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I ended up driving the Camaro off the Causeway Bridge

By , north pole, AK
Author's note: The peice is just ideas I had and decided to write down to make it. The story is not done, I...  Show full author's note »
Author's note:

The peice is just ideas I had and decided to write down to make it. The story is not done, I was not able to finish it

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The start

Starting out coming into a new school at a young age, going into a borderline opportunity school, which a opportunity school is just half jail half school. Cops patrolling the school every few days making it hard to do anything with friends without being harassed. And with the kids crowding the school making any information given spread like a plague across all the classes, both literally and figuratively. The social class at South Central is hellish, painfully real yet just imaginary to the teachers. Everything told, expressed, or said from the “well-off” kids were followed by many and repulsed by few. Mostly followed from sheer fear from prior kids who revolted and were “dealt” with. The social class was a ongoing war between the few numbered well off kids, the ones who were rich using money as their only source of defense; Versus the excruciating large amount of the “bottom tier” kids, the kids who were poor, charismatic, and yet tightly bonded with each other.
Looking back at it, I was in neither party yet sided with the bottom tier. As their ideals, the way they sought to finish what others started,  the way they came so close to ending the ongoing 3 year what seemed to be war. Is what I like about them, they had found a purpose in their life, and they held those points high with each other. While on the opposite hand the well-off kids just were using money between themselves using it to get stuff done. Making no progression within their moral making tensions high between them all.
That split between the class was what made me what I am and expelled me to where I am right now. With most of the kids I hung out with were odd kids. Wanted money, but didn't want to work most of them stayed in two homes, two broke homes that had no escape. So they were barely there home when they were outside of school cause more conflict between them. But one kid stood out from the rest, he just appeared out what seemed to be no where. His name was Ruby, that wasn't even his real name just the alias he went by. Ruby was tall and skinny build, he looked like his bones could barely handle his clothes he had. He had long wavy hair down to his chest, he had major scarring and lacerations around his face and arms. Ruby hid those scars with nearly all black clothes in a XXL size with a huge hoodie over it all, making it practically impossible to see them. Now you might be asking, “how is ruby different?” Well, that's the thing when he said he wanted something, he got it. He was skilled in most things others in South Central were not, technology. Ruby was able to make money digitally, mostly from Bitcoin and hacking. The few things he first said to me were about Bitcoin, hacking and his home life.
The detail ruby went into his home life made myself connect somehow, even though I never went through any of that. As Ruby and I proceeded to find a non occupied table of people. We started talking about his father when we sat down. “I never knew my father” he started, “he was in and out of my life, never in for to long at most, it was a month.” When he showed he was so open about his father, something clicked inside of me. I knew this kid was going to be a viable option for things to come. He didn't hesitate to continue, “The few things he did when he wasn't drunk was actually being a semi decent father, helping me out with small things, taking me to school, or just talking.” Ruby was disconnected from reality, he spewing out personal information out in the middle of South Central. He didn't hold back dumping the information out, laying it on the table for all to see. One of the well-off kids overheard Ruby saying his personal life. Anthony Davis stood and walked over and started laying into Ruby. “What do you mean you're dad isn't there? Sounds like you're just one of the normal kids here.” Anthony started to take the issues Ruby laid on the table and flip them over. Ruby sat there at the table making it look like he's just accepting the unruly punishment that is being dealt. But inside that kid was a fire that has been tamed for the mean time, As soon as Anthony proceeded with the insults, that fire got more fuel, causing Ruby to snap.
Ruby stood up slowly, nearly systematically almost robotic and swung one fist in the air. Knocking Anthony out cold, the face Ruby presented when he calmly sat back down and proceeded to talk. He had the face of someone who does not care about anything. The one that had seen some struggles and problems and he made that known. Ruby casually sat back down in front of me as the whole cafeteria quickly became quiet. Like nothing happened, as if he did not just slug kid, “so where were we?” he proceeded. “Talking about your father, how he's barely ever there.” I answered the question as to cover up the fact that I did not want to end up the same way as Anthony. Looking over Ruby's shoulder I saw a group of people dragging Anthony's unconscious body being dragged away into the opening. And that crowd surrounding the kid soon being dispersed by about three or four teachers and one officer that were there. “Yeah, so with my father's absence I developed a very sharp anger issue, as you just saw, most of the times I can hold it in and not let it out.” Ruby again started to lay all this information on the table. Right when Ruby finished up with his sentence, the group of kids who dragged Anthony away pointed at him. One of the teachers and officers came over and picked up Ruby to go get questioned. I was picked up by them as well as they stated that I was an accomplice to Ruby and did not do anything to diffuse the situation.

Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next »

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