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The Special One

August 9, 2016
By MadelynnHall, Indianapolis, Indiana
MadelynnHall, Indianapolis, Indiana
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Maddie Renee Washers (pronounced way*shy*ers) is your everyday 20 year old girl. She’s got a few exes,a messed up family, and she doesn’t think that anything bad will ever happen to her. For the past week she has felt like she was being stalked. It just so happens that a guy known as The Red Mask Killer a.k.a. your worst nightmare has been abducting girls that kind of look like Maddie for the past month. Detective Amanda Williams believes that this could possibly be Maddie’s stalker but boy was she wrong.  Maddie is abducted and held captive for 14 days. With every waking moment she is asked the same question by the same guy she does not know, “Do you love me?” On the 14th day something changes in the guy that has been holding her hostage and things take an ugly turn for the worse. Will Detective Amanda  Williams be able to save her in time? Who has been keeping her hostage these past 14 days? Only time will tell.


The Special One

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