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The War From Hell

Author's note:


Author's note:


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The war starts

That day I awoke it was 1940 the war had started it was in early stages though. I lived in London now moving to Ireland. That day I visited my friend in London his name was Tyler he was a Russian immigrant he hated the Soviet Union (or the USSR) he was meeting me at Big Ben it was raining that day. I found him standing outside of the door to the tower he worked there sometimes. He was wearing his usual he was wearing a black deep hooded trench-coat with jeans and black combat boots. I noticed he had a pistol at his side probably a Webley revolver by the look of it. I spoke first “hello my friend I have got horrible news.” He nodded then he said “I have the same news probably I’ll go first then.” I nodded Tyler continued “I have found out that the Nazis ( which is really National Socialist German Workers' Party) are going to bomb us soon but there’s no time given here but it is soon and they think Japan will bomb America next year or something.” I dropped dead inside my mind but how did he know so much. I then replied “took the words out of my mouth.” I then saw some of the Nazi guards walked by I pulled my hood up it was black as well. One stopped and pointed his KAR-98K rifle at me and fired at the door and screamed in German “der Führer wird deine Art bekommen, du Briten sind Stück Scheiße“(the leader will get your kind you brits are pieces of shit) I had taken German so I replied “you ficker(f*cker) go to hell.” I then walked away they followed me I could sense that they were mad and were about to try to kill me but I thought to myself

‘Why would they kill me? Maybe they know but that’s impossible but whatever got to kill them maybe the hidden blade would work or my colt 45. No the pistol is to loud. I will use my hidden blade with the pivoting model.’ I flicked my wrist to make my hand in a slapping form a blade protruded about the time we turned a corner I then turned and stabbed the taller one out of the two in the neck his blood now all over his friend who shot his Luger at me then unscrewed his bayonet and used it as a knife. I then pivoted my blade into a dagger it was also longer when out of its gauntlet I stabbed him in his chest then I grabbed my gun and shot him in the chest in the wound the smell of blood was heavy in the little alley. I put my hood on and began to run as I could hear the sound of police whistles I scaled the building in front of me when I reached the top a sniper was there he was wearing the Nazi symbol but it was red. He saw me and pulled a MP40 on me and I kicked the gun away it fell to the ground below with a clank. We engaged in hand-to-hand combat. He threw the first punch but I caught it then put him in an arm-bar then began to kick the living shit out of him as Tyler came running from the rooftop across from me.
When he reached me he was out of breath and panted our “they’re coming soon” He looked bloodied up from some bayonets thrusts and toke a couple rifle butts, but other than that his leg was broken! I thought to myself ‘why would those soldiers come up to us so quickly and violently the weirdest thing was that they spotted me but I might be targeted by the Templar’s or maybe the NAZIS.’ I then climbed down the building with haste the rain now quitting finally. Then I saw the crowd of heavily armed Nazis. I counted 10. Then there was an explosion that sent cars everywhere. I then turned to Tyler his face now in tears as he watched the millions of people come running screaming and I said to Tyler “riposa in pace Londra per la guerra è iniziata.” (Rest in peace London the war has started.) Tyler responded “la guerra è iniziata abbiamo bisogno di ottenere il resto degli assassini qui!”(The war has begun we need to get the rest of the assassins here!) I turned and did a free fall off the rooftop into a hay cart.

That night I got up out of my bed because there was commotion in the street. I walked to my window my eyes still adjusting to the dark I noticed it was a riot outside of about 50 people marching to the Parliament house about 2 miles down the road. Sadly my joints ached from the sniper hitting me with his rifle. I then thought 'why had I taken up with the secret brotherhood of assassins? I will never know but my life has been hell without my wife since she died 10 years ago that day was the worst. I still think that is the reason I haven't done anything but hide in the shadows and I realize nothing is permitted in any life' I went back to bed after the rioters left the ally I had a dream I was with my wife and she was sick but not sick as dog sick but had a cold and she wanted to go to the harbor for a tea picnic after work but i had said "no you’re gonna get more sick but you'll always have me" she smiled and went back to the bedroom when I awoke I was in a puddle of sweat as that was no dream but a memory of her.

The next morning there was poster that read “the London blitz has happened!!!” I then began to think ‘The blitz is the last thing we needed the thought the millions of Jews dying as if the thought of that was not enough I can’t believe this the world will end because of my brother Adolf Hitler.’ A bunch of tourist came to help all of us then I saw her she had strawberry-blonde hair and she was wearing a black coat with a red skirt the jacket was leather she saw me and came up to me she was very light skinned as well she was not American I noticed she was Irish she had a Irish patch on the jacket.
“Hi my name Emily, I was wondering if you could help me find my way to a Joseph Smith.” I replied “I am him.” She looked relieved I then threw it out their “Your very nice looking for an Irish woman.” She looked happy and replied “Is that so then you’re pretty good looking but that’s not the case I am here it is because the brotherhood needs your help to kill Hitler.” I shook my head and said “god-dammit no I can’t kill him he’s my brother and that means he’s my blood.”
She looked offended then she nodded and said “then you don’t get the 5,000£ but ok.” Then I slyly replied “why didn’t you say so” she looked upset and annoyed after the comment so I shut my damn mouth she looked as if she read my mind I was happy then o find that she did not kill me.
I then noticed on her neck a necklace with that meant I would have to kill her. I then thought ‘the way she wore the cross was wrong and right I noticed a ring but it was a just a band with no symbol or anything, but she’s a Templar and that means I have to kill her. NO she might be a spy I’ll just knock her out.' I then took a blow dart tube that looked like a cigarette and put my little red sleeping dart in it and turned to her and shot her in the throat the dart whooshed then the impact brought blood to her throats surface. I then sprinted to the end of the road now it was probably late after-noon it was hot and sticky outside I took off my trench coat to reveal a short sleeve shirt and jeans with a pair of steel-toed black boots. I called for a cabbie that was driving by he drove up I got in he asked "were to buddy?" I replied easily "the parliament house please." he started driving then I dozed off.
When I was awoken by the cabbie I paid him 10£ he smiled I walked the two miles home then walked in my dog came rushing up to me he was a little black and white mutt but he was family he barked at me so I took him out for a walk he pissed in the neighbors empty milk bottles I laughed to myself. I then remembered the day before Tyler just getting to me to be attacked then to leave then there was her Emily coming out of the blue to just get me to attack her. I walked the dog back home. Then I saw him Tyler limping from the tall skinny blonde-headed Nazi that was my brother Adolf Hitler he called to me in German “Hallo Bruder, wie ist das Glaubensbekenntnis von dir verrückt Idioten (Hi brother how is the creed of you dumbassed lunatic idiots“) I responded back in German as well
“Keiner deiner Geschäftsbruder oder sollte ich Leader sagen, wie du der Kommandeur der Nazis bist (None of your business brother or should I say Leader as you are the commander of the Nazis)” The brother of mine looked at me and was puzzled at my response. He was wearing his usual black suit with his swastika sash on one arm.

Tyler was wearing a black pair of jeans, a white tee-shirt and a black pair of steel-toed boots. He looked grimacing up his leg was bleeding where it had broken from his fall just two days ago. Hitler then in a heavy German accented English “No how are brother or how did you become Führer or how is mother or father? Or hows about a f*ing hello brother what are doing here or something!”
I responded in the only language my brother was fluent in other than german and english that was Italian. So I responded in italian “Davvero è incompetente Idiot cazzo figlio di una cagna (Really you incompetent Idiot f*ing son of a bitch)”
He looked at me again so I continued in italian “Sono un vero assassino non un Cavaliere Templare come te idiota(I am a real assassin not a Templar Knight like you idiot)” Hitler looked shocked at the remark as he pondered what to respond with then he started to speak in italian “Quello che avevamo un accordo, idiota, siamo entrati insieme nella cavalleria dei Templari e il tuo amico mi dice che tu mi metterai a cercare bene e poi lo ucciderò(What we had an agreement you idiot we went in together into the knighthood of Templars and your friend tells me you are going to spy on us well then I will kill him)” Then I responded in Italian “il tuo colui che ti muore cazzo(you’re the one who will die you f) I then pulled my pistol a revolver then emptied it down to one bullet then said in English “Russian-Roulette” Hitler nodded (there’s one thing though you may notice he is my step-brother who took me in if I helped him in school with reading and writing in American and Italian then hi parents took me in once they realized he had straight A’s I know regret every moment of it) I gave the chamber of the gun a spin it was made to click at 5 then go one but only the third time so Hitler is going to give me a free-bee.

It began he spun the chamber twice I noticed he then said in English “twice in the way I play” I responded “ok then” I then spun the chamber myself then I heard the click of the empty cylinder to a full one. Then I pulled my revolvers trigger to notice it was a powder not a bullet it hit the grass then Tyler knew it was salt for practice shooting. Hitler looked upset then it clicked again to the one with a bullet then I shot him in the chest the blood was a large splatter on my tee-shirt
Hitler was screaming in pain and agony then I noticed it was a wig and not him it was a Jew in disguise he then asked “kill me please.” So I loaded a bullet in and then shot him in the head he died on impact my dog licked the wound on the man’s and then his tongue hit the bullet in the man’s head then walked off Tyler looked grimacing at me. And I walked away the sirens were blaring and I was a murderer.
The police would arrest me and then they did.

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JosephHsmith said...
Dec. 7, 2017 at 3:24 pm
The book is being reviewed since i have fixed and submitted more of the story.
TBATHgaming said...
Dec. 7, 2017 at 1:53 pm
Tell me if you like my writing I am going to fix the first chapter spelling errors and try to finish the last chapter.

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