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An Act of Bravery

Author's note: Basically black hawk down with a twist. I watch the military channel, and of coarse, I play Call...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: Basically black hawk down with a twist. I watch the military channel, and of coarse, I play Call of Duty. I think that anyone with a respect for the military will enjoy this story, because I believe this does accurately portrait the struggles of our troops.  « Hide author's note
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“My God Johnson, that could have got us all----” rubble piled on top of our already injured commander as an artillery shell found its way into the wall. Most of us were already probably thinking “we're all going to die”. Most of our troop was either already shot down in the bloodbath at the landing pad, or blown to bits by our latest setback: half of our soldiers being crushed under a half ton of rock and debris. We were all going to crawl out of the building and be gunned down by snipers on the roof, but we were practically dead anyway so we may as well have gone for it.
“Go, everyone, get out of here, we’re not---” a panel of plaster and other wall parts both killed our engineering private and proved his point, and that was to get the heck out.
We all scrambled out of the building, stunned by the light. Three men dropped dead as we ran into the daylight, dead before they hit the ground due to 50 caliber bullets coming from long range snipers, and two more went down due to a group of patrol officers armed with AK-47’s (an AK-47 is an inexpensive weapon favored by terrorists and militias) . We sprinted into another building, while also being shot down every second in the daylight. We sprinted into a bank and jumped behind the reinforced glass. We then waited for our enemies to enter the building, and made a last ditch effort to kill them off. We heard about five sets of boots clomp into the building.
I pulled out a frag grenade (Fragmentation grenade), and pulled the pin. 5,4,3,2 and throw. It blew up before it hit the floor, instantly slaughtering anything within a ten foot radius of the blast. But without the possibility of civilian casualties, I didn’t care. These men had taken enough from me already. It was a horrible reality; this was supposed to be a small reconnaissance mission to settle the unrest in the country. Not so, but isn’t it always that way in war. Vietnam, WW2, the Trojan War, and the time when Napoleon Bonaparte decided to go to Russia and conquer. History repeats itself. But there is no time in war to waste on thoughts of hatred.
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