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Ginger Yale

August 25, 2018
By Var BRONZE, Addison, Illinois
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Var BRONZE, Addison, Illinois
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Author's note:

I love to write, and I hope you enjoy my writing.

"You always have some type of problem with me!" Ginger exclaimed. " You were never a blessing to me always a burden." said her mother. "Mom you never have spent time with me or even done anything with me," said Ginger as tears wept on the side of her face. "Ginger honey I'm sorry, but you need to go" she said tearily " What?" Ginger said confused. "Honey I'm sorry I can't take care of you. Just leave and don't come back, your just like your father!" Gingers mother said angrily. Ginger runs to her room and bangs the door, all she had was her mom and now she has to get rid of that to. Ginger gets up and takes a trash bag and fills it with the few clothes she has. She emerges from her room with a frown on her face as she sees her mother passed out on the couch. Ginger takes one last glance at the 1 bedroom torn down apartment she has lived in since she was small. She looks in the fridge one last time to see if there was any food, but just like every other time she has looked all there was, were empty and full beer bottles. At the sight of this Ginger closes the fridge door softly goes to her mother kisses her cheek and begins her journey into the world as a 6 year old adult. Chicago was very pretty. You had nice houses, the pretty lake, the pier had many activities on them, and of course the stores. The Southside of Chicago didn't have all of those. We didn't have the nice cute boutiques, we didn't have a grocery store, we didn't even have any fun place for kids like me. I have never been to school, my parents never could afford it. There was a school in Chicago right where I lived. I would hear the kids lessons through the apartment window. I always was surprised when I got the answer right. I walk past the smelly garbage which always scared me in the back alley of my apartment. It wasn't to late maybe around 4 or 5 pm. I walk near the front of my apartment building and look at the apartment one last time, before I sprint to the other side of the street. People say you always need to sprint across any street so that you don't get shot by anyone. I ran as fast as I could because my objective, of course, was to not get shot, but to also reach the Chicago Loop by nightfall. I ran, a good distance until I felt tired. I stopped for a breath, but desperately needed water, but I decided to ignore my cry for water and to keep running. I ran until the entire sky had turned black. I still was a great distance away from the Chicago Loop. At this point I had no idea where my apartment building was, which was a good thing for me. I decided I needed to sleep somewhere. I found a dumpster and decided to sleep in the tight space underneath the dumpster, it wasn't terrible. I couldn't sleep though. All I could hear were police sirens and people running past the dumpster. I finally managed to fall asleep and woke up early. I wanted to know the time, but there was no clock, nor did I have a watch. I decided to keep going to the Chicago Loop. I needed to get to the train station, which was a far distance from my house. I finally made it to the train station and took the train heading toward Chicago Loop. No one sat next to me. All the passengers kept a far distance from me. Then again I haven't showered in months, my hair was all tangled up in a huge mess, and my clothes were torn and worn out. My mom never cared about me. I loved my dad so much though. He cared for me. " Why did this happen to me" I thought. After all it's not like I did something wrong. Finally the stop for Chicago Loop comes and I happily step off. I keep walking until I see the Chicago Police. Of all things that would happen, I did not want to be caught by the police. As I slowly back away the officer's cold eyes meet mine, and I run. The police officer follows running intensely. I ran as fast as I could, but within a few seconds he caught me. He sat me down on a park bench and asked me " Hello little girl where are you from?" I didn't answer. Even without me answering he somehow figured out that I was now homeless and told me "Alright. I'm going to transfer you over to CPS, ok?" I still didn't respond. All he told me do was sit in the back of his police car. I didn't budge when he told me to sit in the car. He picked me up and I tried resisting and trying to escape,but he somehow got me to sit in the back of the police car. As we drove to the CPS office the officer asked me "Where's your mother or father?" Without eye contact I told him, "She's probably in the living room drinking away all her problems. I wish I could do that." I said with a smile. 

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smuthusw1 said...
on Sep. 11 2018 at 9:16 pm
smuthusw1, Rochester, Minnesota
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Beautiful narrative of a young girls ainguish