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The Healing

Author's note: This isn't the complete book, but I am too excited to wait until it's done to submit it! Be prepared, it's intense.
Author's note: This isn't the complete book, but I am too excited to wait until it's done to submit it! Be prepared, it's intense.  « Hide author's note
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Getting There... Oh, Nevermind

“Hey, Jen, do you know where Joe is? He was supposed to meet me but he never showed.” Todd said as I got out of my car.
I shrugged. “He should he here in a few, I think he had something to do.” I really think he mentioned something this morning. “Come on in.” I got out my keys a rattled them in the lock. Todd followed me in.
“I haven’t hung out with you in a while, huh.” He said. I went about putting up all my stuff.
“Yeah.” That seemed to be becoming my word. “You wanna sandwich?” I said getting out the bread.
“Sure. So, what’s up?” He took a seat at the bar.
“Nothin’ much. I might be in a band, how ‘bout you?” I offered him a coke.
“Well, I’m kicker on the football team, but you already know that. I dunno. Nothing too terribly exciting. I heard your dad came back lest weekend. How was that?” I guess he had a right to ask.
“I’m better. Much better. I confronted him, kind of.”
“That’s good.” I placed the sandwich in front of him and flicked on the TV in the kitchen, turning it to the news.
I sighed. There wasn’t any good news. Todd checked his watch and came over to sit next to me.
“There should be a Lakers game on now. ESPN.” I changed the channel and we watch basketball and ate our sandwiches. By the third-whatever-they-call-it-in-basketball we were yelling at the TV. Joe came in at the end, the Lakers won! We jumped up and hugged. Oops. Todd didn’t seem to notice anything wrong.
“Yeah! Go Lakers!” He yelled and high-five-d Joe.
“Sorry I was late, dude. I had to review some stuff with Mrs. What’s-her-face English and she wouldn’t let me leave. How’d your practice go with the band Jenna?” Joe asked me.
“Great. I think they’re gunna keep me on.” I showed my teeth like a good little sister and grabbed my book bag.
“Hey? Aren’t you gunna play COD with us?” Todd called as I started up the stairs.
I poked my head downstairs. Did I hear him right? Me, play Call Of Duty? “What?”
“You ‘wanna play COD?” He asked again.
“Sure.” Whoa. “But I have no idea how to play.”
“We’ll teach ya’! Won’t we Joe.” He nudged Joe in the ribs.
“Yeah. It’s not hard.”
In all truth, I sucked. But Todd and Joe were supportive. I don’t know what happened with Todd, but apparently whatever mental block he had against us being friends was gone now. I had friends. I didn’t have “girl-friends” but I had friends and that was a step in the right direction. I had never really had friends. Except for Todd. And that was because our parents were friends. Yeah, I said parents. People liked HIM. HE was a perfectly normal guy that you would invite over for dinner. HE might have had a huge drug problem, but nobody knew that. Not even my mother. No one knows why HE left. HE just did. I’m really glad HE did, but my mother wasn’t, not to mention everybody else. As I said before, HE was a likeable guy.
The next day school was not all as boring as it could be. Todd still pretended I didn’t exist, but James, Paul, Kirby and Lance talked to me. I smeared some colors around in art; I called it “Being really bored and restricted to only using paints”; if you saw it, it would say that to you too.
“Hey! Jenna!” Kirby called from across the parking lot. He ran over to me.
“You write… stuff. Right?”
“Yeah. Do you?”
“No I mean: yes, I do. Why?”
“’Cus our band kind of needs a name and your… creative.” Huh?
“Kirby, I just started yesterday.”
“I know. But James is kind of the manager and he’s got nothing. And we want to get a gig soon, and that kind of requires a name… so…” So…?
“Fine. Give me some time. I’ll come up with something.” I should be getting paid for this…
“Awesome. You’re the best! See ya tomorrow for practice.” Tomorrow? Okay?
“Hey! Kirby, Jenna!” James called. Why don’t we just set up a block party?
“Hey!” Kirby and I call in unison.
“Jinx.” We both say together.
“The jinx machine is out of order, please insert another quarter.” I mock him. He laughs.
“Hey, so Jenna. We’re having practice tomorrow, same time.” James says, joining us.
“Guess that means I should practice. Huh?” Well, at least someone told me.
“Yeah, that would be a good idea.” James says.
“Kirby – “
“I just said she should come up with a name for the band.” Kirby cuts in.
“Kirby! She just started! Give her a break!” He puts a hand on my shoulder, I cringe, he looks at me funny and removes it.
“Hey. I gotta go. See you tomorrow!” I hop in the car. Why am I having a nervous break down? He just put a hand on my shoulder. It’s not like he touched me, touched me. He was just sarcastically comforting me. No biggy.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 14 Next »

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