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May 13, 2016
By PhiaRose, Lafayette, Colorado
PhiaRose, Lafayette, Colorado
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It starts when Dakota is taken to the hospital after feeling sick for a few weeks. He hasn't been able to keep up with his sports, school work, and his life because he has been sick. His mother takes him into the doctor and they run some tests to see exactly what is going on.They find out that he has developed a very aggressive cancer which has been making him very weak. His mother, doctor and himself decide to start with treatment. He is started on multiple sessions of chemotherapy and some very heavy medication.Dakota and his mom go back to the doctor’s office to find out if any of the chemotherapy over the past few months have worked.Dakota keeps getting worse, his cancer is not deteriorating the way they wanted it to.He goes on living out his life until the end at home with his family.



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