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Traditions of the Heart

December 14, 2015
By PieISGOOD, stockton, California
PieISGOOD, Stockton, California
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The last rays of the California sunshine came through the curtains of the room I despised. The room in California that I was staying in. This room was in my Dad's sister Jen’s house. My mom and dad, without even considering my thoughts, had taken my whole family to California for Thanksgiving so that my dad and his sister could get closer together after my uncle Jack died. My mom shouted "Dinner.”  I started to run because every year on the Monday before Thanksgiving my mom cooked bacon burgers. I remembered my uncle Jack always use to come to Monday burgers he always said my mom’s dinners were the best! On my way there my brother pushed me aside. He started running as he did he said, “Ha ha you jerk! I’m getting to the burgers first.” I ran down the stairs after him and jumped on his back. He started trying to get me off him. My mom said “stop it!” We stopped and ran to the table ready for our burgers. When I sat down I looked on my plate. My face fell

Correy C.

Traditions of the Heart

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