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The Healing

Author's note: This isn't the complete book, but I am too excited to wait until it's done to submit it! Be prepared, it's intense.
Author's note: This isn't the complete book, but I am too excited to wait until it's done to submit it! Be prepared, it's intense.  « Hide author's note
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Mom gets the hint

I got a phone call from James – I mean Adam. When did he get my number?
“Hey, could we start practicing at your place? Nobody else has a basement. My neighbors kind of threatened to call the cops if we practiced again, they just moved in.”
“Cool.” I said painting my toe nails bright purple and watching Twilight for the billionth time.
“So we can?”
“My basement is cold and damp and dark, but sure, I think there’s a plug for my amp…” I mused. I used to be scared of the basement, and to this day I try to avoid it. It was just as I described it: cold and damp and dark.
“Awesome, we were thinking this Sunday, 7ish.”
“K. See you. Hey, do you know where it is?”
“Uh…” Be fore he could respond I gave him my address. “Ok great, I’ll call the guys. You’re a lifesaver, Je – Eve. Later.” Dial tone.
I flipped off the TV, not bothering to take out the DVD, or even pause it. Joe was in his room, doing homework; I went in there and sat on his bed.
“Hey.” He said, scribbling something down and then turning in his “spinny chair” to look at me. “What’s up? Who was that?”
“Ja – Adam. He’s in the band.”
“Cool. You seem, different. It’s freaking me out: you being all cheery and stuff.”
I shrugged.
“Do you ever think about… him?” We both knew whom he was talking about.
“No.” I lied. I thought about HIM all the time. HE was always on my mind, there wasn’t anyway I could get away from HIM. If I told Joe that, he would kill HIM, and I don’t need that.
“How’s school?”
“Good. You?” What else do you say?
“Good. Hard. Boring.”
I nodded. “Where are you going to go to college? You have to graduate this year.”
“I don’t know, I was thinking Berkeley.”
“That’s like two hours away right?”
“Yeah, I don’t want to go too far, you’d probably be alone till you graduate, and I don’t think that’s such a good idea.”
“I don’t mind. I might get a dog.”
“Isn’t mom allergic to dogs?” He asked.
“Yeah, but when is she ever home? I just wont let it in her room, problem solved.”
He laughed. “I guess you’re right.”
“I will miss you though.” I couldn’t bear my brother leaving; he had always protected me and helped me. What will happen when he left?
“I’ll only be a few hours away, it’ll be okay.” He came to sit next to me.
I wasn’t going to cry. “I know. I’m just, going to miss you.”
“I heard you and Todd were hanging out more. You’ll have him.”
“Yeah. I just hate being alone ALL the time. I wish mom would stay home more often. I mean: I don’t and I do at the same time.”
“It’s her way of… coping. I wish I had advice but I don’t.” He shrugged.
I got up and left.

I went to church that Sunday. I looked like an outsider, I felt like an outsider, but I didn’t mind. I would just go to a different church next week. Nothing would deter me from God. That next week the guys came to my house for practice. We were laughing about something Ja- Adam’s mom did when I opened the door.

“Mom?” She was bent over writing something down in the kitchen and on the phone.
“Phil, I’m going to have to call you back. Hello, Jenna, who are they?” Uh… Who are you?
“Um… This is the band I’m in.” I introduced them, they waved sheepishly. “We’re going to practice in the basement. Okay?”
“When were you going to tell me about this?”
“What you don’t know can’t hurt you.’ I mumbled.
“Hmmm?” She started to get all “authority” on me. Who gave her that right?
“Guy’s go on down.” I opened the door to the basement. “I’ll bring down some sodas. Mom, I didn’t tell you because you’re never home.” I said once they were all downstairs.
“Well, I should know, it is my house.”
“You sleep here, sometimes, and you pay the bills. Not that I’m not thankful, but come on. You wouldn’t have cared if you weren’t here.”
“If I wasn’t here right now, would you tell me you were going to have four boys over?”
“That is what this is about? Me having guys over? That’s it? Well screw you! You never gave a s*** about my love life before! And now look, you’re getting all ‘mom’ on me, you were never ‘mom’ before, you should just be thankful that I turned out as good as I did.” I flung open the door.
“You’re not done yet! So nobody knows how you’re going to turn out!” She said.
“I’m seventeen mom. I’m as grown up as I’m gunna get.” I said calmly and walked down the stairs.
They were all staring at me when I came downstairs. They heard all that. Oh no.
“Sorry, I forgot the sodas.”
“We’re good.” Adam said.
“Yeah, it’s cool.” Paul said, setting up his drums.
Guys were so much easier than girls.

Mom didn’t come home early again.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 7 8 9 10 11 12 ... 14 Next »

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