July 10, 2017
By AlexanderDragon BRONZE, Rapid City, Michigan
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AlexanderDragon BRONZE, Rapid City, Michigan
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Author's note:

I got this idea from watching a movie that was exciting and thrilling, and action filled at the exact same time.

  2017 The Year of Creation:”Thank you, thank you,”said Alexander,”this is the release of the new system called...THORNS!!” The crowd cheered and applauded as Alexander, a tall, ocean blue eyed, dark brown haired man in his 30s turned on the huge 50’ by 50’ screen lit up with a sharp, bright red and black glow of a clock with the word THORNS. The word had a bright red glow that contrasted with the black and gray background. On the clock it said days:7 hours:00 minutes:00 seconds:00.”One week till the system is ready to open, and are world will change in a way you would have never imagined it”, Alexander exclaimed with pride and power. As he thanked the people and left with a smile, that turned into an evil grin as he turned away from the crowd and strode of stage.

     As he entered the limo and closed the door he let out and evil and deep laugh. In the next three days the system had been downloaded by over one billion people, and still growing. Except there was a secret that no one except for the creators, but a man had discovered this secret. As he was laying in the hospital he downloaded the system, he heard small ticking and clacking in his phone, so he took a scalpel from a dish next to him from a surgery he had do to his smoking addiction. So he pride his phone open to see what was happening, and he dropped the phone in shock and fear, as he saw his own phone taking pieces of itself and making a super small chip with legs. A few minutes passed and the chip began to crawl towards him, the man watched it in fear and curiosity.

     Then his eyes went wide in horror as he saw the chip begin to dig into his wrist, he screamed and pressed himself against the bed. He looked around frantically looking for something to pry it out with, without thinking he grabbed the scalpel and dug it into his arm. In the security room the security guard saw this from the camera, he grabbed the intercom and repeatedly said,”CODE BLUE ROOM 332!!” The man heard that, and still dug into his own arm. Three ER doctors, and two cops ran into his room, they came towards him and the man released the scalpel and yelled in fear “Please, get this bug out of my arm, please. Please!” As the doctors slowly and medically pulled out the scalpel, the were horrified to what the found.

     On the other side of the city Alexander was watching the clock and counter.”Only two days left till this whole world is mine!”,Alexander exclaimed with pride, as he reached towards the clock and did a fancy drawback. As he did that his whole arm rippled with magnetic particles.”Sur”, a security guard said,”your car is here.” Alexander turned around so fast the metal under his feet turned a red hot glow,”Thank you!”, Alexander said gently as an evil grin crawled onto his face. The security guard was a little spooked as he saw the metal turn a red glow. As Alexander was leaving he stopped next to the security guard and politely asked,”Will you be kind enough to come with me on this trip, and be my bodyguard ”.”Yes sir, thank you!”, the security guard said with a smile and a little excitement.
    They both took off to the car, and Alexander was talking, asking questions about his job, and enjoying the time with the security guard. They both entered the car and with smiles they both took of in Alexander's black steel colored Lamborghini Veneno Roadster. 
While at the hospital the man was having the bug pulled out. As the doctors pulled the bug out, they were horrified of the sight. On the tip of the scalpel was a tiny chip that looked to have legs. Two hours later it was all over the news, and people were eating it up like starving dogs.
      The man was in the middle of an interview when all the sudden there was a boom with an explosion afterward. The front doors were blown off the hinges and the guards by the front were in pieces. Out of the smoke came Alexander's men in full armour and black professional army suits with fully automatic weapons. Then there was open fire on the whole hospital. After the men open fired, Alexander and his bodyguard walked in. There was gunfire everywhere and it looked like an indoor war, patient's run and screaming, security guards falling and shutting, Alexander's men running, gunning down security guards and patients.  Three hours later Alexander and the bodyguard walked through the body infested, smashed up building. Alexander walked acrossed the bodies like they weren't there, on the other hand the bodyguard was walking like a rich girl with a bunch of bugs on the floor, he was even making noises. They walked up to the top floor where there was all alexandres men surrounding the room that contained the man that discovered the chip. Except the room was packed full with at least sixty security guards.”Come on out and we won't hurt you”, Alexander gently said.”No!”, said the chef in the room.
“All I want is the man who discovered the chip.”, Alexander said with a little anger in his voice.”All you want him for is to kill him you idiot, I know because I saw what you did to all those other people you murderer”, said the chef.
All the sudden the door opened a crack and a man shot out at the army looking men and hit Alexander in the bulls eye of his head, his bodyguard hid behind a sideways flipped table.”ya!” The security guards came out screaming in joy,“Your captain is dead, so you have to stand down”,one of the men bragged in the army like men's faces. The Alexander's men set down their guns. kneeled, and put there hands on the head. One of Alexander's men's  looked at Alexander's body, and noticed there was no blood and there was a shiny metallic hole. The security guard watched in horror as the hole closed itself up, then Alexander's head turned  in a millisecond and faced the security guard with an evil grin,”It's going to take much more to kill me”, Alexander whispered to the security guard. The security guard was so horrified he didn't notice Alexander's hand morph into a long shiny metal blade. All the security guards spun in the direction of the one security guard when they heard a *shink*, and watched as a long shiny blade was slowly driving through the man's skull. While they watched in horror there prisoners (Alexander's soldiers) silently picked up their guns, stood up, and pointed the barrels at the security guards heads.*thrrr*shots ran out through the building, the next second only the bodyguard, Alexander, and Alexander's men were alive in the building. As they exited the building that was so destroyed it looked like it had been abandoned for years. There news crews, and a swat truck.”Its all under control, there was an infection that the doctors were injecting into the patient's. They were trying to morph humans into to creators, when we came over it was too late, everyone was insane, even the doctors.”, Alexander said in a sad tone and had a sad face.”I'm sorry, I have to go!”, Alexander walked off looking like he was going to cry. So Alexander's chef soldier took over,”It kills me to say this…but we had to kill them…all”, the chef said with sorrow, and then took off.
         Alexander climbed into the driver's seat of his Lamborghini Veneno Roadster, and his new bodyguard got into the passengers. The looked at each other, and as they drove out of the hospitals driveway, they broke out into an evil and sinister laugh. Right behind them was there soldier carrier, and the soldiers in the back were also laughing. They got back to Alexander's main building and when they got out they were just getting a hold of themselves, and they looked like they had been crying for a while, when in reality they had been crying for and hour. As they walked back into the super tall glass building that looked like a T with a huge digital clock in the middle of it. The entrance was so secured there was a pair of steel doors the bullet proof glass. As they entered with a master pass card. The inside was amazing, glass floors that you could see all the way down to the tinted glass floor. At the tinted glass there was something behind there that Alexander didn't want seen. Except when you looked up, you could see threw all the floors, all the way to the sky.
And the elevator in the middle was also glass, and when you looked down you could see all the way to the bottom, and going up or down was scary. That why most people used the straits, even though you could see all they way through those also. Alexander and his bodyguard walked into the main room of the building, Alexander stopped and let his bodyguard take in the amazing beauty of the building. Alexander walked into the elevator and his bodyguard walked towards it slowly turning and twisting around looking at everything with gaping mouth and wide eyes in amazement. He walked into the elevator and Alexander pressed a gold button with the number 100, on the elevators glass pad. As they began to go up the bodyguard looked down and his face was pale and in horror as he pushed himself against the wall.”It's ok, you on a floor, is just really clean. And yes, the glass in a foot thick”, Alexander said like a professional. As the bodyguard relaxed with a long sight he said,”oh, good, has the floor broken several times!?”
Alexander replied, quickly and calmly,”No, not several times”, the bodyguard smiled in relief. “Only once”, Alexander said calmly. The bodyguard looked at him with wide eyes, and Alexander just grinned not looking at him. They reached the top and walked out when the elevator opened, and the bodyguard noticed immediately that the floor was double sided. One side glass the other side mirror. The bodyguard could see all the way down to the bottom floor, but anyone underneath could only see to the mirrored floor. That night the bodyguard was asleep on the plushy white, double wide couch, but Alexander wasn't there. As the bodyguard slept Alexander walked by him normally, but he was making zero noise, not even the slightest sound of a foot step could be heard.  Alexander walked to elevator clicked the down button, and all the sudden the bodyguard jumped out of bed with his gun pointed with a look on his face that looked ready to kill.”It's ok, it's just me”, Alexander said with a slight chuckle and hands raised to his chest.”Ow, I’m So sorry leader,please forgive me”, the bodyguard said.
  “It's alright, and call me Alex or Alexander, but I proffer Alex”, Alexander said with a little grin.”Yes si…”, the bodyguard stopped himself,”ok Alex”

“It's alright, and call me Alex or Alexander, but I prefer Alex”, Alexander said with a little grin.”

Yes si…”, the bodyguard stopped himself,”ok Alex”. Alex and the bodyguard went into the elevator together and Alex opened his phone and typed in some passcode and a black button on dappeared on the glass dash pad. Alexander pushed it and the elevator began going down,*blam blam* two gunshots rain out and there was two hole in the top and bottom of the elevator. All the sudden the wholes began to send out cracks out, Alexander looked up, jumped up, and grabbed the two glass bars on the ceiling of the elevator, and the bodyguard jumped up as the glass under him broke and began to fall hundreds of feet down, and it all happened in a matter of 10 seconds. They looked up as fast as bullets flew, and saw the glass ceiling begin to crack from the bullet holes. As the glass shattered, the elevator hit the bottom and they both fell on the floor. A little dusty, and bruised from the fall, but other than that, they were ok. Then there was several shots at them as they rolled out of the way, and as fast as they began they ended, and two men splattered on the ground in front of them. The two angry and nerved men pride open the bottom elevator doors and walked into the basement. As they walked up the stairs a security guard came down the straits, and stopped at Alexander and his bodyguard. As the guard began to say a word when the two men looked at each other, the bodyguard grabbed the guard by the throat and throw him over the railing, and then they just began walking up again. Once the two tired out, banned up, hell angry men got up to the main floor of the building, they walked outside, got into Alexander's super cool L.R.V, and took of with a screeching of tire that sounded a lot like a full speed take off.

They screeched to a stop at an abandoned warehouse, and they got out with two silenced pistols. Alexander and the bodyguard walked casually into the building and open fired on a base full of the people who just tried to kill Alex , Alexander and the bodyguard didn't even turn their head and still had actor shots. In a minute Alexander and his bodyguard were the only ones alive. The bodyguard looked around and said,“I'm not satisfied,” so he went out and came back with a machine gun. Alexander saw it and sprinted as fast as a cheetah out of the building as bullets, and human body parts flow out of the building. As Alexander got in his car for safety he watched as the bodyguard shot an RPG into the building, and the building blow up as the bodyguard came back with the RPG launcher. At that moment Alexander knew he picked the right man for his bodyguard. Alexander wondered why his bodyguard just walked by, then he heard the trunk open and shut. The bodyguard got back into the car and Alexander asked,”what was that”.
“Nothing just the RPG launcher”, the bodyguard replied with a happy and evil tone.
“Good”, Alexander said with a smirk.
Then they heard sirens, they looked at each other with wide eyes, then took off full speed as a police car screeched to a stop. To be continued……

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on Jul. 25 2017 at 9:21 am
AlexanderDragon BRONZE, Rapid City, Michigan
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this book was hard to think of.

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