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Pinky Promise

Author's note: This is something I wrote about two years ago, but tell me what you think!
Author's note: This is something I wrote about two years ago, but tell me what you think!  « Hide author's note
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(October 21, Friday)
ey Nickol, you’re invited to my birthday party this Saturday!” Kelly exclaims to me, handing me a small card folded in half. I open it and see that it is scheduled for this weekend. I hate to admit it to myself, but Kelly is kind of nerdy and I would much rather go shopping with Cameron this weekend.
“Uh…sorry, Kelly. I can’t go to your party because…because… I’m going to help my dad shoot uh…the next scene for his movie.” I lie.
Tell me what you think!

“Oh. Okay. That’s too bad.” Just then Cameron walks up to me with Taylor in tow.
“Nickol! Come on! We’re going to be late for art!”
“Coming!” I call to Cameron. I shout a quick goodbye to Kelly and catch up with Cameron.
“Why were you talking to that nerd?” Cameron asks.
“No idea. She just invited me to her birthday party this weekend, but I told her I was busy so we can go shopping.”
“Oh, good. My dad said he’d drop us off at the mall.”
“Okay. That’s good. What time?”
“Three o’clock.”
“I hate to interrupt your little tea party girls, but we’re going to be late if you ladies don’t put down your pinkies and hurry up.” Taylor says.
“I know, I know.” I say to Taylor, and we rush down the hall, leaving a disappointed Kelly behind.
* * *
(October 22, Saturday)
A black Volvo with Cameron in the front seat beeps in my driveway Saturday morning.
“Bye, Sarah! Cameron’s here!” I call up the stairs.
“Bye sweetie! Have fun!”
“Okay!” I walk out the front door carrying my new Coach purse and my new clothes-a blue sparkly tank top from Abercrombie and jean shorts that come to my knees. We are going to the mall to get makeovers from the people that work at the make-up counters at Macys. Both of our dads said that we could buy all of the make-up that they use on us if we want to, which we obviously do.
“Hey Cameron.” I say as I climb into the back seat of her dad’s car.
“Hey, Nickol.” We drive to the mall in less than twenty minutes. When we get to the store, there is no one there, so we go right away.
“Hello girls! Whose first?”
“I’ll go first.” Cameron volunteers.
“Okay. Have a seat right here.” Cameron hops up on the stool. I notice how she just hops up there with one swift movement, not moving around until she’s comfortable like I would have. When she’s done, I hop onto the stool like she did. At least I try, but I would have fallen off if I didn’t adjust myself at least once. After we are both done and beautiful, we walk around the make-up area looking at all of the make-up because we are not sure if we want all of the make-up that the lady put on us.
I was a little jealous of Cameron. She looks amazing. She keeps telling me that I look better than her, but I know she’s just being nice.
We both end up buying all of the make-up that the lady had used on us and a few extra things. So all in all I bought: green eye shadow, dark cranberry lip-gloss, pink blush, and black mascara. I also bought the foundation that the lady put on me which is called Moon Glow.
After that we walk around the store just window-shopping until her dad comes to pick us up. Just as we were getting into his car, I got a text from Taylor.

Football23: hey Nicki
Nicki54: hey you
Football23: whatcha doing
Nicki54: not much
Football23: u doing something monday
Nicki54: no y
Football23: I was wondering if u wanted 2 get a pizza that night…my treat
Nicki54: r u asking me out?
Football23: I guess I am. is that good or bad
Nicki54: good I guess…sure what time?
Football23: 6:30
Nicki54: meet u there
Football23: BEAT you there
* * *
(October 24, Monday)
Monday night, I meet Taylor at the local pizza place, Papa’s Pizza. It is definitely my favorite restaurant in Hollywood.
When I get there, Taylor is waiting for me, already seated at a table. He did beat me here.
“Hey.” He says to me as he helps me out of my jacket and pulls out my chair.
“Hi. Thanks.” I answer.
“Beat you here!” He laughs. “You like this place, right?”
“Yup. Actually, it’s my favorite restaurant. At least here.”
“That’s good. You look beautiful.” Although Papa’s Pizza doesn’t sound fancy, it is. I wore all of my new makeup and a new dress that is pink and sleeveless. It has pink sequins and sparkles along the bottom. Cameron helped me pick it out.
“Thank you. You look quite handsome yourself.” I complement. Instead of his usual t-shirt and shorts, he is wearing a white button down polo and black pants. He blushes.
“Hello. My name is Rachel and I’ll be your server today. Can I start you off with a drink?” The waitress asks, handing us menus.
“I’ll have a coke.” Taylor says.
“I’ll just have a water.” I answer.
“Okay, I’ll be right back with that.”
“So.” Taylor turns to me. “How was your trip to the mall yesterday?”
“How do you know I went to the mall yesterday?”
“With Cameron…at three o’clock…her dad dropped you off?”He squints his left eye as he’s talking.
“Are you psychic?”
“No, silly! I just overheard your little tea party. Remember?”
“Ohhhh yeah! I remember.” I giggle and blush.
“Yeah.” The waitress walks up to our table and gives us our drinks. We both decide to split a pizza with pepperoni, bacon, and goat cheese on it. It turns out that we both like the same exact kind of pizza, which is sort of weird.
“So. I need to know more about you.” He says.
“Well, what do you want to know?”
“Hm...do you have any other siblings then your sister?”
“Nope, she’s it. Katelyn. She’s 12...and she’s only my half sister.” I want to come clean with him right now and tell him why I’m really here, but I don’t. I’m too scared to see his reaction. “We actually have the same birthday...June 12th. How about you? Siblings?”
“Nope. It’s just little old me.”
“That stinks. So you live with both your parents’ right?”
“Yes, Ma’am, I do. And your mom lives in...Connecticut?”
“And your dad is the ever-famous Joe Mackey. How often do you come down here?”
“Well this is the first time in two years. So I just met his fiancé. They want me to come back for a while every summer, which I’ll definitely do.”
“And you’re here for...?” He asks the question I wanted to know the answer to.
“Not sure. Probably a couple more weeks. I’m not really positive.”
“Weeks?” he seems disappointed. He tries to wipe a drip of his soda off his shirt, but it just gets worse. I laugh at his attempt. “What?” He asks.
“Oh, nothing.” I giggle.
All of a sudden his face clouds over. He puts his head in his hands and sort of moans.
“Taylor? Taylor? What’s wrong?” I ask franticly. He doesn’t answer, but nods his head in the direction of the entrance to the restaurant.
I look over to see Jonny, a guy from my school, walking in. I watch his muscles ripple under his tight, white v-neck as he pushes the door. Though the shirt, I trace my eyes up the dragon tattoo, watch it swing its neck around Jonny’s neck, see it breathe fire over his chiseled jaw. He snaps his gum loudly, shakes his hair out and replaces his hat, backwards.
He radiates danger...but I like it. Most girls do. He just draws you in like the moon draws the tide, and you can’t help it.
Jonny nods at the hostess, who doesn’t seem sure whether to giggle or back away, so she does both. He heads towards our table, and Taylor glares at his hands.
“What does he want?” I ask. He shakes his head and I’m not sure if he means I don’t know, not now, or I don’t want to talk about it. So I don’t ask.
Jonny walks up to the table, leans on it. “You know what I want.” He says in a deep, deep voice. Well, I guess that crosses off I don’t know.
“It’s too bad. It’s not your choice...she’s made her decision, and it’s obviously me.” I kick Taylor under the table, and he knows what I’m asking ‘are you talking about me?’ and nods. This of course makes me uncomfortable.
Jonny lifts his fist as if to hit Taylor, but the manager catches his elbow and leads him outside.
“I’ll be right back.” Taylor says, but I get up and follow him, telling the waitress that we’ll be right back.
I click in my heels around the side of the building to see them in the parking lot. I get there soon enough to watch Jonny punch Taylor in the face. He sort of yelps and shields his face from Jonny.
This, of course, makes me very angry, so I walk up to Jonny, and as hard as it is with my heels and dress, kick him in the crotch. He drops to the ground.
Then I lead Taylor into the restaurant. We sit back down, and he lightly taps the soon-to0be bruise on his jaw. The waitress shoots me a concerned look, and I nod to tell her that he’s okay.
Then I ask, “Are you okay?”
“I told you that I’d be right back. You weren’t supposed to follow me.” He sounds angry.
“I just saved your butt, here.”
“Oh yeah. Thanks. Classic...The boyfriend gets beat up and his girlfriend comes to the rescue.” He laughs. “Classic.”

* * *
(October 25, Tuesday)
The next morning I call Katelyn.
“Hey Katelyn!”
“Hey Nicki. What’s up?”
“Oh my gosh! I went on a date with Taylor!”
“Cool! Where did you go?”
“We went to this pizza place-Papa’s Pizza-and it was really good. And now I think that we’re going out…but I’m not sure because he didn’t say anything, so it’s not official.”
“Cool. I know who my secret admirer is.”
“Really?! Who?!”
“Do you want to hear the story?”
“Yes! Of course!”
“Okay. So, he gave me this box of chocolates, and there was a note that told me to meet him in the back of the schoolhouse that night, so I snuck out. And when I got there, there he was. But, I couldn’t tell who it was.
“So, I went a little closer. But I happened to fall on a weed.”
“Oh my gosh!” I squeal. “What did you say? What did he say?”
“Neither of us said anything, but let me finish. I’m getting to the good part.
“So, anyway, I fall. And I land in his arms. And he’s like, ‘Katelyn?’ So I say yes and then I say ‘Who are you?’ And he says ‘Max.’ And so I’m really excited and I let out a squeal-accidentally- and say ‘Are you my secret admirer?’ and he says yes and then he stands me upright again-he was still holding me up-and kisses my on the lips!”
“The lips!” I gasp. I knew enough about my sister that this is her first kiss.
“The lips.” She confirms.
“So then he sits down and I do too and we just sit there and talk for hours and hours until I fall asleep on top of him. So then he wakes me up and helps me up and walks me back to my dad’s house, where he kisses me again!”
“Again?” I say.
“Again. And then he says good night to me and I go upstairs and sleep for, like, three hours before I have to get up and go to school. I think that it was the best night of my life.”
“You’re so lucky!” I exclaim. “My first kiss wasn’t that good. It was with this weird kid from my school and he kissed me at my first boy-girl party when we played spin the bottle.”
“That doesn’t count. What was your real first kiss like?”
“Oh, I don’t know. I think it was at a party…uh…I was in the backyard and this guy was talking to me…I think that I had a crush on him…and he kissed me. I don’t know.” I say.
“Oh, boo hoo. You know exactly what it was like.”
“I have to go, Sarah’s calling me for dinner.”
“Excuses, excuses. Love you. Bye.”
“Love you too.”
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 4 5 6 7 8 9 ... 13 Next »

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WritingLoverForever said...
Aug. 3, 2011 at 11:47 am
Wow! One of the characters has my name (katelyn) and it's even spelled the same way! lol
Azrael said...
Feb. 6, 2011 at 12:20 pm
wait, if nickol is younger cuz u said she was born in 1995 and katelyn in 1997, how is nickol in ninth grade???im just super curious but i loved ur story great job
pinkypromise23 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. replied...
Feb. 6, 2011 at 5:54 pm
haha well if she was born in 1995 and katelyn in 1997 then nickol IS older by two years....think about it haha...but thanks, this is only chapter one so i hope you read the rest!:)

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