Betrayed by You

July 27, 2017
By UndercoverWriterDisguise, Victorville, California

Remington thought she could believe him, but she was sadly wrong. Callum said she could trust him, he lied. During their Autumn break the trust they had was gone the next. In a blink of an eye they were strangers going to the same school. "I thought I could trust you! I guess I was wrong." Looking away he felt ashamed. Not for him, but for the family he was born into. "You're wrong Remi, you can trust me! I'm the same person you met last year." 
How could she when he lied to her for a whole year. "No, do you know what I've going through because of you? Do you have any idea? Looking over shoulder not knowing if you're being watched or not. I can't even feel safe in my own school. The place where I call my home will never feel the same again." Tears pulling in his eyes. He knew how she felt. It happened to him a very long time ago. "You can't blame me for who my parents are! I can't choose who my parents!" 
She knew he was right you can't choose whose family your born into, but you can choose who you become. "Was it ever true? Do you even love me like you said you did?" The hot breeze blew her hair from her face. The tree's swayed back and forth. The lake glistering in the early morning suns. It looked beautiful to anyone's eye but if they only could see the storm passing through between them. "How could you even ask me that? I've loved you since the first time we met. Can't you remember all the times we had? Sneaking out of school going into town." 
What he said was true he did love her. "Were those even true memories or were you spying on me? Keeping me close reporting back to your father about me. Just for once tell me the truth Callum." Stepping forward to hold her. Stepping back from his touch. "You want the truth? Fine, in the beginning I had a mission but after time, it became real. Spending time with you made me think about life. Why I did the things I did. For once I wanted to do something for myself not my parents." Tears flowing down his face. Remi's followed suit with hers opening up like a dam. 
"You lied to me Callum! You spied on me and now everyone I loved had gotten hurt. You and your father did this to us. How could we ever possibly trust you after?" He knew she was right he ruined the only trust they had. Was it too late to get it back? He had to try for this was the real mission for him. "Remi please I-." A crash was heard behind them. Turning in unison to the noise Remi's breath caught in her throat. The only place she ever called home was destroyed. The one responsible was standing in front of them.
"You! How could you do this?!" She screamed at Callum's father. Wanting to wipe the smirk off his face she knew she couldn't. He was toying with her wanting her to make a mistake. A bigger one then she already had done. "Father what have you done?" Callum looked at his father with hatred steaming in his eyes. "This wasn't part of the mission and you know it. Why'd you do this?" Laughing at his son he waved both hands around him. "My boy this was always the mission. I needed you to distract her and it worked perfectly. Well done my son you passed your first mission with flying colors."
Feeling bile coming up he looked away from the only person he thought could love him. He was wrong on so many level's. The person who had actually loved me was standing beside me looking at me with disgust. It hurt him more than anything ever would. "You did this on purpose. You distracted me so, I couldn't help them. You killed everyone who ever loved you! You killed me." She stated the last part in a whisper. 
"You need to leave and never come here again father. I thought I could trust you and mother. You told me nobody would get hurt. You lied!" Holding out his hand to his son. "Come on Callum stop acting like a child. You knew the dangers of our profession. We never forced you to do this. Now let us go your mother is waiting." He stood taller, straighter his eyes hardened into slits. "No, I will not ever go with you ever again my home is here. My family is here." Standing motionless watching the school burn to the ground. 
"If you want it to like that fine stay here with her. What are you going to do? The school is burning down to the ground. There is nothing for you here." Turning away from his only son. He ran behind a bush to never be seen again. "Callum-" looking down at the blood seeping through her shirt. She fell to the ground with a thud. Running to her he fell to the ground holding her head in his lap. "No! This is not how you die. I won't allow it." Smiling up at him with blood coming down her jaw. "You hold on tight okay? I'm going to go find who did this and everything will be okay. I promise you."
Leaving her there on the ground dying was the hardest thing he ever had to do. Running through the woods without a sound he seen a bright flash at the top of the hill. Pushing himself faster than ever before he reached to the top quickly. Looking around for anything that would give him a clue of where the sniper went. Foot prints in the mud was the only indication. He followed like a bloodhound. Movement from the right made him sprint faster. He was almost to him just a little bit more. Crashing through the opening he found the man. 
Jumping off the hill tackling him to the ground. The man pulled a dagger from behind him. Callum seen it before he could get a hit on him. Hitting it out of his hand, they wrestled. The guy pulled out a gun from his side pointing it at Callum's left side. Quickly grabbing the gun from him twisting his wrist the wrong way. Callum had won the fight for the gun. Standing up he pointed at the guy. His finger on the trigger wanting to shoot him badly. "Who sent you?" The man remained silent. "I'm not going to ask again. Who sent you!?" Clocking the gun to show he meant business. 
"Your father sent me. He said that if you wanted to stay here then that was fine but you would have to stay here knowing you lost the person you love." Betrayal seeped into him. His father had sent someone to kill his other half. With even knowing what he was doing he shot him. It was finally, over for now. Dropping the gun, he stepped away from the dead body. He didn't waste any time. He ran to where he left Remi. Hoping she was still breathing, still alive. 
Reaching her he could see he didn't have much time. Pulling her up in his arms he ran to the school. "Remi, it worked honey. The plan worked please stay with me." Running faster until he reached the burning building. Looking for the secret passage way he ran inside to find everyone alright and living. "REMI! Callum what happened to her?" Remi's mother pushing through everyone reaching for her daughter. "The plan worked. My father will never come back here again. She did it." Looking down at the conniving little thing in his arms. "We need a Doctor!"
Three weeks later everything had settled down. Callum's father hasn't returned and hopefully never will again. They started to build the school back up with the help of all of us and more. Looking out to the lake. Feeling like it was only yesterday that he was holding her in his arms. "I knew I would find you out here." Wincing with every step, she took. "The Doctor put you on bed rest. Watch when your mother finds out you're not in your room." Wincing not from the pain but more from thinking about what her mother would do. 
"This could be our little secret. What are you doing out here?" Holding out his hand for her I pulled her close. "I was just thinking what if I had gotten to you in time? Thinking of all the things I could have done differently." Putting a hand on my cheek she looked up at me. "Don't think like that. I'm here alive because of you. Just think when the school is up and running again we could go find all the secret passage ways." Smiling down at her knowing he's never felt anything like this before. "I love you Remington. Let's start this school year fresh." Turning around the stare at the lake ahead of them. She laid her head on his shoulder. It was peaceful.
The days came and gone for the two. Graduation was a big success. Remi smiled at she looked over her classmates and parents of each and one of us. "Thank you all for coming on this wonderful day. We the graduating class 2009 are thankful for all of coming. Let's give them a round of applause for our parents for pushing us to this very day." Clapping their hands for their parents. "Now I would like to say I'm proud to be your valedictorian for this fateful day. Each and everyone one of you have been striving to reach today and its happening now! So, let's get this over with so we can have our party!"
One by one the students came up and shook their principles hand receiving their diplomas. Smiling in the camera. Callum was called up next. He stopped to shake everyone's hand received his diploma but didn't go down the steps. He turned to Remi and bent down on one knee. "Remington, I have loved you from the very first day we met. I knew we would be together somehow. Now that I have you I never want to let you go. So, will you do the honors of becoming my wife? Will you marry me Remi?" 
Tears falling down her face she shook her head vigorously. "Yes! Yes, I will marry you." Standing in one fluid motion she stepping you to her and put the engagement ring on her finger. Kissing him on the lips he swung her around. Cheers were heard from around. Thinking to himself. Life couldn't be better than this.

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