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OCD meet your worst enemy.

January 25, 2015
By SolSol, Seattle, Washington
SolSol, Seattle, Washington
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I know many people who struggle with issues in their lives regarding their mental health. Everyone does at some point in their lives, but some more or less severely than others. OCD, Anxiety, ADHD, or anything else are all real problems and i wnated to amke that clear in this story. 

All of my characters as basically walking versions of disorders that are problems in our world today. The main character goes by the nickname OCD, and has reached a point so severe where he cannot handle his own life without a set calendar planning out every second of his every day. 

He meets a man, ADHD, who isnsists he do things that terrify him only because they are different. His new accquaintance takes him out into the city and has him experience things that begin to break down his shell.

Soleil B.

OCD meet your worst enemy.

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