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Our Rooftop

April 11, 2015
By cjuliann, Yulee, Florida
cjuliann, Yulee, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"I want to thank the sidewalks for keeping me off of the streets."


Coral Dukes had a promising life ahead of her. An abrupt halt has taken her life and done a complete 360, though. That abrupt halt being a sadistic heart disease known as Myocarditis. Suddenly, a girl who was once an optimistic soul excited about the trials and tribulations of life, is now a pessimistic soul waiting for death to devour her alive, and she's becoming impatient. But then there is Lucas. Lucas also lives the diminutive amount of life he has in the abominable hospital Eve can't stand. But, cancer has seemed to awake Lucas from the depths of disparity. His optimism has to be the most annoying thing in the world to Eve. But, every single second more she finds herself spending with him, the more she realizes she wants to live again. A will to live is something Eve never thought she would find again; and even as the doctors tell her she is slowly deteriorating and closer to death than ever, with Lucas, she has never felt more alive. Follow Lucas and Eve on a touching story of love in the most harrowing of places. 

Julian C.

Our Rooftop

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