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Together We Kick, Together We Shoot

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"Pass, you idiot! Pass!" Jem screamed. Swinging his arms furiously in his bright yellow team shirt made him look like a squawking duck. But Ryder kept the ball, constantly switching between his left leg and his right. His face remained blank, swiped clean of any emotion he might have been feeling. He stopped for an instant, and immediately the defense of the other team swarmed around him, pushing to get the ball away from the star of the team. Ryder calmly pushed them away and took a shot at the goal. The net seemed to enlarge and Ryder made a clean shot, the ball flying toward the net and the goalie screaming in frustration. The whistle shrieked, ending the game in the favor of the home team.
His teammates crowded around Ryder, screeching in accomplishment. They cheered and pumped their fists, all while Ryder stood in the middle of the chaos, staring straight across the field at a younger boy sitting on the bench.
Logan stood up and clapped as hard as he could. He put his hands around his mouth and cheered for his big brother, his voice lost in the screaming happening all around him.
The crowd screamed Ryder's name and Logan felt himself swell at the pride of being related to Ryder Weste, the ace of the varsity soccer team. He looked at his notes again, then ripped up the paper and threw it out. He didn't need that anymore. It was worthless if their team had already won the game.
Logan Weste was the manager of their team, the Blue Eagles. Lamest name ever, especially for the varsity soccer team of the school with the best athletic history in the state. Brother of the all-time champion Ryder Weste and son of the best soccer player in the state, Logan had a lot of pressure on him, pounding down on him every step of the way.
Just being the manager was not enough. Logan needed more, something that he could call his own. He needed to play. On the field, not on the bench, taking notes of the opposing team so that the team could crush them next time. He was good at that, sure, but that was it. No.
Logan needed the rush of the field, the harsh intensity of the game, and the power you feel when you have control of the ball. He stood up, and began walking toward Ryder, to congratulate him on his big win.
Jem Farrell was mad. Mad at Ryder. For stealing his ball. For God's sake, they were on the same freaking team!!!!!!
But Ryder needed to spotlight. He needed to win everything. Jem could've scored that winning goal, if only he had the chance. But then he would only get the small pat-on-the-back, an occasional congratulation. But Ryder would get the big overblown standing ovation everyone else dreamed of having. Every time. Every single time, no matter how stupid his accomplishment was; he would always get everybody to look up at him in wonder. In awe.
Jem was the only one who knew the truth. The truth behind the ice prince of the soccer field. Underneath that smiling warm exterior lay a self-pretentious bastard who had no respect for anyone. He'd seen Ryder yell back at the teachers in school, and get suspended for weeks at a time. He’d seen Ryder hanging out with biker gangs, smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. He'd seen Ryder date all 13 girls on the cheerleading squad at once, going from one to the other. That blond-haired, blue-eyed, stereotypical jerk.
Jem knew the truth. He knew the truth, only because he used to be Ryder's best friend.
Ryder stared over the heads of the soccer fans here to congratulate him on the goal. His expression completely blank, void of any emotion. He breathed hard, still panting slightly from the exertion. He waved them off with a hand and walked over to Logan, staring at the crumpled notebook paper sitting next to his brother.
"Logan," Ryder groaned in exasperation. "How many times to I need to tell you, you're the manager! You need to take notes of the other team."
"Yeah, but we won, so there's no need to take notes anymore." Logan protested weakly. Ryder glared. He hated people talking back to him.
"If you think being the manager of thus team gives you the right to slack off and not pay attention, I'll kick you off this team myself!"
"Sorry, Captain." Logan bowed his head in shame and embarrassment. Out of the corner of his eye, he say Jem standing quite a distance away, arms crossed and staring at Ryder in resentment. He c***ed his head, confused, as Ryder walked away shaking his head in disgust.
"PRACTICE TIME, BOYS!" shouted the coach into his microphone. "We may have won yesterday's match against the Cougars but we still need to train harder if we want to make it to the nationals!" Everyone nodded and got into position and Logan claimed his seat on the manager's bench. With him were Jem Farrell, best player among the ninth graders, and Kain Milkovich, king of all perverts.
"Manager!" The coach yelled over the buzz of the soccer players getting ready. "We're out of water! Go get some!"
"Sure thing, Coach!" Logan stood up but two girls near the exit of the field jumped up, screaming "Logan, leave it to us!"
"You sure?" Asked Logan. When the girls nodded quickly, he smiled in gratitude and happily yelled his thanks. Kain immediately jumped up, following the girls out of the field, occasionally bursting out with "We'll do it together!!" and "Let's have fun together!!"
Logan grinned to himself and turned his attention back onto the field. "You know, Logan, you should get into the team," mused Jem thoughtfully.
"I am in the team. I'm the team's manager!" Logan beamed with pride.
"You know what I mean. In the game, not just on the sidelines." Jem looked down at Logan, assessing his strengths. Logan paused, brought back to the time when he had injured his left leg, making it impossible for him to play for the next year.he opened his mouth to reply when the Coach yelled.
"Farrell! We need a sub-in!" Jem nodded and looked at Logan with a 'think about it' expression on his face.
"H-here you go, Logan," a beat-up Kain meekly handed the water bottles to Logan.
"Ahhhhhh!!! What happened to you?" Logan stared at the multi-colored bruises on Kains face in astonishment.
"I approached one of the girls and tried to kiss her, but I didn't know she was the vice-president of the taekwondo committee." Kain wiped at the lumps on his face with a wet towel and sighed. "Ah, Jem went in without me!!! Again....."
"Well, it can't be helped. He is the best player among the eleventh graders, after all," Logan nodded toward Jem in respect.
"What, so you're saying I’m not a good player?" Kain snorted in indignation and puffed up his chest with mock pride.
"No. No, that's not what I meant at all. I just meant..." Logan trailed off in the middle of consoling his friend. A giggle came from behind them. Both boys turned, surprised, to see a fair-haired girl about their age smile at them.
"Still, trying to please everyone, I see. Logan, it's nice to see you again!" The mysterious girl tilted her head and smiled wide. Logan c***ed his head, confused at her behavior, when Kain suddenly jumped up, loudly blurting out, "You're really cute! Can I give you a hug?" while getting up and hurling himself at the girl with outstretched arms. She dodged deftly, her movements eerily similar to a memory that popped up in Logan's mind.
"Nope," she said cheerfully. "But Logan can, if he wants!" Kain turned around and glared ferociously at Logan, trying to find out how he could have a relationship with this new girl. How does she know my name? Logan wondered to himself. Who is she?
"Hey, you don't remember? I'm Lissa! Lissa Park, remember?" The girl pouted, her pretty features turned down in a frown. Logan shook his head, mute, and searched his memory for how he knew someone like her.
Logan snapped his fingers and cried, "Ah, I know! Lissa, right! Hey, long time no see! How are you?"
"I'm fine. I just transferred here from Aria High. How's your brother?"
Logan felt that familiar stab of pain in his heart and mentally sighed. He pointed at the field, where Ryder and the others still played. "He's over there. You can talk to him afterward, if you want."
"Ah, no that's alright. I'm going to be the manager with you this year! That's what I wanted to tell you," Lissa offered him a half-smile before turning and starting to go out of the field. Kain jumped at her from behind and tackled the poor girl in a not-at-all-romantic hug, screaming “Don't underestimate me!" In a flash, Lissa pried his arms from hers and kicked him away into the fence, eliciting a jingling of the metal chains as Kain's thick-headed skull rammed into it. She gave Logan a small wave with her fingers then left the field, leaving Logan running to Kain, who simply appeared dazed.
Kain rubbed his head where he had slammed it and mumbled, "What was that all about? So, Logan, how would you know someone like her? When'd you meet? Where? How does she know your brother?"
Unable to keep up with the barrage of questions flung at him, Logan raised his hands in surrender and stammered, "She was in my soccer team during elementary school. Ryder was there too."
"Hey, really? You were in a mixed team? I didn't know that."
"No, it was a boys only team. She was an exception. Her parents had threatened to sue if she couldn't be on the boys team; she was already quite skilled." Logan thought to himself, Wow. She looks more like a girl now. You couldn't really tell her gender back then. Logan and Kain both stared after her retreating form, Logan in puzzlement, and Kain in lust.
"Hmm, childhood friends. That's a big hurdle." Kain mused. Logan gaped at him in open-mouthed horror and puffed his cheeks in a disapproving manner, astounded at what first had popped up in Kain's mind after seeing a pretty girl.
"Alright, class! I'm introducing a new transfer student today. this is Alissa Optimus, transferred here from Mica High," the home room teacher pushed his classes up the bridge of his nose, and pointed grandly at Lissa.
Lissa walked next to the teacher's desk and smiled at her classmates. "Hi, my name is Lissa. It's a pleasure to meet all of you!" There were several cries of joy and looks of envy among the students. Many of the boys pumped their fists and whistled, while the girls glared at Lissa's petite form, her big eyes, high cheekbones and long fair hair.
"Hmmm. Let's see." the teacher stroked his chin, deep in thought. he snapped his fingers and said loudly, "I know! Alissa can sit next to Logan!" Logan started, and as Lissa slid into the empty seat beside him with a big smile, he felt the stares of the jealous boys bore holes in his backside.
The lesson continued, but Logan could hardly pay attention at all, for his gaze kept sliding to the right, where Lissa sat staring at the teacher in rapt fascination. As soon as the bell sounded for the end of class, all the students filed out and the boys cornered Logan against the wall. "How do you know someone like her?" They demanded fiercely. "Tell us your relationship!"
"No, no!" Logan held up his hands in an attempt to calm the jealous males. "We were just in the same soccer team when we were young, you know?"
"Roommates?" Obviously, this buff jock wasn't very bright. How he had heard roommates from the word teammates was beyond anything that Logan could comprehend. "Roommates?? What dirty thing did you do to her, you scoundrel? What?" He shook Logan hard.
Logan shook his head frantically. "No, you don't get it, it wasn't like that at all!!"
"Then what was it like?" The jock looked as if he were on the verge of throwing Logan against a wall, so he answered as quickly as possible.
"No, it was...Well..."
"Well, what? Spit it out!"
"When we were little, she liked my brother!!" Logan burst out. "Ryder!"
"Huh?" All the boys crowded in at this newest revelation. "Ryder?" One of the boys mumbled, "Speak of the devil."
Ryder strolled into the hallway with a group of girls all fawning over him. Shrieks and cute screams laced the air as the girls scrambled over themselves trying to get his attention.
A call from behind him stole his attention. "Ryder! I filled out the application forms!" Lissa ran up to him and showed him the form in her hand. Meanwhile, all the other girls glared daggers at Lissa, who was oblivious to their obvious hatred.
"Oh, hey, Lissa! That's great! Now you're all set to be the manager with Logan!" Ryder smiled at her and she ginned up at him in return.
One of the girls blurted out, "How did she get so friendly with him all of a sudden? Who is this chick? No fair!" All the other girls nodded their agreement and chimed in with her cry of annoyance.
"Forget it," said one of the boys closing in on Logan. "We can't compete with him. Let's just give it up." All of them nodded, even the jock currently throttling Logan. But through his pain, staring at Lissa and Ryder together stirred old memories and bitter heartbreak. Logan glanced at them laughing together sadly, then turned on his heel and walked in the direction of his next class.

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