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Yellow Shoes

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"Look I would like to be left alone." I tried to be a little nicer.

"I'm just asking if those shoes feel as bad as they smell."

"Stop saying that!"

"Saying what?"

"That they smell bad!"

"Well they don't. They smell horrible!"

"STOP!" I had screamed it. Right when I did I wish I hadn't. My feet didn't smell great, but he wouldn't shut up.

"Son, it looks to me like you've got some troubles in your life. Why don't we talk about em. See if I can help you."

"What are you, my therapist? I'm not gunna tell a complete stranger my personal sob story."

"I'm Arty Wells, who are you?" He smiled and pulled out a filthy cloth, attempting to clean his yellow shoes. It didn't help.

"I am not telling you my name."

"You don't have to it's on your jacket there." I had my company I.D. badge clipped on my jacket still. "William Barrios, I know your name, so now we ain't strangers."

"I know nothing about you. We are strangers."

"I like cookie cake, what cake do you like?"

"Please shut up."

"I'm just tryin-"

"Please." I tried to go back to my paper, but I knew the man, now I knew him as Arthur, was staring at me. After a while I couldn't take it.

"What?!" I yelled angrily.

"You think just 'cause you got a fancy job and more money than me that makes you better?"

"No I don't think that. I know it."

"Well you're wrong."

"Oh yeah? How?"

"You're a jerk. A flat out jerk. You don't care about anyone but you and you'll shoot down anyone that doesn't make your life better in some way."

"Tell me more, Oprah."

"Like right there. Why do you gotta be so mean? Can't you just tell me your favorite cake and move on from there?"

"You're still hung up on the cake?"

"I'm still curious, yes."

"Wedding cake."

"Aha! Now that's interesting."


"You strike me as a Devils Food cake kinda guy."

"Thanks." I said dryly

"Have you ever had the chance to enjoy wedding cake at your own?" I looked over, he was grinning."

"You mean my own wedding?"


"Yeah I've gotten married. Twice. Both of em didn't work out. At all."

"I'm sorry to hear that."

"No your not."

"Uh, yeah I am. Do you have a girlfriend?"

"Nope, I haven't found that one special girl yet. I thought I did recently, but..." I trailed off, thinking of Tina. They had been on a few dates and it all seemed perfect. Then, right after she had kissed him, she said..."Look I hope this isn't a deal breaker, but I have three sons." And I could have dealt with that, if her husband wasn't still married to her. He had been dating a married woman, he wasn't even that low. He instantly broke off the relationship and that was that

"Hello? Earth to William." Arthur was waving his hand in front of his face.

"Sorry sir, I Uh-"

"Sir? I was just getting used to homeless loser. Call me Arty please."

"I'd really rather not."

"Come on, I insist." Oh no, he was grinning again.


"There ya go!"

"Anyway, I was with someone and it didn't work out."

"So there's no one."

"Well there's..."


I was about to tell him when I realized what I was saying to a man I hardly knew. "Nothing."

"Yes?" He was interested now.

"Forget it."

"Why? If she's so special why not chase her down?"

I thought about whether or not I should tell him why. It didn't look like this weather was getting any better, so I guess I should just try talking.

"First of all, I never said she was 'so special' and second, she lives in France. In a small town at the base of Mont Blanc called Chamounix. She moved there in a big hurry after her father died."

"Well that's it then!"


"There's a train from this very station to France! I'm not quite sure exactly what station, but it's definitely close to Mont Blanc!"

"Look guy-"


I sighed.

"Arthur, if by some miracle, this blizzard lights up in time for my meeting, there's no way I'm canceling it for the train to France. My current train leaves in 20 minutes, and the one to France leave at the same time. And I'm not missing mine!"

"Well you just proved that you need to go after this girl."

"And how's that Arthur."

"You know what time the train to France leaves. You must have checked the schedules."

"I might have noticed that they are the same time."

"Uh huh, and your feet DONT stink." I was about to go off on him about the feet thing again, but I couldn't. In fact, I remember I was hiding a smile. Even trying not to...laugh. This man with yellow shoes was the strangest man I'd ever met.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 3 4 5 6 7 8 ... 11 Next »

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Ummmm no name said...
Sept. 7, 2011 at 9:26 pm
This is a good book this is someone from ela by the way
boomshakedrop said...
Sept. 7, 2011 at 6:54 pm
This story is absolutely amazing! You will definitely become a famous writer, my friend:)

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