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Saudi Arabia

January 1, 2016
By Escritora PLATINUM, Bucharest, Other
Escritora PLATINUM, Bucharest, Other
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"Saudi Arabia has the potential to appeal to any foreign engineer, anywhere, anytime. But it’s a timeless reality that the expatriate is not the same as the local. The ethicalities chiselled into an individual make the expatriate’s vision dangerously different from the local’s. Hence an outsider can never approach the inside. He or she can never go deeper than the surface or else risk reaching the core of a country. Or else risk crossing a barrier between cultures and morals". Saudi is an opportunity for engineers who's countries no longer sustain them. But it comes with suppression, detachment, and an overwhelming sensation of being exiled, as Melissa, a teenage girl, soon realises. She finds herself doubting whether safety comes before being a person, instead of a woman in Saudi Arabia. The reader too will find they're confronted with the eternal question: safety or freedom? Wealth or happiness? Success or home?

Nathalia G.

Saudi Arabia

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