There Is A New Name in Town

September 12, 2011
By anna_jenjen, new palestine, Indiana
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anna_jenjen, New Palestine, Indiana
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dont let the fear of striking out..keep you from playing the game<3

Author's note: My school inspired me to write this peice. i think people should accept others for who they are and not what they want them to be. There are to many judgemental people in this world

“Look at that loser walking by!” Lindsey Brown loudly shrieked, so everyone could hear. “She is such a nobody!” Ashley followed quickly. “Guys, lay off, would you?” Courtney blurted out uncontrollably. Lindsey rapidly gave Courtney a horrific glare. Crap, I didn’t think they would notice me! Obviously, I am the target beyond all targets this year at the new school . . . fantastic! I took a long, heavy breath, just wishing I could be a part of their group, so I could be known as the cool, beautiful, and popular girls, like they are. Slowly but surely, I walked into Chamber Lane Academy with my lucky Juicy Couture jewelry set and my new designer Coach shoes on, just waiting to see what happened next. Chamber Lane Academy was the most expensive all girl’s school in Beverly Hills, California. Like at every other school, there are cliques, and oodles of them. Hi, my name is Lexi Montgomery, and I am just a normal thirteen year-old girl waiting to be noticed. People tell me I am what you would consider an “outcast” at Chamber Lane Academy. I have giant gazing blue eyes, brown luscious hair, and freckles on my rosy red cheeks. Did I mention I am not the tallest girl in my school? My mom, dad, and older brother, Tom, always told me I will grow sooner or later, but I absolutely adore being petite! Now, you must think that my family is filthy rich, considering my parents are sending me to the most exclusive all girls’ school in Beverly Hills, but that was not always the case. My family and I were dirt poor a couple months ago, until my daddy created the most watched television show in Beverly Hills, called Beverly Hills Gone Wild. Now I am living large! Because we were so terribly poor, I used to shop in the thrift stores and buy clothes, accessories, and even used electronics. At my school, I was never a part of what they called a “clique”, and I was simply satisfied with that, because the only clique I wanted to be in was, The Pretty Committee, P.C for short. The P.C was an astounding clique of three stunning young teenage girls, Lindsey, Courtney, and Ashley. I have been going to school with them since I was about seven years old and they have never even once taken a glance at me. Lindsey Brown was the leader of the P.C. and didn’t take any “talk” from anyone. She looked like a model with her stick figure, long blonde hair, and her dreamy bright green eyes. Ashley Miller was pretty much her sidekick. She followed every single step Lindsey took, bought every item Lindsey bought, and would agree with absolutely anything and everything Lindsey had to say. However, Courtney Johnson, on the other hand, liked being her own person at times, but she still enjoyed being in the “group”. Obviously, all three of them were filthy rich, had striking looks, and were spoiled beyond compare. Well, I have some surprising news for them, my life completely changed over the summer, and I intend to strut my stuff as if I were on America’s Next Top Model. But, what they didn’t know is that they better watch their backs, because I am going to be one of them, whether they like it or not! The first dreadful day of school went by in a flash, and surprisingly it didn’t go all that terrible. I was walking out to my custom made pink Moped when I overheard the P.C. talking about me and this guy named Michael Smith. They spoke endlessly about how hot this Michael dude was and how Lindsey wanted to go to formal with him next week, but also wondering who I was, where I had come from, and how much my Juicy Couture jewelry set costs. So, just for the heck of it, I gradually strolled by slow enough for them to get a high-quality look at me. Then all the sudden, Lindsey shrieks, “OMG THAT IS LEXI MONTGOMERY, THE POOR GIRL?” Courtney and Ashley gave a huge gasp and bellowed at the same time, “OH MY LANTA, IT IS!” I steadily turned around and gave the P.C. the “look at me now” smirk. After I made sure the Pretty Committee’s jaws were still dropped, I politely complimented the girls on their matching Dooney &amp; Burke backpacks. Lindsey said astoundingly, “I thought you were as poor as a homeless person!” I gave a tiny head nod and said, “Yes, but remember, anything and anyone can change over the summer, and that includes my entire life.” Courtney and Ashley contently sat back and watched me beat Lindsey at her own game, arguing. Lindsey immediately ran out of words to say, so I graciously told the P.C. farewell and that I will see them tomorrow at school. Lindsey stood there as still as a statue in disbelief. If that kind of acting didn’t get me in The Pretty Committee, I don’t know what will! On my way home, I heard a familiar voice calling my name. Astonishingly, it was Courtney Johnson’s little high-pitched voice. I silently stopped and patiently waited for her to catch up to me. She said, “I can tell you want to be a part of the P.C. really bad, don’t you?” I excitingly said, “More than you know, but I don’t exactly know how to get in the group.” Courtney whispered to me, “You have to give Lindsey something she wants!” My exact answer to that was, “She has everything in this world! What else does she need?” Courtney said abruptly, “That’s for you to figure out and for me to watch you do it.” She faded away slowly down the cement road. I need to give her something she wants, and I need to do it immediately! I got home lightening quick, so I could tell my mother about my whole day. She was just as ecstatic as I was! My brother kind-heartedly advised me to go to bed and get some rest. I laid their anxiously trying to imagine what will happen tomorrow morning at school. I woke up extremely energized, speedily ate my protein bar, and chugged an enormous glass of low-fat chocolate milk. My brother was in his car waiting for me, as usual. Little by little, he gave me hints about who he was taking to school today. It was the one and only, Michael Smith. Wait, wasn’t that the guy Lindsey was obsessing over? Yes! That’s him! Michael Smith is thing she wants but can’t have. I am what they call a genius! We intentionally pull up to Michael’s mansion with the speakers blaring so he knew we were here. Michael got in the car swiftly and I already could tell he was a hottie! My brother thoroughly introduced me to him and he gave me “the nod”. By the time I was done admiring him, we were already at Chamber Lane Academy. Unhurried, I took my time getting out of the car. Right as I was about to open the car door, I look up and see that Michael already beat me to it. He courteously opened the door for me like the gentleman he is, gave me an immediate wink and got back in Tom’s new black Lamborghini. I think my life is at an all-time high right at this very moment, you want to know why? Guess who saw that whole entire episode with Michael? Yes, The Pretty Committee did! They were all giving me their fake smiles, except for Courtney. I could tell hers was a genuine “you go girl” smile. Oh no! The P.C. is heading my way! I calmly told myself to breathe and act as mature as possible. Lindsey asked me in the sweetest voice possible, “How in the world do you know Michael Smith?” I kindly told her that Michael and my older brother are best friends and that I knew him very well. So I kind of told a white lie, but who could it hurt? Courtney gave me sudden thumbs-up and quietly told Lindsey that if I was a part of the P.C., that she would have a better chance with Michael. Lindsey automatically pounced on that idea. She swayed over to me and elegantly invited me to hangout with The Pretty Committee after school at her house! I accepted the offer, but gave another option. I invited them over to my mansion to fly to New York and find fantastic formal dresses for this years dance. They didn’t even have to think twice about their decision, New York, here we come! Another school day went by in a jiffy. When I got home, my mother and father were waiting for me in the living room. They surprised me with my own credit card! I asked what it was for and they told me it was because I was such a wonderful daughter. The credit card came just in time for New York. Of course, both my parents were overjoyed by the plans I had made with the P.C. All the girls arrived at the same time, in the same car, and wearing the exact same Ed Hardy outfit. We all boarded my private pink plane and all I could think of was the dress I wanted for formal. We reached New York in about six hours and instantly went to the most expensive dress outlets we could possibly find. Right away, all four of us found our formal dresses within the first outlet. The boutique was called Barney’s New York. Indeed, mine was the most expensive, one-shouldered black dress that was in the store. The dress went slightly above my knees, but not so much that it looked trashy. The whole top half was black, but the strap had black flowers all around it. The bottom half of my dress was all the different colors of the rainbow, except green and blue. Now I bet your thinking the P.C. bought all of the same dresses, well, Courtney made sure that it didn’t happen. Courtney’s formal dress looked like an elegant ball gown. It was a two-strapped, light, fluffy, and pink designer dress that would remind you of cotton candy. It had silver sequins running down the sides of the whole dress. Now Lindsey’s on the other hand was neon orange, strapless Alexander McQueen dress with black rhinestones. The black rhinestones went around here like a belt. The dress surely fit her personality. She quickly made the comment, “I hope Michael sees me in this dress at the dance!” Ashley’s dress was also a neon color, shocker, but her formal dress was neon blue with sparkly pink polka dots everywhere you looked. All of us had our costly formal dresses in our hands and we were ready to go home. Before I got on my plane, all three of the girls cordially invited me into their Pretty Committee clique! This is officially the greatest day of my life! We all boarded my private plane and this time, we made it back in four hours. It seemed like the weekend flashed before my eyes. Monday and Tuesday seemed to go by even faster. It was probably because I was so mesmerized by the attention I am getting now that I am part of P.C.! Wait? Today is Wednesday, that means formal is tomorrow. I met up with my gang at the end of the school day and something very odd happened. I was standing there in my clique watching Lindsey and Ashley make fun of every person walking by. I gave a quick glance at Courtney who was just sitting there watching. She leaned over and quickly whispered, “They always do this, just ignore it.” The problem was that I couldn’t ignore it. That used to be me getting humiliated and getting made fun of. Why would I want other people going through the same thing? I guess I never noticed it ever since I was accepted into The Pretty Committee because I was to busy worshiping each and every one of them. Thankfully, Michael Smith walked by and noticed Lindsey and Ashley being rude. I wasn’t going to say anything at that moment. Instead, I will save it for tomorrow night at formal. Ashley actively turned around and announced that she was taking all us to get manicures and pedicures for formal tomorrow evening. All of us showed up at the spa wearing our matching teal Juicy Couture velour sweat suits Courtney amiably gave us as a friendship gift. We thanked Ashley for the manicures and pedicures and were on our way home. The school day was slower than molasses. I am pretty sure it was because all of us are so anxious for formal tonight. The Pretty Committee’s plan was for all of us girls to meet at exactly six p.m. in front of the school. I gradually slipped on my $4,500 designer dress and did my make up. The black heels I was wearing matched my colorful dress perfectly! I decided to go with my hair half up and half down. Again, I was very nervous on what was going to go down tonight. I was ready to stand up to Lindsey, even if I humiliated myself. All of our eyes met within seconds. We all looked rather dashing if I do say so myself. Lindsey led the way into the gym, of course. All eyes were on us right as we walked in. I liked it that way, it made me feel special. The boys’ bus delightfully pulled in and all the girls started screaming like two year-olds. I wanted to yell “shut your mouths!”, so bad, but sadly, I didn’t. Everyone was in the gym dancing their little hearts out when I again, heard Lindsey and Ashley making fun of other girls’ dresses. I knew this was the moment to do it. It had to be the right time. If not now, then when? I provided Courtney with the “wish me luck” head shake. I could tell she has been waiting for this day for a long time. “HEY LINDSEY?” I screamed at the top of my lungs. Everyone in the gym stopped to turn and look at me, including Michael Smith. Lindsey handed me over a weird looking face and said, “What do you want?” I shouted, “Please repeat to me what you just said to Ashley? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Instead of trying to enjoy your night, all you find time to do is make fun of people because that’s what you find most pleasurable, don’t you?” Every single person’s mouth in the room dropped down to the floor, including Lindsey’s. Lindsey bellowed, “Excuse me!” I stood there with confidence and screeched, “YOU HEARD ME LINDSEY!” I stood there in complete silence for about five minutes. No one in the gym made a sound; there wasn’t even the sound of a chip being eaten. Then out of no where I hear Courtney’s voice howl, “YOU TELL HER LEXI MONTGOMERY!” Obviously everyone agreed with her, because about four seconds after Courtney shouted that, the gym roared up and started chanting my name. Do you understand what I am saying? They were cheering MY name! I could hear one voice stand out the most, and that was of course, the one and only, Michael Smith. Lindsey actually had the nerve to leave the dance, but not without her trusty sidekick Ashley! The next day at school I was getting lots of greetings and props from the entire student body that attended the dance. For those that didn’t attend, found out what happened sooner or later. Lindsey and Ashley pretty much went to the bottom of the food chain. Sorry girls, but the key to being liked and admired has to start off with you being nice to others! Courtney officially split up The Pretty Committee once and for all. Michael and I, you could say are “talking”, but for now, we’re just friends. It was a fact that my life changed over the summer. I told myself I was going to be a part of a clique this year. Who needs a clique? It’s called having friends from all groups. Yes, I do have a one or two very close friends, such as Courtney, but when you are friends with several people, it tends to work out better. I have some news for you Lindsey Brown; there is a new name in town! By: Anna J

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oluchi said...
on Oct. 7 2015 at 12:55 pm
I love how the tittle grabs my attention and making you want to read. This story related to me because as a teen i'm going through the same thing as well.


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