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St.Patty's Day Miracle

Author's note: This was piece was inspired by a class asignment as a short story. My teacher was trying to help...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: This was piece was inspired by a class asignment as a short story. My teacher was trying to help us think of what to wriet about so she gave us ten news article titles without the article. Once we chose a title we had to write a story that we thought went with the news article. The title I chose was "A Boy Seeks to Find His Mother" and after adding a few characters and more detail this is the story I came up with.  « Hide author's note
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The Warnings

The date is September 17, 2020. Hurricane Samuel is blowing through the Atlantic Ocean. We are currently in central Florida approximately five miles away from a beach. As we have the news on TV we were given a three day notice to evacuate north. I’m an older brother to my sister and live with both Mom and Dad. I’m ten and my sister is only four. We are going to stay with Grandma on Mom’s side in Michigan. We plan on leaving tomorrow morning to get out of here as soon as we possibly can. Once I’m finished packing I have to head over and help my sister which isn’t a big deal because I know I’m being helpful to both Mom and Dad. My sister can be quite mouthy at times though and pretty hard to deal with sometimes. Not so much today as Mom has already talk to her and told her that she needs to cooperate with everyone so we can get to Grandma’s safely. My sister’s belongings were simple to get together as her clothes are much smaller and can all fit into one suitcase. Her toys and such were all thrown into two different plastic containers then to the front yard. Mom packs everything sentimental to her such as family DVD’s pictures and baby books.
After we finish packing we give it to Dad to pack in the car. The rest of us stay in the house waiting for Dad to get everything organized to fit perfectly in the car. I begin to look at my empty room. Just my furniture stands alone. A tear falls down my face. Mom grabs me and tells me it’s ok. “It’s just a little hurricane Hunter. This isn’t permanent. We’ll come back in a year or so and all pitch in to get our home back to normal.” Mom says in her comforting voice. My little sister then interrupts. “Yeah Bub don’t cry it’s ok. We get to go see Grandma. Aren’t you just so super excited to go see Grandma Bub?” I reply, “Yes Lily, I’m excited to see Grandma. I’m going to miss my friends though and my school and my room. Let’s face it I’m going to miss Florida.” “Oh Bub you know we can’t stay here because the candy cane is coming.” I giggled to myself, “It’s hurricane Lily not candy cane.” Then Dad walked in. “Alright everything is ready to go for tomorrow. Hey it’s getting kind of late why don’t we go out and get something to eat so we don’t have to wait for something to cook.” Dad offered. Lily began jumping with joy, “Ok! Can we go to Applebee’s? Please, Please, Please!” I never understood how Lily ever could be in the mood for a certain restraunt. I mean she ate chicken fingers and fries where ever we went. Why did it matter where they came from? Although it didn’t matter to me I was fine with Applebee’s as well as Mom and Dad.
While we were on our way to Applebee’s we realized that it was storming and getting really windy. I asked in a shakey voice, “Mom, Dad what is going on? I thought the Hurricane was far away still.” My Dad reassured me, “Hunter don’t worry this is just the storms and winds a Hurricane can give off even from real far away. Hurricanes are really strong little dude.” I just nodded my head to let him know I understood and I was no longer worried. Finally we pulled into Applebee’s parking lot. Surprisingly for a Friday evening business was really slow. We were quite confused. We entered Applebee’s and sat down. We ordered our food and made small talk while waiting for it. Anytime I tried to bring up the weather or what was going to happen to our home Mom and Dad would tell me that they would take care of it and then quickly changed the subject. Lily went on and on about seeing Grandma and how Grandma gives us candy and presents whenever we see her. I’m thinking to myself how are they staying so calm when the wind out side is blowing like no other. I had a bad feeling in my stomach then I realized maybe it’s just because I’m hungry. Finally the sever brought our food. Everything at the table gets quiet as we begin eating. Then all of a sudden, “Bang” the thunder frighten all of us then the lights began to flicker. The current manager apologizes as they needed to check the weather channel. My mouth drops as I hear what they have to say, “Hurricane Samuel has picked up tremendous speed and is beginning to send strong storms our way. We must advise you to leave as soon as possible either late tonight or early tomorrow. Mom and Dad comforted me and said, “We will head to Grandma’s as soon as we leave here. Everything is packed in the car.” I began to scarf my food as quickly as possible simply so we can leave quicker.
We pay the bill leave a tip and then head out. Mom and Dad tried every expressway possible but the traffic was so horrendous that people’s cars were turned off to save gas. Mom and Dad told us that they would try early tomorrow that the traffic would lighten up and it’s only extremely busy because everyone in Florida is trying to get out of here and that’s just too many people on the road right now. I took a deep breath and thought I wouldn’t get any sleep tonight. Then I began to get very angry and I wanted to scream at somebody but I didn’t know who. I can’t be mad at Mom and Dad because they are just trying their best and they were completely prepared for what the news station had told them. Then it hit me. The news station that’s who I need to be mad at the news station. Why did they tell us we had five whole days to escape when we really only had two. How come they didn’t tell us the truth did they think if they would tell us too late that they would have a new story to talk about. Yeah, what a great story for the news to share. “Millions die trying to evacuate Hurricane Samuel.”
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