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Before I Was A Nurse...

Author's note: I finished A Nurse's Story, but there was so much in the begining that wasn't connected and I had to fix that!
Author's note: I finished A Nurse's Story, but there was so much in the begining that wasn't connected and I had to fix that!  « Hide author's note
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Sept. 28-08

Once again, Adam has blown my mind. He brought me a fish yesterday! Like, a real live goldfish! It’s so cute! He even brought a bowl and things with it! Adam might really be changing… He hasn’t hurt me in two days, he’s bought me things, and I can actually have a little conversation with him. Life is actually peaceful for once. I think today I'll talk to him, rationally, about letting me go. Who knows, maybe he'll listen.
Yesterday I talked to him about helping Marion. About halfway through my pleas, I started crying. I've cried more the past month than I have my entire life. He sighed real deep and pulled me into his arms. When I finally managed to stop crying, he told me he would try to help. Adam said he couldn't do much as of now but he would call around and look for specialists. I was so happy I kissed him...
Yeah... I kissed him... I couldn't stop myself! I was just so excited that Marion was finally going to get help! I just... GAH! That one little mistake is going to change everything! I've made a lot of mistakes here lately. So many times I've tried to run... So many times I've talked back... Now, here I am kissing my kidnapper.
What am I going to do with myself? One second. I need to feed Goldie. (That's my fish.)
Ok, she's been fed. Back to the problem at hand. I don't feel anything for him anymore. I just want to be let go of! I want to get out of here! My mom is probably scared to death for me. I left her in Pennsylvania so I could move to Texas and stay with my best friend Marion. She was living with her mom and her “best friend” Rina. They say they're just friends but there's just GOT to be more. I mean, anyone could tell!
That's not my point though. My point is, I haven't talked to mom since I left home. I promised her I would call the day school started but I didn't because I met Adam. Then, we started dating and somewhere along the line, something seemed off to me. I wanted to break it off with him, but he just seemed so sweet. Marion tried to get me to break up with him. Hell, even Rina tried! But I didn't listen. I was too stubborn. Then, one day he tried to get me to do something I wasn't comfortable with... I broke up with him that night... The next morning, I was walking to the college and I heard a car drive up behind me. I turned to look over my shoulder and he was getting out of the car.
I was expecting the most part of it, the begging and pleading me to change my mind. I still remember how the conversation went bad...
“No! You just... We don't... It's not right! I'm not going to sleep with you, I'm not taking you back, and that's that!”
Adam glared at me. “Fine. So that's how it is, is it?”
I saw him reach into his pocket and pull out a napkin. I thought maybe he was going to wipe his eyes or something... Instead, he punched me in the stomach and when I doubled over, he covered my mouth and nose with it. Everything got real fuzzy while I tried to break away but eventually I fell limp on him. He kept it on a few seconds extra until I passed out. The next thing I remember, I was laying on a soft bed. I rolled over and slipped one eye open, only to come face to face with the scariest thing I've ever seen...
A grinning Adam. He looked so evil... I screamed, but no one heard me. That was my first night at the hotel. Anyways, I was getting to a point... What was it..? Gah... I always do that. I get started on something and go a COMPLETELY different way. Well, I guess I better sign off for now. I'm sure Adam will be coming back any minute now.
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Pink♥ said...
Sept. 13, 2013 at 2:08 pm
Is this a series? In the intro you said remember rainni?

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