The Easy Day Was Yesterday

March 9, 2014
By S.E.A.L, Orlando, Florida
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S.E.A.L, Orlando, Florida
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Author's note: I felt like owed it to the men who can't say what their training is like. I wanted to be the one that let the world see what real hard work is thats why I wrote this book.

The water was utterly cold. The waves were crashing and pounding the ocean floor. Calm citizens sitting on the sandy beach eating lunch with their profound families. I could be with them enjoying looking at all birds in the sky and waiting for stars to rise. No that’s not what I can do because I signed up for the most rigorous training in the naval special forces. I signed up to go to training to become a superb marksman. So there I sat watching all the families in a big rubber blow up boat filled with a bunch of recruits for training. The only one in the boat with experience was our military instructor for B.U.D.S basic under water demolition school. The instructors name was P.O petty officer 3rd class Riley Johnson. Instructor Riley decided to stand up in the boat with an evil grin on his face. He began to speak “You signed up for one of the biggest toughest naval special warfare training”
He then laughed and said “Let’s just hope you boys know how to swim. “ He then shouted “You are to hit the water and swim approximately 1.5 miles following my tail is that understood!”
Our squad all shouted “Yes Sir!” He then screamed! “Hit the water!” We all hit the water it felt like knives stabbing my skin that’s how cold it was. Some men screamed and said they can’t swim. The instructor jumped in the water and started flying through the water. We all struggled seeing the water since now it was night time. I just followed the recruit in front of me while swimming at a race car pace. Thank god he was following the instructor. It wasn’t till about a half mile in till I was able to barely see the instructors head swimming in the lead!
We made the 1.5 mile and the instructor yelled “Swim back to shore!” I thought that was crazy its 2 miles back to shore and we are all exhausted. The instructor caught me rolling my eyes and said my name. “Hey Searcy I see you rolling your eyes at me again you’re going to have the shore punishment.”
What’s a shore punishment I pondered. We were 1.0 miles in so far and I couldn’t hold my weight much longer in this water. My lungs were in excruciating pain, my heart pounded so fast and hard I think it was about to burst through my bones! Several minutes later our squad made it to the shore and I was done. This was my limit. I tried to stand up in the shallow water twice but I fell every time hitting my cheek and my body on the grinding sand. The current was like a black hole pulling me out to sea. I finally stood to my feet and looked to see half of my squad in the water. The other half was all arranged in squad lines standing in the freezing sand, facing the opposite way of the ocean with the instructor standing in front of them.
Instructor Riley then immediately saw me while I was looking at the squad and then said “Hey Searcy glad to see you made here after all.“ Instructor Riley said “Well today was a good day boys but we will be continuing this for 4 more weeks so be prepared and today was the easiest day. So hit the bunks!” I wobbled to the white wall disconnecting the beach to the parking lot. I opened the gate and there I saw a huge building with the sign on the front saying the navy seal motto ‘The Easy Day Was Yesterday”.

I entered the building which is really a naval base and went to the bunk room which is military term for bed. The room was filled with a hundred bunk beds with nothing but sheets and mattress and one pillow. I changed out of my clothes and ditched them putting on my thermal pants. That night I had only gotten 4 hours of sleep before returning to do the same thing every day for 2 weeks. All we do is nothing but aggravating pushups and annoying running. Every day I had to wake up with an instructor screaming his head off at us to get in to a uniform. The instructors once a week would also go into all of our military bunks and tear it all to shreds. They would throw our clothes across the room while taking our uniforms and mixing them with other peoples. Nobody could ever pass what we called clean inspection. One day I did wake up to something different and it was the most disastrous and horrific week of my life. This was the day that started the third week. I woke up and got out of my bunk and as I got my senses together I immediately saw instructors charge into the room screaming to the top of their lungs. I begin to think “ah great another inspection.”
That thought immediately changed when I heard the one of the instructors scream” Welcome to the first day of your screwed week!” The instructor was wearing a tactical vest as he begin to put his gas mask on then the squad and I saw him unclip a tear gas container and threw it on the floor. “Army crawl out the building LETS GO LET’S GO!” Our instructor said with no remorse. Now the tear gas was a yellow foam cloud of death all over the room and I was crawling on the white tiled floor while rushing to get out of the building. The tear gas was making all of our noses running faster than the Nile River and burning our eyes at the same time. People in our squad begin to stop and put their hands on their face to stop the burning and that did not help. As each candidate stopped I was the one who had to crawl over every single poor body burning in agonizing pain. I could now see nothing but yellow gas for 10 minutes as I tried to crawl to the exit door. I made it to the exit door and I saw two desert camouflaged Humvee loaded with one 50 caliber machine gun on each roof. Each 50 caliber was loaded with a instructor firing it in the air.
“All of you crawl to the beach shore while I retrieve our fallen candidates in the building!” Our instructor Riley said while walking in to the building. Our squad was crawling in a line through the cold cemented parking lot while trying to make it to the white wall. After 5 minutes my hand hit the sand and I began to look up to see nothing but the deadliest waves and current I’ve ever seen. On the shore in front of all the squads there stood three spaced out rubber blow up boats with 9 black metallic paddles in each of them. Each boat was meant to fit only 6 people but our instructors ordered nine recruits for each boat.”You recruits are to paddle the boat you were assigned to one mile out to sea and right when you reach your mile, you are to attach a engine to the boat and boat back. Is that understood?” said instructor Riley
“Yes sir!” our squad said in fear, It was due to because we all knew what was going to happen. I’m going to get on that boat and paddle out to sea and get wiped out by a huge wave in the process, “Yeah that’s all I need right now!” I thought sarcastically. We all grabbed our boats and jogged to the ocean and threw our boats down. We all jumped in and every man was determined to race the other boats. Each man manned a paddle and was paddling their hearts out but every time we made progress to our objective point, we were wiped out by a 10 feet tsunami wave. The current was so strong that when we wiped out our boat was being pulled to the ocean while we were being pulled underwater. We all pulled our boat over to dump the water out and jumped right back in to it. I saw 2 boats behind us and they were being demolished by waves while losing their boat to the sea. Our squad made it first to the checkpoint at last and immediately I said to the squad “Wait we were never taught how to put a engine on a E class Mark IV rubber boat.” Right when I said that all faces in the boat went blank and we all were trying to come up with solutions. “Is anyone here a specialized boatswain mate?” I asked and then a person in our squad stood up and said “I can put it on but I’m going to need help.”
I then assured him “Anything you need just get something attached to this boat.” He then gave us instructions on how to put on the engine and we attached the engine on and flew through the ocean to the shore. There waiting for us on the beach was our instructor with two assistant leaders behind him.
“Congratulations ,you men are the first boat to arrive and how the heck did you put on that engine?” The leading instructor asked.
I began to explain saying “We had a boatswain mate in our crew sir and we had him instruct us through the whole process.” Our instructors face lit up like a cherry in laughter.
“Hah aha you lucky sons of a gun, I thought our last boatswain quit, but I guess not!” His face and tone changed quickly when he spotted the last three boats paddling in. He turned around and gave a sour look on his face. He faced the three boats and said “How does last place feel gentlemen?” The three squads pulled onto the sand and looked at our engine propulsion system like we just came up with a quantum mechanics theory. I was then thinking looking at there faces that’s right we just made a propulsion system while you paddled your life to get to this hard cold sandy shore. Well it suck to suck I guess although I should feel bad for them. Then again I’m not. The instructor then addressed our squad and said “Men for being first place you get to rest for 10 minutes and watch the other squads do what I call THE SHORE PUNISHMENT. Squads 2 and three you are to cover your head to toe with sand is that understood!”
“YES SIR!” Squads three and four screamed and then covered their bodies by rolling in the sand for ten minutes. “Permission to recover sir!” every squad that had sand stacked to every part of the body said.
“Recover!” The instructor screamed,”This is our first day of Hell Week boys so now guess what it involves? It involves running and if you can’t run a mile and a half get out of this program by saying two words I QUIT! The instructor then ordered us to all run a 2 mile trip in the sand and back. So in total 4 miles and we have only 1 hour to complete it. The beach was closed for the week so it could just belong to our training. This means the instructors could do whatever they want when they wanted. So when the instructor shot the M16 in the air we had run away while they followed us in three Humvee trying to scare us by shooting 50 caliber blanks in the air. It was loud and a little scary but fun. We made our two mile mark and turned around to continue jogging when the instructors decided to throw tear as every half mile so the whole 4 miles of the beach was covered with nothing but yellow clouds of poisoning death. I couldn’t see anything while I was jogging and while I was jogging I was choking and vomiting while having my eyes burn on fire for two miles. I fell down three times before reaching the mark and the instructors made the mistake by throwing tear gas because the wind started blowing it to the city. I ran right out of the gas reaching my objective point. “John Searcy you are the first one to make it through the run so you may sit down and wait for your other squad members. I tried sit down but ended up falling on my face and falling to sleep. I woke with a boot kicking me in the side and it was my instructor saying “Hey Searcy wake up or else I’ll have to punch you!” My instructor said while I rolled over and got up. Gather your squad and walk to the desert camouflaged truck outside he will take you guys to a place where we will continue training. I gathered my squad and we walked to the truck that was parked in the parking lot right in front of the building we started hell week in. We all jumped in the back and fell asleep.

While I was in the back of that truck I met a good friend named Michael Sanchez. He was a candidate just like me but a lot shorter and bigger built. He was constantly making jokes and he was always a smart butt too! We both had no hair due to it always being buzzed to keep up with naval requirements. He was 5,9 and I was 6,4 but he had way more muscle mass. He could do a million pushups while I would die at 85. He was from Montgomery, Alabama and had a southern hard accent. We started talking about our home town for example I told him I was born in Mountain city, Georgia and how my mother’s name was Elizabeth Searcy and my dad was John Searcy but they were deceased in the 9-11 bombing. He said his distant relatives but he never had a family and he lived with different foster parents every month. “Wow dude that’s pretty harsh” I said feeling that we had much in comparison now.
“Yeah never could feel like I had a home.” He began tearing up and saying how he only felt he had a home once and that was in the navy.
“You and me both brother, you and me both.” I begin saying as I realized we were both just alike. We both only felt our home was in the navy and we both were going to become seals together. The truck then came to an immediate stop jerking all of our wet body’s to the back of the truck.
“Get off of me now!” I heard one of the candidates in the truck screaming at the other candidates. The instructor then got out of the truck and walked to the back and opened the trucks back door. Right when he opened the door every candidate that was smashed in to the back door of the truck came rolling out. Michael then said “ Sir just remember the golden rule in the navy don't ask, don't tell! Our instructor then laughed as we then brushed ourselves off and realized we were on a dirt road placed to pave a path down the clay soiled mountain. The mountain was covered with nothing but green dry woods. Our truck was facing down the dirt path and then the instructor ran to the inside of his truck and drove off laughing while yelling “Don't worry I already know the answer to that rule with you guys Michael!” I had to begin thinking; He did not just leave me here with a crappy joke and 9 candidates with a 10 mile jog down this mountain and 5 mile jog on the interstate highway! After thinking this my face became flourished in redness out of frustration. When I get down this mountain and back to the base I’m going to wipe that smile off that instructors face. We all then known that daylight is running short and we have a 15 mile jog back to base. So the squad began immediately jogging down the mountain and we all sang cadences to take our mind off of running.
Our cadences went like “Instructor Riley making all of us pay and now we running all the way back to base. Momma momma can’t you see, how instructor Riley screwing me. He made me freeze, he made me die, he's making Michael do extra PT time!” We then jumped on the interstate highway and ran all the way back to base singing songs that would to the absolute insult instructor Riley. We then made It to the base and jogged through the parking lot and we all with the intentions of hitting the bunks. That night Michael then jumped on top of the bunk bed I was sleeping on the bottom.
“Hey Michael!”I whispered to him
“Shut up John I'm having a dream that Instructor Riley is giving you more PT time.” Michael said whispering back.
“Your such a smart Alec!” I answered back to him laughing but whispering

The next two days was the same as the 1rst week just instead we did things with harder requirements. We still got gassed hard with tear gas. This time the gas didn’t go as far but it was much thicker and filled with the color red. The last day of screwed week was tomorrow and I was not handling the lack of sleep well. Due to only having 4 hours of sleep my dream world and reality were mixing. For instance when I was walking in the white tilled hall way right next to the cafeteria with the memorial of all the men who lost their lives in Vietnam. I saw a big 12 foot python on the covering the ground so I unbuckled my knife from my belt attached to my camouflaged uniform and stabbed it right in the head. The vision of the snake then changed to reality and it was my left foot with a Bowie knife in my toe.
I halted faster than a red tail hawk trying to kill its prey down that hall way with the knife in my foot gushing with flourishing red blood all over my combat boots and screamed “Bloody Murder!” While I ran to the doctor the blood was flowing all down the hallway from my shoes. I flew the doctors door and opened screaming “HELP ME PLEASE HELP MY FOOT HAS BEEN STABBED!”
The doctor gave me a strange look and asked me “are you okay? There Is nothing in your foot.” I then looked at my black combat boot to see that my foot wasn't stabbed after all. The whole thing was in my vivid cruel imagination. The doctor then asked me to let him examine me. After a bunch of questions during examining he then said I was super sleep deprived and It was normal. This was the worst experience besides the last day of screwed week. The last day of screwed week was the horrific day of my life I’ll tell you about it. It started off with a nice jog with the class down the beach and then on to the interstate. We jogged 6 miles down the interstate and then they took us off road in to a bunch of woods and dirt trails. The ground became thick black mud and it went waist high. We were then handed by instructors 30 large brown wooden barrels that each weighed about 20 pounds. The instructors suspiciously were measuring how far the mud trail was to actual land. Then we found a small sand pit above the deep mud and we all jumped onto it.
“Men you are 10 miles into nothing but woods and mud. The instructors will attach a rope against the trees leading out of sand pit hanging over the mud connecting to the dirt path and you are to get across that rope, and if you fall you have restart from a sand pit is that understood?” Instructor Riley asked with a very suspicious grin.
Our class was all sitting on the sand pit and immediately screamed “YES SIR!” The instructors then opened 20 barrels and retrieved rope out of each one. The rope trail went 60 feet hanging over the mood. We then all started trying to monkey climb across the rope when the assisting instructors started opening the remaining barrels that contained thick red tear gas. We were about half way across when the assisting instructors threw 3 unclipped tear gas cans in front of us. Each one exploding thick red tear gas in our eyes. We all begin to cry and cough while trying to get across the rope.
“NOOO!” a candidate screamed falling off the rope and swimming back to the sand pit. Three other men followed falling off while crying from the tear gas. I was hanging on for life climbing to the other side. I then realized Michael was behind me and right when I looked at him he said “Hey move out of the way I’m a fast galleon about sail over the white rope seas. That was such a smart Alec thing to say but it sure made me laugh.
After 30 minutes I reached the other side with Michael and we both received orders from the assisting instructors.
“Riley told us to tell you guys that you must jog back to base and meet him in the naval training pool.” Well I sprinted 13 miles back trying to race Mr. Fast Galleon to base and ran inside the naval base to go to the simulation training pool. I've already learned about the simulation training pool. The simulation training pool actually makes deadly ocean waves and rain fall from the ceiling like it was simulating a storm. I saw instructor Riley in his diving gear and the pool was filled with bright blue water.
“Hey Searcy and Sanchez catch!” Instructor Riley said while throwing two white restraint plastic hand cuffs . “ Put em in your pockets and we'll wait for the whole class to get here. I then put the plastic hand cuffs in my swimming trunks and sat on the pool side with Michael. After 45 minutes my whole class made it and instructor Riley came out of the pool and said “ Go to the Locker Room and take off your cloths and change in to diving gear. We went to the locker rooms and changed into gear and we all put on our black webbed flippers on our feet and came out. Instructor Riley then told us “ Congratulations men all you have to do Is pass restraint test and you will complete hell week”

I begin to whisper to Michael “Wait we already passed a panic test with restraints, this is easy!”
“I wouldn't think that if I was you” Michael answered
Instructor Riley then walked away but turned around and said “Oh and I forgot to mention, its not like a panic test with small waves,the threat level of the wave simulation is threat level 3 that is as deadly as it gets so be prepared to swallow ocean water and the waves will be 15 feet high, rain will be severe.” “Thank you so much Mr. Riley for being a psychic and retaliate to what ever I think.”
“One man will go at a time, it will go from order of last names is that understood?” Instructor Riley asked.
“YES SIR!” We all screamed and helped each other cuff our feet and hands. We each were called by last names and had to jump in to the water . When I hit the water I felt like closing down and not move that’s how cold it was. Right when I hit the bottom of the pool floor it started raining heavy and the waves started jumping higher and higher. Every time I hit the top of the water, I swallowed a big gulp of air and then blowed bubbles to reach the bottom faster. When you hit floor I jumped of as much as I could to reach the top fast. After 3 successful attempts I hit the top and got smashed by a wave and went to the pool floor with no air. I was now craving oxygen while being slammed to the bottom of the concrete pool. I then thought of everything I’ve done in B.U.Ds and how hard I worked. “ I made it this far I am not failing this class due to some freaking wave!” I then bursted to the top going 6 feet off the top of the pool.
Instructor Riley then gave me a smile and said “ Congratulations Searcy you've completed the training get out of my pool !“

He pulled me out and sent me to the showers in the locker room. I walked and entered the locker room and took my cloths off. I then entered the shower and turned on the water. When the water came from the hose of the shower It bursted the coldest water I’ve ever felt. I felt if all I was getting was ice for a minute. I started grinding my teeth trying to hold everything together and stay sane for that moment.
I reached for the green bar of soap and then my skin was turning bright pink and then I yelled “ Screw this shower,I'm going to freaking get a shower in the ocean than this crap” I dried off and put on my thermal pajamas and ran to the bunks and went to sleep. The next morning I walked out of bed and went to the mens bathroom and began to look at myself in the mirror. I then begin to think “Holy Moly I'm ripped! I was a pipsqueak before this training and now Im freaking buff.” After 10 minutes of looking at myself in the mirror I then looked to see Michael laughing at me in the background of the mirror recording this on his phone.
“Michael I'm going to kill you” I yelled laughing trying to get his phone and immediately he dashed to the cafeteria laughing and he was a better runner than me so he was kicking my butt in the chase. I then kicked the doors open to the cafeteria to see Michael showing it to the whole class and instructor Riley. Michael then gave me a big smile and I returned by taking my wash cloth out of my jacket and poured my green canteen over it. I then whipped his shoulder with my wash cloth and ran away.
He then chased after me laughing out “ Hey John come back I have a nice wet towel to sooth your soul!”
I then answered “ Only if it sings reggae!” We ran out of the base chasing each other 2 miles down the beach. He then got close enough and whipped me with the towel. Oh my god that hurt so bad I felt like the lord just took off his belt and hit me himself.

Me and Michael were laughing hard as heck for ten minutes and we turned around and jogged back to base laughing with each other. We got back to base and saw instructor Riley waiting for us patiently in the parking lot.

“Yes sir!” We said at the same time. Michael and I then immediately high five each other and ran to go to sleep. The next morning we reported at a different base and entered the hand to hand combat training room. There in front of us layed 18 large wrestling mats and a brown rack of swords in the back. The class was sitting down in front of a Native American gentleman who then greeted us and us to sit.
“My name is Chief Akecheta and I am a master at native American hand to hand combat. What you are being taught is what you use to kill or defend yourself. If it comes to hand to hand combat you must be ready and the situation better be bad.” Chief Akecheta then asked us to grab a partner. I immediately grabbed Michael as my partner and we were taught everything such as martial arts techniques such as Judo,Wrestling,Kickboxing,Jujitsu,Mu ay Thai.
“This is how they do it” I told Michael
“How they do what?” Michael asked
“Kill their enemy of course!” I told him
“Good job class their will be one test tomorrow and this room will have walls and doorways. You will be tested on your capability to take on any man that tries to attack you tomorrow.” He then told us that we were free to go. Michael and I left talking about how cool we now felt of all the knowledge we learned. We then decided to see our new bunks but right when we arrived to the door step of the bunk room.
I then asked “Hey Michael how about we say screw these beds and lets be roommates in a apartment.”
He then looked at me and said “Sure dude!” We left and got in to my metallic black Six generation Ford Mustang with a electronic controlled roof. “Sweet car man!” He said complementing my car.
I then returned with a wink and a Elvis Presley accent saying ”Thank you, Thank you very much!” That made him crack up big time. We then drived to a Marriott Hotel and went to the front and checked in with a medium 5.0ft brunette girl and I gave her our military I. Ds. The military payed for our room and she gave us our keys to the 13th room on the 24th floor. Michael and I decided to take the clear glass elevator up to the 24th floor. We got to the 15th floor and looked out behind us to see the whole nightlife city of Coronado ,California. We reached the top floor and our elevator door opened up to a red carpet hallway. Michael stepped out first and we started walking in to our room. We arrived to the Royal white door and I put my golden key in and I opened the door.
“Wow dude this is AWESOME I’ve never seen something so high class in my life!” Michael screamed.
“ I know, neither have I.”, I said in shock. There before our I eyes was shining white marble plated floors. There was one Luxury master bedroom and a Krystal clean guest room. Each bedroom had a night circle round red bed. The living room had a Japanese wooden wall with a flat screen T.V hanging over a fireplace. The fire place was surrounded by two black luxury couches and in the middle was a Red luxury glass coffee table. The kitchen was In the same room as the living room. The kitchen was made of pure black granite counters and a silver dishwasher and fridge. Under the granite counters were brown Bamboo drawers. The back wall facing from the door was pure glass which gave a view of all the city of Coronado,California.
“Hey Michael can you believe this all on the military wallet!” I said echoing in the room.
“Yeah since were officers we get special treatment!” Michael answered from the master bedroom. “Hey I'm going to go to bed so I can dream about kicking that combat test in the butt.”
“I will to but it won't be the test's butt its going to be yours” I said laughing. We went to bed and woke up at 5:00 am to get drive down to the Mckall naval base. We then went down the glass elevator and told the girl were staying another day. We walked to the parking lot and jumped in to the roofless pitch black mustang and drove down to the Mckall Naval Base. We reported for our test at 6:00 am and saluted our chief and sat with the class. This time the test room was a house without a roof. Wooded walls made rooms and each man had to make it through every room to finish the test.
I was elected first and the chief immediately said “GO!” I ran through the first room yelling “CLEAR!” When I entered the second room I was immediately grabbed by a man covered in black cushioning with a protective face mask. I him in the groin and kneed his face which ended him going to the ground. I then finished him off with a face palm to the cushion covering his throat.
The instructor then yelled “CLEAR!” Then I moved to the third room which ended to guys trying to jump me. I picked both of them up and body slammed them on the ground. I then kicked each one in the throat and the instructor then yelled “CLEAR!” The fourth room was clear but when I moved to the 5th room there were 4 guys who attacked me. They all had taken me to the ground so I elbowed the first one in the face mask knocking him off. The second one I did a technique that would have dislocated his arm but he's not a real enemy in real life so he fell and acted like he was hurt. The last two I hit both on the side shoulder which knocked them out unconscious.

I opened the next door and walked out to see the whole class clapping and the chief shook my hand and said “Congratulations you passed this part of this course, you will now learn how to fight hand to hand combat with a knife and gun bayonet. Be here tomorrow at 3:00 pm is that understood?”
“Absolutely sir” I said I then walked to the exit door while telling Michael I will be at the mustang when he gets done.
About 20 minutes later Michael comes running out screaming “I'm Bruce Lee now dude” he passed the test and jumped into my car and we drove in to a near sport bar called Baylor house. We walked in and went to the bar and sat down.
The bartender came up to us and said” What can I get you fellas” We both got a coke and looked around the sport restraint to end up seeing the most beautiful thing in my life it was a waitress she was a brunette 19 year old girl about 5'7 trying to serve three drunk rednecks. The rednecks were trying to grab the girl and the girl kept on refusing to sit with them. Me and Michael were both in our Naval uniform started talking to each other.
“Hey John if they push or touch that girl over there we're going to have a nice military talk with them.” Michael whispered
“Heck yeah I was raised as country boy but we do not tolerate disrespecting women.” I whispered back, the three drunken rednecks then begin to push the girl down on a table and tried to offer her a drink. Michael and I had enough we do not tolerate disrespect especially to women.
We then pursued the three drunken rednecks and one begin to say to us “Oh my god its the Navy at my doorstep, so you finally had the guts to find the courage to step on land. Cause I know you guys sure as heck can't fight on it” Michael s fist and mine were clenching to punch this guy straight in the face.
“Show some respect but guys like you who treat women like this have none.” I said
The three drunken rednecks let the girl go and stood up from their tables. “ How is this for respect” One of the rednecks pouring beer all over me. I grabbed him and threw him at the glass door. Michael picked the other two and followed. The rednecks tried to get up but me and Michael square kicked them in the side making all three fly across the parking lot. They got up and ran at us but Michael and I counter maneuvered them by kicking one in the face and the other in the groin.
Michael grabbed the third one and put him In a manipulation arm lock on my car saying “ Don't treat women like that ever again or I will do this again” Michael then kicked the redneck on the back of the knee and applied just enough pressure to the temple to knock him out. He then jumped in to my car and I followed and drove to our apartment. We reached the apartment and Michael told me “ I don’t care what science says, you are my brother!”

Dang right I am” I said smiling while I walked to the master bedroom. I went to sleep like a baby. Michael followed and when woke up the next morning we realized that we had till 3:00 pm to do what ever we want. I wanted to see that waitress again so I said “Lets go back to that sports bar supposedly they sell really good breakfast” I told him.

“Sure breakfast is what you want” Michael said smiling sarcastically. I then gave him a wink and we drove down to the sports bar and we were in our battle uniform still. I walked in and it was like of the moments when the whole club stops the music and looks at you funny. That's what they did to me and I just smiled and sat down at a table with Michael.
The waitress immediately spotted us and she came up to Michael and I without hesitation and said “ Thank you guys for yesterday,those guys were jerks and by the way where did you guys learn how to fight like that?”
Michael immediately said with a grin “ Well John taught me everything he knew from Spider man 2.” I looked at him laughing and asked her for her name. She smiled and said she would write it on the receipt. She then asked us for our orders and we both just said a coffee would be fine.
She then left us and I asked Michael “Do you think she likes me?”
He responded with a smart comment “ I'm not sure I think spidey never ever gets the girl?” I then laughed my butt off and the waitress came back with the coffees and handed me the receipt and walked away. On the receipt was not only the waitress's name Ashley but her phone number also. I showed Michael the receipt and he highfived me laughing.

We then finished our coffee and we drove to the Mckall naval base but this time we had to report outside across the street at the Mckall High school football field. We parked our car in the high school parking lot and walked on to the Mckall football field. I joined my class that was sitting in the bleachers and the chief was standing in front of them on the grass. Behind the chief was two Native American helpers that were holding two knifes and a rifle with a bayonet. The chief then began to speak
“Welcome men to the self defense course! In this course you will be dealing with how to defend yourself with a rifle without having to fire and cause attention. You will also learn how to defend yourself with a knife when it comes to hand to hand combat with your enemy. I expect you to work and try your best is that understood?”
“YES SIR” We yelled and Michael and me picked each other as partners immediately to start the knife combat drills. We learned how to end the enemy quick and fast even if he has a gun. We used rubber knifes on our partners and rubber bayonets with the rifle. We learned close quarter combat tactics with the rifle. We practiced for 3 hours and Michael and I were now experts in close weapons combat.

The chief said they would now send us to the army airborne school. Where we will learn how everything about jumping from a airplane and landing safe on the ground. Right after we were declared qualified to move on to airborne school I went straight to my apartment with Michael. I then gave Ashley a call on my phone to see if she would like to go on a date. She told me to pick her up at 9:00 pm when her shift ended. I told her I would be there definitely and then Michael was listening over the other phone the whole time and yelled when she hanged up “Yeah that's what I'm talking about John!” I had Michael give me suggestions on where to take her and Michael said his friend is in the Naval Air Warfare and they have a black bird chopper that they needed to rack up miles on.
I told him “That's perfect, wait what if she is scared of heights?” He told me to have the doors closed first just in case. I left Michael at the apartment and drove to the Baylor Steak House to pick up Ashley. She got right in and complemented my car I told her that what I told Michael in a Elvis Presley accent “Thank You Thank you very much.” She totally loved it and got a kick out of it.
She then asked me “ Where are we going?”
I then told her”I hope your not scared of heights because were headed to the Mckall Naval Air Base. She looked at me strangely but shrugged it off. I think she didn't know what I meant when I asked her if she was scared of heights. I pulled in to the security checkpoint and moved to the air hangar. There I met Ronald, Michael s guy supposedly. Ronald took us to the black bird chopper and I helped her into the chopper. She was scared I could tell and so was I, cause if Ronald screws this up, my chance with Ashley is over. I secured her in as much as I could and made sure I was too. Ronald started the helicopter and moved smoothly in to the air. We went up to 1000 feet elevation and I could see the whole city and so could she. She hugged me and thanked me for taking her to see the magnificent view. I told her that it was no problem at all. I begin thinking If I like this girl and I want to marry her some day I'll have to tell her I'm a Navy Seal but I'm not one yet still got to get through advanced training. Ronald flew over the city and made a circle back to the base. He landed the air craft softly and I escorted her back to my car. She reached and held my hand as I helped her into the car. I then started the mustang and received directions to drive her home. I drove to her house and personally escorted her to her front door and told her I'll be out of contact for 4 weeks due to airborne training. She smiled and said she would miss every minute I am gone. I walked away and drove back to my apartment.

The next day I was to report at a school 36 hours away by car. Michael and I decided we were going to take a 6 hour airplane trip to Fort Benning,Georgia to start airborne school. Michael and I got on the plane at 6:00 pm and we got there at 12:24. We took a taxi to get to Fort Benning, When we pulled into the Fort Benning security checkpoint and to our left I saw a huge airfield. Plane traffic was constant with recruits going into the sky. We were to report at our bunks by 1:00 am. Michael and I were both depressed about our bunks, by now we were totally use to our Luxury Room. Now were sharing a room with 400 men snoring and the ground is constantly shaking when the Airplane traffic comes in and out. It then was 6:00 am and I had no sleep so I just reported with Michael to the instructors. Since we reported early we got a different class with other recruits than navy seal candidates. We reported to a physical training field which had everything you could be tested on. Our new instructors name was Sgt,Speer and he standed 6 ft,black and 200 pounds. This guy was well built and then again so were we.
“Hello My name is Sgt Speer and you are at my army jump school. In this school you will be tested in three phases. The first phase is ground phase, the ground phase is where you will learn how to safely land your parachute on the ground simulating landing from a airplane. To do this you will be learning all about the T-10D parachute and how to safely land with it. You must pass one jump test from a 83 feet tall tower which simulates two stories. If you pass that test you will move on to phase 2 ,tower week. In this phase you will learn how to gain what I like to call self confidence. You will be harnessed to a 253 feet tower and you must safely run straight down the tower wall. This simulates confidence to jump from my C130 planes. If you pass this phase you move on to phase 3, jump week. In this phase you will be taken to the Lawson Airfield and be carried by a c130 to Fryson drop zone. If you make it to Fryson Drop Zone their you are required to jump from a 150mph C130 at 1200 feet above the ground. You are to complete this jump test 5 times and you pass air school but every day at 6:00 am we must do a harsh PT is that understood.
“Yes Sir!” We shouted and the instructors then told us that we are to complete a basic Army PT. We were to complete 50 push ups under 2:00 minutes and 60 sit ups under the same time. My god that was the easiest PT of my life compared to buds. Michael and I got the highest physical scores and we were passed to phase 1 ground phase. The instructors taught us everything in and out about parachute jumping. We learned how to use the parachute and how to control its directions this took 6 days to learn with a easy PT every day following. We had to do a final test by jumping from a 83 feet tall tower. When I reached the top of the brown tower, I ran and jumped straight off the top. When I jumped I pulled my chord and opened my parachute falling slowly to the ground. I passed the test and moved on to phase 2 tower phase. Michael also passed but he hit his knee when he landed on the ground and received major pain for 2 days. He recovered fast and we then started phase two. This time Michael went first and he climbed to the top of the tower and ran as fast as he could down the woodend planks that were 203 feet in the air till he hit the bottom. He yelled “For the Sailors!” while running to be as smart Alec against the army canidates. He passed the test easy, he came up to me and gave me a tip.
“Dude dont look down and you will be fine plus insult the army canidates to take your mind off of falling.” He told me
“Ok thanks man” I told him
“Searcy your up for the confedience test climb up the ladder and you will recive orders at the top of the tower.” I then climbed up the ladder and reached the top. There sat harness with a saftey instructor ready to give orders. “ Alright Searcy remember just run down the ramp and if you back out now you fail this course is that understood?”
“Yes sir!” I told him while trying to get my senses together as I strapped in the harness. I was strappped in then I just jumped and ran screaming “ Navy!” That upseted some of the army canidates but made Michael and me laugh are butts off. I reached the bottom and passed Michael and I then were ready for phase 3 “Jump Week” We were to report at the Lawson Airfield to prepare for our first jump. We drove to the base and their waiting for us on the airfield was a huge green camouflauged C130 cargo plane. There were four doors two in the front and two in the middle on each side. The front left door opened releasing a large amount of stairs to the floor.
Coming out of the stairs was our instructor and immediately he yells “You guys are late! Get in the plane and sit with your class!” We halled it to the inside of the airplane. Once we reached the inside there were 25 seats on each side. On each seat there was a man that had a parachute chord atached to the roof so when he was to jump, his parachute would shoot out and he would fall slowly. Michael and I grabbed a seat sitting across from each other. The instructor came by and atached our harnesses and walked back to the front door of the plane. Next to him was a traffic light and when it turned green we all had to jump out of the nearest door. After 10 minutes the light turned green and each row of 25 men chose the door closest to them. I went out the front left door and Michael went out the right. Everything on the land looked like large squares and the wind was blowing 50 miles per hour at my face and paruchute. Our class then all swimmed through the air and all holded hands in a circle. When we reached 900 feet our circle broke and the large squares of land turned into cities and woods. We all landed in a clear wheat filled square of land. Our new objective was to regroup with our class and make our way back to the airfield. We all gathered in the middle of a wheat field and walked down a dirt path to a highway. We followed the highway back to the air base. When we reached the air base our instructor was waiting for us clapping on how excellent we did. He told us that we only had to do the same thing 4 more times and we would complete the course. Well I did do the same thing 4 more times and Michael and I passed the course. We ended the course with a ceremony of celbration. What made it special was when we saluted the flag in the sky was our instructors falling making a word saying “Congrats!” Michael and I had to go to one last school called S.E.R.E which stands for survival,escape,reconnance,evasion.

This school was located in Fort Bragg,Alabama. Michael and I were so happy because after I completed the airbourne school Ashely and I got engaged! I told her that I would get on the nearest plane to see her when I finished S.E.R.E. Michael and I drived back to Fort Bragg and we reliazed when we entered the building. It was a reactment of a Vietnam P.O.W camp and we were suppose to be acting like the prisoners. Immediately Michael and I were atacked and someone put a hood on his head and mine. We weren't allowed to retaliate or else we would fail the course. They took us to the instructor or the leader of the prison reactment camp. The reason they make us go through this type of training as prisoner is to simulate being take a prisoner of war and how to survive. The leader ordered the men to take our hoods off and he told us that we were to follow his rules and his orders and we would live. They then put the hoods back on us and threw us in two different prison cells. I could here my buds class canidates in the prison too.
“Hey Michael we just got to get through this training and we will become S.E.A.LS “ That assured him big time. The cells all smelled like urin and fecies. For the first week all we did was stay in are cells eating food and drinking water rations received from our captors. The day starting the second week they ordered us to mine rocks and swing our pick axes at dirt. This was to make us work and not be lazy. The instructors then grabbed one of the canidates and looked at our officer who was a prisoner as a representive. The instructor then ordered that the officer either reanounce his citizenship on live prison tv or he killed the prisoner. The officer reanounced his citizenship and cried because they killed the prisoner on live tv anyways. They were going to use the video footage as propaganda to attack America. He ordered evreyone back to our cells and immediately grabbed a prisoner for interigation every hour. They didn't interogate nicely they slapped the prisoners to simulate punches to get secrets to use against american millitary. Soon they grabbed Michael and a hour later he came out with a hand print on his face. They then took me and brought me to the interigation room. There stood a C.I.A investigator as a interrigator asking me questions such as “ Look at this map where is the American Nukes supply!”
I told him “Maybe if you look a little harder you can see this map is a 1945 geography map that doesn't have any modern info on any of it.” He looked at me like a priest would if someone pisssed in their holy water.
“So you think are information is invalid and our intelligance sucks well we call people like you jarcrackers.” He then purued by slapping me three times across the face and threw me back in my cell. It has been 3 weeks and i've been In a jail cell. The instructors then opened all the cells and brought us to the courtyard. When we walked out they yelled “Present Arms!”
Playing the national anthem we all saluted the american flag.

The instructors then told us “Congratulations men you are all now officially Navy Seals!” The instructors then took out S.E.A.L tridents and put one in each mans hand. They then ordered us to S.E.A.L teams. Michael and I both got seal team 7 and were to report to Cordanardo,C.A by next week. Right when we left the military base Michael and I both grabbed a flight to Cordanardo,C.A. I called Ashely and she told me our rehearsal wedding was the day before I had to report to duy. So when we got to California ,Michael drove me to the first baptist church for our rehearsal wedding. I put on the suit and pants in the backseat and ran out of the car to the church. We did our rehearsal and I went with ashely to her house so I could meet her parents and Michael took my car to the Marriot. At her house I shook hands with her mom and dad.
We had a polite conversation till her dad looked at me and said “So John what do you do for a living. I told her i'm a United States Naval Officer and he told me he was once in the marines. I told him that they are a very tough branch to work in and thanks for serving our country. I said goodbye and left to go back to my apartment. When I opened the door to my apartment Michael was sitting on the couch with a girl.
He looked at me and said “Michael meet my new girlfreind Hailey!” I was shocked and happy for him and told her my name and greeted her nicely and went to bed. The next day Michael and I reported to Cordanardo Naval Base. There we met Seal team 7 second platoon. We introduced ourselves and met every member personally. These guys were tough and as I kept shaking hands I looked up at one guy and saw that it was instructor Riley.
“Riley?” I asked, I was in shock I thought he was just a teacher. He was really the commanding officer of our platoon and he said
“You and Michael made it I known that you guys would of done it from the start. Instrcutor Riley then told our team of a upcoming mission in Irak. Our intelligance was that Taliban Forces have invaded northern Irak and have captured a american news crew and refuse to give him up for ransom. We were to invade the Taliban Naval base with heavy fire and grab the news crew and get out. Everyone there in that base is taliban so no guilt if oyu kill someone who isn't armed. He told us we are going to be examined in two weeks to see if were deployable. So till then we are going train and do practice operations.
“You are all dismissed and it is possible to see 3 possible Taliban leaders in the base. If you see any men who have the name of Kaksoe Akjhava, Jojsha ufqease, Pordesra uihning, you are to kill them immediately and grab the bodies and get out.” Instructor Riley said, Michael and I then drove back to the Marriot hotel and planned our attack on the Taliban base. We fell asleep half way into it and woke up to report for duty at a practice compound located on the coast of the Naval Amphibouse base in Cordanardo,C.A. When we made it to the compound I saw the whole team. I joined the seal team and we all talked about what weapons we were going to use. We all layed down on the F.N Scar and decided we should carry a glock for a backup weapon. The compound was designed to have only terrorist in it so on every corner there were carbourd terrorist with guns holding civillians. Our officer counted down on what time we could enter the compound and open fire.
Officer Riley counted “5....4....3......2.......1” Immediately the whole team can sprinting in and throwed flash bangs down the hallway. Evreywhere I aimed I saw a terrorist head and pulled the trigger. We cleared house to house and found the carbourd civillians and grabbed them and ran. I was to provide cover but when I looked at the stairwell I spotted a carbourd with Kaksoe Akjhava face on it and pulled the trigger. Headshot,the cardbourd fell over the stairwell and we moved out. Mission successful we were deployable.

The next day I asked Michael if he were to be my best man and he said “Absolutely bro!” I then prepared for my wedding with ashely because it was tommorow. While she was making napkins I had to tell her.
“Ashely I can't lie to you anymore I am a united states navy seal but you can't tell anyone or my Special Warfare identity will be comprimised.” Ashley nodded her head and took it well and went to bed. The next day I had the whole section of the wedding of the church to Navy Seals and the otherside to family.
Ashelys father came up to me and asked me “ Are all these guys your friends?” I told him that they were not friends but brothers. The wedding music played I walked out and walked to the priest and standed quietly. Then Ashley came holding her fathers arm and dressed in her white wedding gown and dress. She came down to the alter and we said I do. Right when she said it all the naval men on the otherside of the room took off their caps and threw them straight into the air. The bacholor party was crazy at are apartment. We shot fireworks off the roof of the Marriot Unfortunetly though we couldn't have a honeymoon due to me having to leave in a week. She did manage to suprise me two days after are wedding saying she was pregnant with a baby boy! I hade her parents take her to the doctors to get check ups while I was deployed off to Irak.

I went from plane to plane trying to get to our secret naval base on the border of north eastern Irak. Well I finally reached it with the team and we discussed who will be spying on the base to get intelligance every night. Michael and I got elected due to us being the new guys so we walked to the top of mount Zorro every night to spy on the base. One night we were able to confirm the 4 news reporters and 60 terrorist. We figured out that if we had a sniper team in the mountain and the search and rescue team on the ground we could easily do this. After 30 days we were granted permission to go through with the plan. Since Michael and I knew what positions were best we were the sniper team. Aat exactly 12:00 pm it was pitch black and we turned on our night vision goggles. Our search and rescue team were in positon at the gate. Right when they blew the door open and opened fire I shot the taliban fighters in the watch towers. The main compound was now in a huge firefight with the seals in the houses in front of the compound. Michael and I shot the heavy machine gunners in the second floor balcony and the search and rescue team jumped in and invaded the compound.

“Michael look at the second floor ,third window, I need a confirmation on the face of the man on the bed.” I whispered, Michael then looked through his scope and confirmed that the man was Kaksoe Akjhava and he had the 4 news reporters at gun point behind the door. I then put Kaksoe's head in my cross hairs and pulled the trigger twice. Michael and I then watched for a minute as the search and rescue team kicked down the door rescueing the news reporters. Immediatly over the Radio a medic on the Rescue team said “Confirmed kill, sniper team has killed Kaksoe Akjhava.” The search and Rescue team were picked up by two black hawk helicopters and taken back to base. Michael and I then packed up our sniper and binoculars and walked down the mountain. We got back to base and high fived the Search and Rescue team while transporting the news reporters back to America. A month later we were called by the Honorable Barock Obama and said we were granted to leave mission was a success.

I got transported home to find a phone call telling me that my wife was in labor. I drove my mustang top speed to Lincoln hall hospital. The doctor let me in and I held my wifes hand while she gave birth to Roy Searcy. When he came out I was in tears and how I promised I would always protect him even if I was dead or alive. I stood by Ashely's side the whole time she was in the hospital, I got to take Roy home to Ashleys place. When I was at Ashleys place I received a call from Michael telling me that I should move in with Ashley since he's moving in with his girlfreind hailey. I had to take his advice and move on with my life. I'm grown up now with a child and wife. I need to take responsibility for my life and actions so thats why I promised to serve my country as a navy seal to the best and to never leave my wifes side. Till this day I keep that promise and to whoever tries to make me break I tell them “The basic foundations of lifes success is honesty,charecter,integrity,loyalty,faith and last of all love.”

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