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The tallest Peak

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Dear Jennifer,
Wow! Sounds like you have a busy life! Mine is pretty laid back, but I am the editor-in-chief of our school newspaper- the Bethleham Times- and love every minute of it. My boyfriend Kavon is the main photographer, plus he is a major writer like me, and so we really click. He is actually my best friend Sophie’s older brother. He is in ninth grade, but he volunteers at our school newspaper club anyways. Do you have a boyfriend? I suspect your kind of famous and all, what with all your acting experience, that you must have a boyfriend. I mean, everyone should want to date you!
Anyways, about your song. I came up with a few topics that I think sound cool and easy… Hopefully.
*A girl and a boy meet and they instantly fall in love (cheesy and unoriginal, I know. But you could start with something like ‘every time I look over my shoulder, I wish I could see him there.’ Sounds awesome, right?’
*Running away from your past (‘It fallowed me like a shadow everywhere I went…’ It is easy for a short song I think!)
I really hope these help. Congratilations on getting the part! I bet you did great. Enclosed is a recent photo of me. I hate the one you got on my ‘get-to-know-me sheet’. I look so ugly!
Write back A.S.A.P!
-Anya Garrett

Three (I gave up on Spanish)
I guess Racer wants me to do ‘challenges’ once a week now. He gave me a list of rules that I need to follow and made me glue them in:
So, this weeks challenge is this: How do you feel about your pen pals so far?
Well, they haven’t written me back yet so I am kinda pissed. But maybe Cora is just a jerk, you know? I mean, I am getting ready to send someone else a letter if she is not going to respond. Its been like 3 frickin weeks! So no, so far I do NOT like my pen pals. And apparently they don’t like me either.
LOVE, Ricky

September 10th
My. Best. Friend. Is. Heartbroken.
STUPID DANNIE WALKER! I mean come on! They have been dating for like six months now, and suddenly, it just comes to a hault? Katy has been crying for hours now and came to my house to get all her emotions out. Since its Friday, we had a sleepover and whatched a movie and stuff, but her mood did not change. And 10:30 she fell asleep on the air matress and so now I am writing in this. I feel so bad for her! I mean, I dated Joey last year, but we knew it wasn’t like ‘for real’. But this relationship was going great! And get this, I went on facebook and his status was still ‘in a relationship’ and so I was like ‘with who?’. And it turns out he already found a new girlfriend names Khloe. I didn’t tell Katy this of course. SHE WOULD FREAK!
Anyways, I don’t know what to do! It was her first major breakup and all so now what? I wish there was some like ‘breakup guide’ you know? But there isn’t, so I guess I am just stuck with a sad friend. Boo.
Jennifer Blackwell

Dear Ricky,
You do like soccer, don’t you?
To answer your question, I hate doing this. Just like I hate my stupid aunt and uncle for making me do this. I guess you could say I am kind of ‘divorced’ with my parents. I mean, we don’t live with each other. *don’t ask*
My band got together the other day. Luckily they didn’t kick me out after I talked them out of it. They are like brothers to me! The ones I never had… So after a reahersal and some cheez-its, we were all good. Theres only one problem: They got a person to replace me already! So now we have this stupid girl named Delia, who makes me sick because I WAS THE ONLY GIRL! She is apparently my ‘back-up’ guitarist, but there is only one problem: she is like, really good. I really wish that she would be like stuck-up and snooty and take over the whole band so we could kick her out, but no. She has to be MS. NICE-AND-SMILY all the time. She has a perfect family who love her instrumental talent. I went over to her house the other day where we were going to practice at. Her parents are really nice, they made us brownies for petes sake. I mean c’mon, brownies???? Anyways, there is 100% no way I can hate on her. You see my problemo?
Gotta go,
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KmeepIsTheOneThatMeeps said...
Apr. 12, 2013 at 6:57 am
I really enjoyed reading this, but the end confused me the way it dropped off.

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