The Day The Taylors Crumble

August 25, 2017
By KiranMartinez, George town, Other
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KiranMartinez, George Town, Other
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Author's note:

This is my worst piece of writing yet just wanna get it over with 

1.  My name is James William Taylor, I am 12 years old, I have red hair and I freckles on my cheeks. My parents left a school in Nevada and went to a new place way far than that in a place I do not know. I hated my parents for moving but I guess it happens in every kids life, I just wish they had given me a chance to say good bye to my friends that fateful day. It was a week from the end of school and I had just started eating my lunch when my parents burst into the cafeteria without notice, grabbed my hand violently, and rushed me out the school and pushed me into the car. I had asked many times what was happening but they gave no answer so I eventually gave up. My dad who was driving, sped home and ran into the house and came out with 5 duffle bags enough for my mom, dad, sister and me plus one extra. My sister was not in the car and I suspected she was at her school which was a different one from mine. My parents finally slowed down enough for me to ask what was going on and they said, grandmas sick. Thats all they said till we got to my sisters school. My parents left me into the car, rushed into her school and came running out with her in their hands. My sister is 11 years old and is in 6th grade. She has black hair unlike me and has a more rounded face. My parents got in the car, buckled up and drove off a way I did not know, so I asked and they said a place that is safe from danger. I had thought we were going to grandmas house which was a mile in the other direction. They said grandmas not sick and that something very dangerous had happened and we are avoiding it. We had kept driving for about 12 hours when I had the courage to ask where our destination was and they said somewhere safe. I did not think that was a great answer so I asked again this time however they said we are going Illinois, I had asked why we left in such a hurry and just drove off without consent from us. That question was answered in a few seconds There was a huge boom which shook the car like an earthquake, making my sister scream in fright and send us off the road
2. I looked back to see a huge mushroom cloud forming over the place I used to call home my dad said oh sh*t and tried to get us from going off the road. I cried out wa wa what happened. My parents said do you really want to know? I said yes  so they said that terrorists had planned to bomb Nevada State. Of course, the child I was asked why. They said because of themselves. I was so confused with the bomb and my parents saying terrorists wanted to bomb them, that I had fallen asleep along with my sister. I had woken up at about 6:30 in the morning and asked why terrorists wanted to bomb my parents and my parents said they were international spies part of A.S.S. , Attack Support Service. They were uncovered and fled hoping not to be followed but apparently were. I had Just realized that the entire state of Nevada was bombed and every single one of my friends were dead and the entire state was blown up, just completely gone. I had cried the whole day and I think I was going to puke at the thought of every single person I knew in Nevada, dead. I had woken up the next morning guessing I had fallen asleep last night because I was crying the whole time. I had seen the Illinois State sign as we passed it and asked why we where here. They said this is where we would start our new life. My sister woke up in a cold sweat and was breathing heavily and crying. My dad was talking about how we were on red alert and to be cautious about everything. He said if the time demands it there is a compact rifle in the glove compartment along with ammunition. I hoped that it would ever come to that. But boy was I wrong. It was about lunch time and three days had passes since the attack. We stopped at a gas station and were filling up when my sister asked to use the restroom, of course I went  because she's only eleven and there are terrorists out to kill us. We both went into the mini market at the gas station and she shot to the restroom. I waited by the door for 2 mins then decided to use the 5 dollars my dad had given me for a snack. I looked around the aisle’s and chose a pack of jerky for me and gum for my sister.
3. She slammed the door open on the restroom, shot out like a bullet, took the gum from my hand and went in the car. I was speechless. I eventually went to the car and got in my dad asked “all good”. I was sure because I just got my favorite snack in the world, Beef jerky. We kept driving for about two hours until my dad left the highway and went on a road to a place called SpringField. I had never heard of it a decided it would be our home for the rest of our lives. We stopped in a suburban area and went to a house that was an open house. My dada went inside and was talking to the agent there and I heard a some words and the agent said “Ah Mr.Taylor finally, welcome”. They lead us into the house and showed us around I chose my down stairs bed room and so did my sister. The house was fully furnished and had food already in it. My dad separated me from my sister and brought me into the living room, away from other family. He said that in an emergency that there was a door behind the closet that lead to a safe room along with shotguns, rifles, and pistols in the closet. He said it was locked with a binary code and he had inputed mine and my sisters already. He showed me to the closet and tested my thumb on the scanner and it opened, inside was a huge steel door out side the steel door were all kinds of guns from rifles to shotgun and pistols. I asked him why we even had a safe room and all these weapons, He said we are the most important people in this state right now and we cannot give up or die. It took me a while to process what was happening and it kept me up all night even though I had a Memory foam king sized bed to myself. It was morning and I got up put on my clothes and walked into the kitchen and saw my parents talking quietly and secretly. They stopped as soon as They saw me and said, “Good morning sleepy head, how did you sleep”. I was up all night thinking of what happened the days before but still said, “Great." I was extremely happy that we were safe and had nothing to worry about.

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