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Love on the Plains

Author's note: I used to watch westerns alot and I just wanted to use my knowledge of Indians and mix it with...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I used to watch westerns alot and I just wanted to use my knowledge of Indians and mix it with some of my creativity and find out what exactly I could do with something this realistic.  « Hide author's note
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“Lacey, why did you leave us?” My mother asked as she was tied up along with my cousins, Daddy, and Aunt Caroline.
“Mama, I didn’t mean to upset you. But I love Minninnewah and I’m staying with him and his tribe.” I told her and turned away as they were all slaughtered by the tribe’s warriors. Minninnewah and I stood on a hill and watched my family’s bodies desiccate and decay at a very fast and unnatural rate. I shot up with a cold sweat drenching me and my new outfit.
“Lacey? Are you ill?” Minninnewah asked me, concern written clearly in his beautiful features.
“No, it was just a nightmare, a bad dream. It’s nothing to be concerned about.” I reassured him as he studied my features. He gripped my hand and squeezed it.
“You would tell me if you were ill, wouldn’t you Lacey?” He asked me after we lay back against each other.
“Of course I would, I would never lie to you Minninnewah; I have no reason to.” I explained. He nodded and we just lay there for a while in our state of contentment. I rolled over and buried my face in his bare chest, he smelled of earth and it was so natural for me to think about kissing him, which I did but I never did really. Then, our moment of bliss was interrupted by one of the warriors bursting into our teepee screaming something in Cheyenne that I didn’t understand. Whatever he said, it got Minninnewah’s attention and got him up and moving quickly.
“What’s happened?” I asked him after the warrior had left.
“Some of your people have attacked our watchman as an attempt to get you back.” He explained as he strapped on his war uniform. He looked like he could kill somebody; in this mission to strike fear into my people, I knew he would.
“Can I come with you?” I asked hoping he’d say yes.
“Yes, you just have to stay on Little Paint, you cannot come anywhere near the fights. Do you understand?” He bargained with me hunkering down to my level on the mat. He tucked a strand of loose straw-colored hair behind my ear.
“Yes, I understand.” I nodded.
“Okay, good.” He said, pressing his lips to my forehead. They were so warm and soft and as soon as they left my skin I longed for them to reclaim their position.
We rode out on Little Paint and traveled for some time before we reached the place where we were led by the warrior that alerted Minninnewah first. From the cliffs I could tell it was my people; not just pale faces but my family. The warriors dismounted and staked out their route safely down without getting shot before they could encounter the pioneers that I used to know as my family. All the time that passed I was sitting on Little Paint; my eyes followed Minninnewah down there. Through all the golden grass I could still pick him out like a red apple in a snow bank. I watched as they snuck up behind the wagons and rounded all of them up. In a few minutes they were all tied up to a post in the middle of the camp. I heard a shrill whistle and before I knew it Little Paint started toward the post where my people and Minninnewah stood. Little Paint stopped just in front of my mother and I knew enough of Cheyenne dialect to say this to her.
“What does that even mean?!” She asked in a panicked state. I could even see the whites of her eyes this time.
“It means I’m Cheyenne.” I said calmly looking at her.
“No you’re not! You’re one of us not one of them!” She said struggling against her binds.
“Nápévetano.” I said again so cool and collected.
“I don’t speak Cheyenne Lacey!!” She screamed agitated.
“That means I’m happy Mother. I truly am; I love Minninnewah.” I explained to her as calmly as I could.
“You can’t be happy with these savages! Who is Minn—Mannawall or whatever you call him, anyway?!” She yelled at me.
“This is Minninnewah and yes I am happy. More than I ever was with you people.” I said my words laced with venom as I gestured to Minninnewah.
“How did you change this much in so little time?” She whispered to me.
“Mother, I will show you our ways if you’ll come back with us and bring no harm to our people. But if not, they will kill you all.” I explained to her as I fiddled with Little Paint’s mane. “I leave the choice with you Mother.” I said as I rode back to the top of the cliffs.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Next »

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