would ask to sleepover when everyone else had gone home after a play-date (though her mom didn't like her being anywhere near me or my apartment), or when she was the first one to get a phone call from me even if it was simply "How was your day?". Who would've thought that a scroungy little tomboy such as myself would get along so well with the sweet china doll that was Bailey? Somehow, it did not matter in our eyes - perhaps because we were children. Although despite being from different worlds, we were the best of best friends there was, and we spent the rest of our summer days together.
We spent most of our days at the beach. Here, we were able to meet without our parents caring. Bailey was very mature for a 7 year old, and her parents were able to trust her. All she needed was her cellphone so she would be able to call them every few minutes. To be honest, I had bad parents, and they didn't care what I did. It was no trouble at all if I just walked out to see a friend without telling anyone. Besides that, those days at the beach truly made an imprint in my mind.
It was the first day of September, and the sun was just beginning to set. Bailey and I sat in the sand building what we thought was the greatest sand castle ever. I wore an indigo muscle shirt and red swim trunks. My hair fell in front of my face as I patched the sandy chunks together in formation. She was wearing a floral sundress. She smiled warmly as her eyes fell upon me and the expression of determination on my face.
"Hey, Jane," she spoke softly to me. I looked up at her angelic face.
"We'll always be best friends forever...won't we?" she asked cautiously. I grinned cheerfully.
"A' course we will; forever, fer sure," I showed her my pinky finger, and she connected her's with mine. It was an official promise: we would be friends forever. I got up to my feet and ran towards the water. Lying down on the border line of sand and sea, I allowed the water to wash up to my knees before it was pulled back into the ocean.
I gazed out beyond the horizon to a glorious sunset; the orange clouds surrounding it formed a halo above the fireball. I turned my head as I felt Bailey's hand rest on my shoulder. "It's so beautiful, isn't it?" she cooed as her eyes that twinkled like stars watched the slowly disappearing sun. I nodded in agreement. Then out of nowhere, a wave came over me, pushing me back about a yard. When the wave was drawn back, I shook the water from my hair in a dog-like manner. Bailey was laughing; only her feet had gotten wet. I began to laugh as well. That's when I decided I didn't want to lose this moment.
I stood up and told her, "I've got an idea." She watched me curiously as I reached into the pocket of my swim trunks, pulling out a disposable camera. She gasped happily. "I wanna be able to 'member this." I ran over to her and wrapped one arm around her neck while holding the camera out in front of us with my other hand. I smiled widely, she giggled, the camera flashed. Perfect. "I can't wait to get this devel'ped!" I exclaimed, stepping away from her. She looked sweetly at me. Walking past me, Bailey ran her fingers through the hair that fell over my eyelids.
"Once again, I had fun today. I'll see you tomorrow," she told me with a wink. Taking out her cellphone, she continued to walk away from the beach.

Entry #3

But summer ended quickly. It was soon the start of the school year as summer turned into fall. I was just starting first grade while Bailey was going into second. It made me very happy that her class was next to mine though. I wasn't the best at reading or writing, so whenever I was struggling, they'd bring Bailey over to help me. She was a genius at everything. I also give her credit for being so patient with me. True, I was a slow learner, but half the time I only pretended to be slow to keep her there longer.
Eventually it was December and fall turned into winter. School had let out for Christmas break, and I hadn't seen Bailey in a week. During this time, I tried to find her the perfect gift. On the last day of school, she had told me how much she wanted a real diamond ring. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to afford something like that. Instead, I made her a friendship necklace. I prayed it would be good enough for her high standards.
The day after Christmas, I threw on my green snow suit and red scarf, and headed out of my apartment carrying a little box; I didn't even bother waking my parents. Once I was outside, I untied my bike from a tree, put my gift in its basket and hopped onto it. I began pedalling as fast as I could across town. On my way, I passed decorated shops and houses; everyone was still in the holiday spirit it seemed. Even the people on the street were kind and friendly to each other. This was always my favorite time of the year, and now knowing Bailey, I had someone to spend it with.
After a few minutes, I approached my friend's magnificent fairytale house. From the first time I laid eyes on it, it never lost its charm. The snow framing it only complimented its structure. Dismounting my bike, I grabbed my present from the basket and raced through the blanketed lawn, up to the porch. Anxious, I excitedly knocked on the glass door and waited. No one came. Thinking I couldn't be heard by simply knocking, I pressed down on the doorbell beside the knob. A loud jingle filled the air; I held my breath and waited, yet still no one came. I looked down at my feet nervously. That's when I noticed the note.
At my feet was a piece of paper with elegant handwriting. The paper read:
'It hurt me to keep this a secret from you, but my dad recently got a job promotion, and we're moving to California. I didn't want to tell you because I didn't want to see you hurt. All I wanted was to use as much time we had together to the fullest. I'll miss you so so so so so so SO MUCH! I'm sorry, Jane! Goodbye.
My eyes shot wide open. "No..." I muttered. Then from the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of the garage door opening. My body shuttered as I looked up in time to see a fancy black SUV pulling out of it. Inside, I could see Bailey sitting in the backseat - her expression was emotionless.
"Wait!" I cried, dropping my box as I jumped off the porch. The automobile was out of the driveway and onto the road in seconds. I ran after the car as fast as I could. "Bailey, don't leave me!" I shouted helplessly. Just when I thought I was catching up, I tripped and landed face first onto the pavement. When I looked up, the car was nowhere in sight.
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