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Red Popsicle Summers

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From Two Boys to No Boys

I turned back to Adam and looked at him. How was I going to explain myself? He probably thinks Max is my boyfriend or something and I’m cheating on him. Oh shoot! Why did Max have to ruin such a perfect night!?

“Listen Adam…” I started
“No, look I get it.” He said cutting me off. “I really liked you Hannah. Why did you not tell me? I didn’t take you for that kind of girl.”
Adam turned and started walking away.
“That’s because I’m not! Adam wait!” I tried grabbing his sleeve but he shook me off and continued down the walk.
I just stood there for a few seconds. Then it came to me I must do something about Max! I ran out of my walkway and onto the sidewalk.
“Max!” I called out to the left. “Adam!” I said to the right.
Neither replied and I was forced to recede to my front door. I sat down on the steps and put my head in my hands. What was I going to do? I thought.

I had a sleepless night full of worry and restlessness. My mom came in on Saturday to wake me up and when I saw her I just broke down crying. She came over and snuggled in bed with me and let me cry on her shoulder.
“What’s wrong honey? Didn’t your date go well? I was going to ask you last night but I thought you were probably tired so I left it for this morning.”
When she started talking about it I started crying harder.
“Oh honey.” She said, “Do you want to tell me?”
When I got control over my self I looked up at her face, she looked so concerned; it made me feel better that someone cared.
“No it was a great date.”
“Then what’s wrong?”
“It’s the end that went wrong.”
“Tell me everything.” She said “I have all the time in the world.”
So I told her everything.
“Oh wow. Were you and Max in a fight then?”
“Yeah, a really stupid one. I’m not sure why he left though. If he was just coming to apologize then why would he have flowers and why wouldn’t he have stayed?”
A look of understanding came over my mom’s face.
“What?” I asked.
“Oh it’s nothing, just a thought. I say you go over there and try to talk to him. If he doesn’t want to don’t pressure him.”
“Okay I will, but what were you going to say and what do I do about Adam?”
“See how he acts on Monday and try to explain to him in more detail. But same as with Max don’t push him, guys need their time just like we do.”
I didn’t notice until later that she didn’t answer my first question.
“Thanks mom.” I said getting up and out of bed. “I think I’ll ride my bike over there after breakfast.”
“Okay honey. Thanks for talking to me.” She said closing my door and walking away.
I pulled on dark blue juicy sweats and a t-shirt and went downstairs. My mom was down there making Belgian waffles, my favorite!
“That smells so good!” I said walking down the stairs.
“I thought they would make you feel better, since they are your favorite and all.”
“Yum! Thank you.”
I dug right on in. I didn’t even know I was that hungry until the steaming plate was set down in front of me. The waffle was buttered and had a layer of syrup covering the top. I ate the whole thing, down to the strawberry placed on the side.

After I finished I got up, rinsed off my dishes and put them in the dishwasher. I ran upstairs to do my hair and then ran out back and hopped onto my bike, fastening my helmet at the same time. I rode on over the few blocks to Max’s house thinking about what I was going to say. When I rode up in front I had a nervous feeling in my stomach. I have never had anything like that about Max; everything is changing now.
I walked up to the door and rang the bell and Max’s mom answered the door.
“Oh hi Hannah. How are you? Max is upstairs in his room. He’s been pretty distant lately and maybe you know what’s going on?”
“I’m good. I might have an idea about what’s wrong but I’ll have to go up there to find out if I’m right.”
“Go right on ahead sweetie.”
I practically ran up the stairs and then walked slowly down the hall. Max’s door was shut and I could hear his music on inside. I knocked on the door and got no reply so I slowly turned the knob and peeked in. There was Max on his bed reading a book with his ipod speakers blasting. He looked up at me and didn’t say anything. He just went right back to reading.
“Uh Max I know you’re mad but can I please talk to you.”
“Your not to busy sucking face with Adam.”
“Stop being like that.” I said shutting the door. “Why do you care anyway?”
“I don’t care.”
“You seem like you do.”
“Well I don’t, okay?”
“Fine I just came to say sorry for acting so angry about you not showing up to my locker and instead talking to other girls. If that is what you’d rather do then fine.” I said stomping out of the room. Right before I closed the door I heard him start to say wait, but I closed it anyway. Let him follow me if he really cares.
Just like I thought he came running down the stairs and out the front door trying to catch up to me. I stopped and turned around.
“What?” I snapped.
“I… uh…” Max stopped and tousled his hair; I looked at him impatiently. “Well, I’m sorry.”
“Oh I thought you were going to explain yourself. Guess not. I’ll be going now.”
“What!” I almost screamed.
“I can’t tell you.”
“You can tell me anything, Max.”
“Not this.”
“Fine then, bye!”
“Oh my god, Max!”
“Fine, sorry bye.”
“Thank you.”
I felt bad but he wouldn’t tell me. Now I really want to know what it is he is hiding. Maybe I can get it out of Eric! He probably knows. I picked up my cell phone and dialed home.
“Hey mom.”
“Do you mind if I ride on over to Eric’s?”
“Yes, that’s fine. How did your thing with Max go?”
“Not good.”
“Oh I’m sorry to hear that.”
“I got to go now mom, see you later.”
“Bye honey. Be safe!”
“I will. Bye.”
I hung up and rode the opposite way from my house to Eric’s. We all lived kind of an equal distance apart, including Katie, kind of like in a square shape. It was really nice out so the ride was pleasurable; when I pulled up to Eric’s house I jumped off my bike and ran to the door. Eric’s mom answered and called him down. He came outside and we sat down on his front steps.
“So what’s up?” He asked looking at me strangely like he has been doing since school started.
“First,” I started “Why do you keep looking at me like that?”
“Like what?” he said surprisingly calmly.
“I don’t know. You just keep looking at me weirdly and it creeps me out.”
“Is that the reason you rode all the way over here?”
“Then why did you?”
“What is Max hiding from me?” I blurted suddenly.
“Whoa there! Why do you think he’s hiding something?”
“Because I went over there like 15 minutes ago and he wouldn’t answer my question of why he came to bring me flowers last night. I asked him and he said he couldn’t tell me. So I thought whom else would he tell and that’s you. So spill. This is important.”
“First of all, I’m not going to give out his secrets. You wouldn’t tell me Katie’s would you?”
“Okay then. Why would I tell you Max’s?”
“Because this is a matter of saving this relationship or letting it fade away. And what is your second thing?”
“What second thing?”
“You said first of all.”
“Oh right. What he has to tell you is something I couldn’t tell you it just wouldn’t be right. It has to come from his lips not mine.”
“So.” He said standing up and reaching his hand down to me. I took it and he pulled me up. “If you really want to know, pry it out of him. Trust me he’s been wanting to tell you forever but is too scared.”
“Trust me if he tells you, you’ll understand what I mean.”
“Okay thanks Eric.”
“Bye Hannah!”
I rode off home trying to understand what he was saying to me. But I just couldn’t understand. I had no clue what Max was hiding. Not a single idea.
It was all so very confusing and it made my head hurt. I planned to take a nap when I got home but I didn’t make it there. I ended up turning around and riding back to Max’s the tears flowing.
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wordlover27 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Sept. 3, 2011 at 11:37 am
This is the first time I read a whole book on Teen Ink! I was hooked on your story and just HAD to finish it! Just wondering though, why is it called "Red Popsicle Summers"?
cdmswimmer9 replied...
Sept. 3, 2011 at 11:40 am

The title is tentative right now. It refers to the memory of Max's sitting out on the tree with Hannah, eating red popsicles. I'm really bad at titling my work. :/

Just wondering, would you pick up the book in the store

ThespianChickAnnie said...
Dec. 21, 2010 at 7:28 pm

Oh MAN, this is good! Like, seriously. Amazing. :)

I agree with remembermyname, you should TOTALLY write a sequel. :)

cdmswimmer9 replied...
Jan. 14, 2011 at 9:34 pm
Thank you :)
remembermyname said...
Dec. 18, 2010 at 11:19 pm

Okay, first thing first, I freaking love this! It was not what I was expecting. AND that's a good thing. I was expecting the whole typical love story cliche. I loved.

Secondly, I was really hoping for Max and Hannah to fall in love, but when they didn't I was like, "Wow! That turned out pretty good anyway!" =)

Thirdly, MAKE A SUEQUEL OR SOMETHING! I was yearning for more when I  new I was almost done with the 25th chapter. I hate when the story ends at a re... (more »)

cdmswimmer9 replied...
Dec. 21, 2010 at 11:11 am
Thank you so much! I will definitely look at your work. I wrote this a couple years ago and it was m first, so it makes me very happy to hear such great things about it. :)
remembermyname replied...
Dec. 21, 2010 at 4:09 pm
NO problem!  Do you think you will make a sequel? It is going to be fantistic!
cdmswimmer9 replied...
Dec. 21, 2010 at 10:04 pm
I have already started one. But I only did a few chapters before I stopped. This was about a year ago, I haven't really looked at it since.

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