March 22, 2013
By adrienne7716 BRONZE, Canton, Massachusetts
adrienne7716 BRONZE, Canton, Massachusetts
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The novel Annabelle follows the life of ninth grader, Annabelle, through both her diary and experiences as she copes with her sister leaving for college and the emotional issues it triggers. Annabelle develops binge eating disorder, the most common eating disorder that affects children, teens and adults.
Annabelle and her sister, Sandra, are very close to each other, but when Sandra leaves for college, Annabelle doesn't know how to handle high school and her mother without her sister there to guide her. Annabelle begins to deal with her emotions through eating, and once she starts, she cannot stop.
When Sandra calls home last minute telling Annabelle she won't be home for Thanksgiving, Annabelle loses control of her emotions, resulting in her largest binge yet.
A little while later, Annabelle seems to be keeping her emotions and eating in check, but a fight with her mom causes Annabelle to lose control again, triggering a binge even worse than before.
Through Annabelle, the reader is exposed to life while suffering from an eating disorder and experiences the deep emotions and effects caused by binge eating disorder.

Adrienne C.


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on Apr. 10 2013 at 8:29 pm
adrienne7716 BRONZE, Canton, Massachusetts
1 article 3 photos 2 comments
Hi everyone, sorry about the formatting issues.  For some reason none of the indentations showed up.  I hope it's not too hard to read! Thanks!

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